Saturday, October 10, 2015

Oct 10 - My Healing Tree

The tree outside my living room has been changing since my surgery. I've said all along that once its leaves have dropped, that I'll be healed. Granted, it will only be the start of new eating habits and the healing of stitches, but it's a healing process. Photos of the tree are below.

Before the bariatric bypass surgery, they said that your tastes could change. I thought that protein shakes wouldn't be a big deal and stocked up on some. Thank God, I can still drink some of them. Already tossed out vanilla and one other. Read online that you could nuke whey protein but it's something I won't be doing again. Made some chocolate protein mixed with soy milk, nuked it and tried it. Thought I was going to get sick. Looked good, had a good texture, but couldn't get it down, except for down the sink drain.

Glad there is sugar-free popsicles and gelatin because I can't stand coffee anymore. Hopefully, that taste will get back into my diet.

Here's the trees

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