Saturday, October 3, 2015

Oct 2 - I'm still here but Walker Is Not

Had my surgery on Monday and it went well. This week I lost over ten pounds. Had gastric bypass surgery and another surgical procedure done. Found out had I not had this surgery, I would have been looking at another life-threatening disease. Establishing good eating habits while I'm off work. I've fought using a walker or cane to help my walking but while in the hospital, I realized the benefit of a walker. I was able to walk around the hospital with ease and no pain to my knees. It was pretty awesome. OT decided a walker would be beneficial for me and now I have one chained up upside.

Previously, it was painful to walk to my car but with the walker, I am able to walk four blocks at a time. Will work on increasing that while I'm off work. Pride sure got in the way of health and I'm glad that I'd rather have someone look at me with the walker than for them to look at me not being able to walk. Just have to buy a grill cover so the walker can stay outside, at least until I can maneuver it up the stairs, which might be a month away. Next month, I'll be joining the YMCA for swimming. The reason I haven't joined the Y is because I don't want people to look at me and criticize me for my weight but then I was told that people probably won't even look at me because of my weight. Never thought of that before.

My hope was to make a whole bunch of earrings while I was off; however, my attention span is extremely short right now and I'm tired. Maybe next week I might try it but not now.

Going to try to walk four blocks two or three times today.  By the way, my walker is here but Governor Walker is no longer in the presidential race. You know, if he hadn't hurt the people of Wisconsin by isolating them and putting them against one another, he might have been a good choice. But then again, he goes this way one time and that way another. Pretty wishy washy and has big corporations' interest in his heart; he does not have Wisconsinites in his heart.

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