Saturday, January 31, 2015

Jan 31 - Come and gone Plus Justin Battles Photography

Hard to believe that January is gone in a few short hours. Our weather was kind of flipped this month. Historically, we have a couple of weeks of mid 30s and the last two weeks frigid temps (below zero many days in a row). This year, January started out cold and ended kind of nice. However, it looks like through Wednesday, the temps are going to be in the single digits during the evening.

Found a great site with breathtaking photos by Justin Battles. He makes me want to go back to Florida for the month of March and/or April. I miss the sunsets, the thunderstorms, and the nature that Florida offers. I can always forget about the bad drivers done there. A lot of Justin's photos are shot in areas that I am very familiar with. Fished in the river of one of the photos and went shrimping near Tampa close to some his shots. Sure brings back good memories for me. I'd like to create some more Florida memories and capture them with my camera. Her is Justin's stunning photography

My brother, sister, and I went for a road trip today. Here are some photos of this morning's sunrise.
Missed some good shots because I wasn't driving. Had I been driving, we would have been on the side of the road more than just passing through. The beginning shots would have included a pink sky just above this hills. These shots really don't do the sky justice today. And speaking of justice, they are pretty bad compared to Justin's photos on his site.

Today's earrings

Friday, January 30, 2015

Jan 30 - Expectations are not all equal

Think that learning expectations are not equal was one of my hardest lessons in life. I expected to be married to the same person the rest of my life. I did that twice and now realize that they did not have the same expectations as mine. Another romantic encounter left me with someone who never remembered me at special times yet he really liked it when I remembered him. We're not supposed to sweat the little things but I don't believe that is right. We should pay attention to the little things because that can make or break a relationship. Just a little nudge in the right direction is sometimes is all that is needed. Yep, my birthday is coming up and I bet you that only my family remembers it. As much as I love my family and am very happy that they remember me at my special times, I wish that my special friends would remember me too. Giving up on relationships is hard but if expectations are different and can't be met. well then, maybe it's time to move on.

Today's earrings

Life is full of ups and downs, if you can help someone with something little, you may be surprised at how much it means to that person.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Jan 29 - Another pair of Diamonique Earrings

Remember I said Donna liked the sparkly earrings. Well, here's another pair only these are the small ones. I think I still have to show a mid-size and large pair yet. Not going to show all of them that I have because even thought they all look different, you might get pretty tired of seeing them. These are about 1/2 the size of the earrings from the other day. So sparkly, so wonder why they say "diamonds are a girl's best friend."

Carol Channing sang that in the 1949 film "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes", by Marilyn Monroe in 1953 in "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" (isn't that a short span between the two movies, and again by Nicole Kidman in "Moulin Rouge." "Moulin Rouge is one of my favorite shows; love to watch and listen to Liza Minnelie. Others who sang it or versions of it include Ethel Merman ( and you say who but wow Ethel was a great singer), Lena Horne who happens to be one of my brother's favorite singers, Della Reese, Julie London, Eartha Kitt, and Emmylou Harris to name a few. Obviously the song was a hit. In 1998 it was in the top 100 singles in France and sung by Anna Nicole Smith.

It's been around and I bet it we'll be hearing it again and again. After all, diamonds are a girl's best friend.'s_Best_Friend

Other interesting referrals to the saying can be found at Check it out, it's kind of fun to look at who and where the phrase is used.

Today's earrings

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Jan 28 - New view - Romania - and Romanian Deviled Eggs

Haven't had a viewer from Romania until today. It brings back all the romance novels I read as a kid - castles and handsome castle owners always looking for love. Alright, I was a lot younger but I think I would still like it.

One of the things that I do with my blog is every time there's a viewer from a country that I've had no viewers before, I look up specialty eggs for their country. These eggs sounded delicious. First off, I love deviled eggs and then they added liver pate. Gee, it just makes me want to make them. Just started to eat eggs again so I'll have to put this on my "to make" list and I'll make sure to photo them before they're all eaten. You can find a recipe for these eggs at I looked at another site that listed Romanian deviled eggs but they didn't give the recipe that included the liver pate.

Today's earrings have a slight shade of pink in them. You can kind of see the pink tint.

Jan 27 - Day late and a dollar short

Guess it's better late then never. Took the photo of my earrings and then completely forgot to do my blog. Sorry...

I'm reading a Kindle book I got free from Book Bub a few months ago. It's called "Reader (Daughter of Time)" by Erec Strebbins. Erec managed to catch my solid attention (remember I have a low attention span) right away and faster than most authors can catch me. The basis starts out about the main character telling you that she is putting all of these thoughts into Erec Strebbins mind so that he would write the book. That's all it took for me to become engrossed in the book. That was only about five minutes into the book. So I looked him up and found his website: - here you will find that Erec is a biomedical researcher. He writes novels in several genres. Even before I finish the book, his writing reminds me of Robin Cook's novels. You might like his style if you check it out. Not sure if you can still get the book I'm reading free anymore but it's only $3.99 on

The next website has two underwater videos. The first is swimming with the dolphins. The second is with orcas and a humpback whale. Both have a commercial that plays before the video. It's worth playing the commercial which shortly after it begins, you can jump to the video.

Can't forget the earrings again...
These would have gone great with my coworker's liquid silver necklace. You can find a nice photo of a liquid silver necklace at I knew it was beautiful and as beautiful as it was, the price was probably worth it.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Jan 26 - Ngram Viewer from Google Books

Wow! What a fascinating site. This site will search all of the public books that have been scanned by Google. It's used mainly for researchers but you can use it just to play around and find information about books. Marzia Karch, who is a Google expert, used Ngram to find out about Laura Ingall Wilder's "vinegar pie" and found the years that vinegar pie were in written text. I read all of Laura's books but can't recall vinegar pie. It might have been because I never heard of it before. (It's a Southern term). I played around a little bit with Ngram's; however, the vinegar pie really stuck in my mind.

Then I found Jessica Webster's article from the Ann Arbor News, which gave more information about vinegar pie including what looks like a delicious photo of it and the recipe. I'm going to have to try this. Pretty sure I have cider vinegar somewhere or I'll have to pick some up. Will have to talk my sister into making the crust - she's an expert at making our aunt's easy crust recipe.

Today's earrings

Donna had a lot, and I mean a lot, of this type of earring. I'm sure it was her favorite and all sparkly like she was.

These were a medium size earring. There's not a lot of duplicates and about eight different sizes and many different settings. They put a smile on my face remembering Donna and how she always shined even when going to work.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Jan 24 - Nothingness

What a different day today was. I didn't leave the house other than to move my car. Think this the first time since September where I didn't do anything the whole day. Think all the activity caught up to me (and the lack of sleep). Even took a nap today, which is something I haven't done for a long time. Used my cpap while napping. It worked pretty good for me. Better than last night. It seemed like last night no matter what I did, I couldn't breath. At least I don't feel like someone is sitting on my chest anymore.

Because I didn't go anywhere, I was able to pick out a pair of earrings that were different. Funny thing is that now that I've worn them, I know what I am going to do next year for my work's Christmas party...I'm going to buy an outfit the earrings can compliment. It might just be black or purple or blue velour pants and shirt. Those are always pretty classy and the earrings will really accent them.

Today's earrings (I wonder where Donna wore these earrings. She worked many years and possibly she wore them for her work's Christmas party). The gems in the earrings almost look like they are lit up but they aren't. Aren't they pretty?

Friday, January 23, 2015

Jan 23 - Beautiful Morning

My hometown this morning

The clouds above were pink also but this photo doesn't show that too much. What a glorious morning! Today we even went out at noon without our coats on. Spring is coming? Well, maybe not quite  yet. If you can't tell, I like sunrises and sunsets. But then I like sun dogs, moon dogs, cats and dogs too. We were taught that sun dogs and moon dogs were the circles around the sun/moon. However, from Wikipedia a sun dog has the ring but with two bright spots on the sides of the ring. I'll go with what my mom taught me. It's the circles (called halos) around the sun and the moon. Typically, a sun dog occurs when it's pretty cold out. Today it was 30 so that wasn't too cold. So after reading about moon dogs, it's pretty much the same thing as a sun dog. Both do need the circle around the sun/moon and it is based on ice crystals and refraction and clouds. You can check both out on Wikipedia. Just found out that my sister snapped a photo of the sky this morning too. We went to work at about the same time so we were both lucky to see this.

Today's earrings
Compared to the sunrise photo these earrings are pretty plain.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Jan 22 Excitement - Sleep is Coming!

Today, I picked up my cpap machine for my sleep apnea. I'm so excited! I'm going to be able to sleep without worrying about not breathing anymore. It's gotten to be pretty scary and even my cat has been showing concern. When I was trying out the machine earlier, she laid on top of my feet while I was sitting up. Animals are so funny and sometimes so human.

Last night I was so tired and forgot to post my blog. The good thing about last night is that my sister found the parts that came flying off my glider. Now I just have to find a handy man to put them back correctly. It's difficult because no one wants to do anything for $25-$30 anymore. They don't want to go out of their way. Might have to call my church and see if they have someone who can help me. They're a good resource plus I volunteer there too.

Here's yesterday's earrings

Today's earrings were pretty and pretty heavy. The backs would pop off the earrings all day long so that probably didn't help. They're so cute and I would like to keep them but will have to think about that. Donna never got to wear these earrings - they were still wrapped from when she purchased them. Oh Donna, your tastes are wonderful.

At first I thought these were symbols for hugs and kisses XOXOXOXOX but now that I'm looking at them, it's obvious that they're not hugs and kisses earrings ...just hugs.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Jan 20 - Another day of argggh with my Gazelle Glider

Got about 15 minutes in on my glider today before a part went flying. Just not mechanically inclined enough to fix it right the first time. Wouldn't be so bad but now I have to find the piece. I know it hit my glass shelves and am very grateful that those didn't break. Scared my sister and her partner because the foot piece came down with a thud from going to fast on the glider. At least I didn't get hurt and neither did my cat or sister's dog. Will have to find a handy man that can fix it for me. Wish my ex was around because it would have been fixed the first time and he would have made it so that it wouldn't come off again. Frustrated because I need to get my exercise in and the glider is so much easier on my knees than other equipment. Might have to think about getting an exercise bike again.

The day flew by again, kind of like that flying part. It was here and then it was gone. Never get bored at work and that is something I appreciate.

Today's earrings

Monday, January 19, 2015

Jan 19 Tony Little Gazelle Glider - arrrgh

Tonight was pretty much spent on maintenance on my Tony Little Gazelle glider. It started squeaking a few days ago and then the right foot pedal fell off (part of it). After putting Vaseline on places the instructions told me to place it and spraying WD40 on the other joints, it sounded pretty good. Now that I've exercised for over 30 minutes, the left side is squeaking now. So out comes the WD40 again. Thank goodness I like the smell of WD40. However, my sister tried the glider and it still makes noise. Back to the drawing board. Think I'm going to pick up some silicone spray. After reading stuff about WD40, it sounds like it's not the best lubricant for moving parts. Pretty frustrating for me. Being the most mechanically inclined person in my family (my dad and older brother are both dead) isn't enough when it comes to stuff like this. It sure sounds sexist but wish I had someone to fix this for me so I didn't have to. I'd rather make a nice dinner than to tear into this again. My daughter-in-law would be able to fix it in a flash. After all, she can tear apart a tank and put it back together. That has come into good use for her on several occasions by using what she knows just a little different.

Work flew by today. Because of extra time on my hands, I was given more work to do helping out our Foundation. I enjoy the work and like the sense of accomplishment that I'm helping someone else too. It's nice that besides liking my job and my coworkers, my job is fun.

Today's earrings

You can see my glider behind my hand. Anytime someone wants to lend me a hand in getting this fixed, I would gladly accept the help.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Jan 18 Packers

I don't have television so I wasn't able to watch the Packers play against the Seattle Seahawks. The Packers should have won. I listened enough to the game to know that. But when it comes down to it, the final two minutes are the most important part of the game and the Packers lost. Maybe next year, the Minnesota Vikings will be able to be in the playoffs once again.

The final two minutes count in life too. I hope that in my final two minutes that I'm alert enough to know that it's my countdown. In a way, that would be a luxury. It kind of goes against what I really want and that is to die in my sleep. Maybe that's a coward's way out but then I'm probably not going to be falling from a mountain or getting the bends in the deep sea. At least if you're aware of your final two minutes (and hopefully it's pain free - oh, all of these conditions!), then you might have a chance to say to someone or to yourself or to God what needs to be said. Like I said, it would be a luxury and not many people have that luxury.

Today's earrings have an Asian flare to them. Think it's because they are a silk design.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Jan 17 - Sprechen Sie Deutsch?

Sprechen Sie Deutsch? That is one of the first things I learned in my German class beck in the 70s. Our school was "old school" and didn't teach Spanish. I wanted to learn Spanish so bad but it wasn't taught until after I graduated. So I had three years of German in school. When I watch older German movies, it comes in handy. Another time it comes in handy is when not knowing what a word means. German is based on Latin and so much of English is based on Latin. It sure comes in handy that way.

These aren't earrings from Donna. They are the first and only earrings my first husband ever bought me. Even though our marriage didn't work, we have a wonderful son and I have a beautiful pair or earrings. They remind me of Saturn. They also remind me of the times spent at the Blues Fest in Duluth. I can still remember getting Canned Heat's autograph, memories, they are so precisions and even more so when you don't make new memories. Life is too short not to have new memories. Today, I mad memories that I hope I never forget.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Jan 16 - Christmas Party

Tonight, my sister went to my company's Christmas party. She was able to meet the people that I work with for the first time. Now she and my coworkers can put a face together. She got to meet my boss, who came up and talked a little bit with us. The prayer time was excellent, the food was good, but best was the company. Oh yeah, I won a small plant too. Maybe it will grow better than the poinsettias that aren't doing to good.

Counting down the days until I get my cpap. It will be nice to be able to have a good night's sleep. Hard to believe that a week ago was when I had my sleep test and it was the best sleep I had had in  quite a while. Really looking forward to sleep. Been a tough week. Can't believe how many people I know who use a cpap machine and how many more people that people know who use one. I think both my sister and I will rest better because then neither of us will be worried about me not breathing. I understand that I will have more energy once I start using it. That kind of scares my sister too because I already have more energy than most people. I get the shivers just thinking about more energy and less exhaustion.

Today's earrings

I know - bad photo!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Jan 15 Sparkly earrings and yet they're black

These earrings really grabbed my attention this morning when Bobbi and I were picking out earrings. They're black with glittering silver. Much prettier in person than in the photo.

I was thinking a lot today about my weight and photos. Made a big decision (no pun intended) and that I'm going to take a photo of myself in my bra and panties. Well, I really shouldn't be calling them panties. One day I'll have them on the blog with the new ones that will really be panties.

One of the things that I would like to do after I lose the weight, besides running, is to help young girls between the ages of 10 and 12 to lose weight. If my mom would have had some foresight, maybe she would have helped me lose weight instead of telling me to eat the food. I don't think my mom ever told me to go on a diet nor encouraged it. She wasn't a diabetic when I was growing up but maybe if she had been, maybe things would be different. Then again, maybe I'd still be fat and maybe even larger than I am. There's always those shoulda, woulda, and couldas. This time I'm going to make it should, would, and could and better can do!

Almost have an hour of exercise in today. Watching a nice video on YouTube that is better than the one I posted yesterday. It's a video that shows how far you've gone. I was amazed that at the one mile mark, I synced my Flash and it said I went a mile. Makes me wonder...

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Jan 14 - Eiffel Tower Earrings

They're really not Eiffel Tower earrings but they remind me of the Eiffel Tower. This pair is definitely a keeper. I love the structure and geometric shapes that form the earrings.

I really do want a pair of Eiffel Tower earrings and may have to look at Amazon to see what is available.

Last night, as tired as I was from the long day, I ended up doing 40 minutes of exercise. Then after midnight (couldn't sleep because of too much caffeine and yes, I know better), I did ten more minutes of exercise. Usually the exercise is completely finished by 8 p.m. but not tonight. Just finished a little while ago and I might try some more. Found a cool walking site on that is a good start for me for walking videos Even though I enjoy watching my Asian shows as I'm exercising, I like the idea of walking to a outdoor's video.

Did you buy the latest edition of Charlie Hebdo's magazine? I wanted a copy in order to support the solidarity movement. Think this has really backfired on the terrorists because the murders have promoted the magazine to probably its highest sales. Glad that they produced the magazine and maybe someday I'll be able to get a copy . Guess eBay has some bidding wars going on. Even though I like auctions, I don't think this is the time to sell them on eBay because it's in poor taste (my opinion). Of course, as a satire, the magazine itself could be considered poor taste too.

That's all she wrote...done for the night.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Jan 13 - Girls Night Out

Today's earrings

Today, my sister attended an informational weight-loss seminar with me. There are a lot of options for me to continue my weight loss. It's exciting and my weight loss will be based on multiple aspects of losing weight...not just counting calories and weighing myself. First off, I started exercising almost two weeks ago. Please keep in mind that I haven't exercised since I was in high school. Was up to 30 minutes a day and now have increased it to 40 minutes a day. Because we didn't get back early enough, I might skip part of my 40 minutes. I know, bad start but it's pretty late and I'm tired.

Another aspect of my weight loss is the sleep apnea test. I quit breathing a lot while I'm sleeping. I've scared myself and others during the recent nights. Hope I can stay alive long enough for the doctor to get the sleep test back and order the cpap for me. You'd think if it was so bad that they would rush something like this but maybe they're (the insurance company) hoping that the cpap machine isn't needed. Well, waking up choking is better than not waking up. Here we thought when I wasn't snoring that it was a good thing. Tonight we found out that the times that I quit snoring are probably the times that I am not breathing. Isn't that a scary though. Now my sister will probably be paying even closer attention.

Someday I will post a before and after photo. Even though I try to keep my life somewhat private by not saying where I live and not posting photos of people, there might be a day that I would consider posting my own photo....time will tell. I'm down almost 50 pounds since January 2014. I guess I better quit writing and spend some time exercising before I go to bed.

I wish I could link my arms with the French people. The more we band together, the stronger we can fight terrorism. France, keep your freedom!!! Fighting terrorism begins with reporting things that don't look right and standing up for someone when they need help. I hope and pray that I can do that when and if the time happens. Terrorism takes away our religious beliefs and our ability to express ourselves. Today's terrorists are no different than the Nazis only on a broader spectrum.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Jan 12 "The Voynage Manuscript" Mystery This is an interesting site about a book that has not been deciphered. The book dates back to 1404-1438. The book is very detailed and the penmanship is gorgeous. I wish I could blow up the photos more but there's too much distortion. Here we are in 2014 and there's a book that no one can tell you what it says. I thought it might be written by someone who  had his own unique language. Still you would think that at least one word could be deciphered.

Been exercising every day for 30 minutes. Tonight, I increased it to 40 minutes. Now I can barely keep my eyes open and may have to take a cat nap. It's already after 9 p.m. so that would be a silly thing to do but I might do it anyway. Why, you ask; well, because I can I can.

Today's earrings

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Jan 9 - 11 France

My heart breaks for people when there is terrorism. It makes me angry that these cowards have to use weapons of force instead of coexisting. Being brainwashed is a terrible thing. After 911, I remember the fear that people had. Solidarity can overcome fear as the French are showing through their unity marches. My heartfelt condolences to those affected by this tragedy. Stand tall and lead us all through this.

I'm proud of the French people for taking their stance on this. Wish I was marching with you.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Jan 8 "Sweet Land" Minnesota

One of the train rides in France which I viewed on YouTube showed a place in France that the 45 parallel goes through. Well, the 45 parallel also goes through the Norwegian community of Madison, Minnesota. After reading about the lutefisk capital of the United States, I realized that a movie that I have watched multiple times was filmed there. The movie was called '''Sweet Land" and is about a German bride for a Norwegian man. Sounds just like my mom and dad! Maybe that's why I liked it so much. Actually, it's a heart-warming story of love and compassion. Even though my dad had a briskness about him that he got through his Norwegian roots, he was one of the most loving husband and father that I know, followed closely behind by my brothers. and 45th parallel and,_Minnesota

One of the things I didn't know about the 45th parallel is that there is a historical marker in a beautiful park in Golden Valley (adjacent to Minneapolis). The park is Theodore Wirth Park, one of the parks that my brother and sister-in-law drove around this past fall on one of my trips to Minneapolis. Even though I lived near the park, I never thought about the 45th parallel before. Granted there's many parallels so I looked them up on Wikipedia to see the parallels and where they were in the different countries around the world. It was pretty interesting but I still think the 45th is the best.

Today's earrings

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Jan 7 Rocky Mountain Train Trip This is a ride that I think would be fun and probably more expensive than my other train trips. I want to ride the train in Canada but the ride I want is out of Winnipeg to Alaska.

Today's earrings are pretty cool. They're made out of composite material and the coloring is part of the composite.

Have to get some more exercise in tonight otherwise I won't have my 30 minutes in today. Plus I'm tired so this is going to be kept short.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Jan 6 -Train Rides - Le Train touristique Viaduc 07

My sister and I have traveled a lot around the United States by train. Our favorite destinations are Boston and Seattle. Of course, once we get to those places, it's really the water that attracts us. Once when we were north of Boston, we got to go out on a research boat and was able to go closer to the whales than most boats. I can still smell the whale when he blew. The stuff landed all over of us. Kind of funny because it's comparable to us going eagle watching and we say "poop on us"; however, the eagles have never done that. I think we'd probably save it as a souvenir!

When I was in Florida one winter, a lot of time was spent on boats too. Loved when the dolphins swam with us.

Think I'd like to go somewhere warm for a week, along the ocean and probably in Florida. I'm not much of a California girl - I stick out like a sore thumb there and it's not a good feeling. Too many young, beautiful women.

As for train trips, I found this site and thought it would be a fun ride: The surroundings reminded me of Minnesota until you got to the village. The one thing that was missing was the cows in the fields. In my imagination, I've ridden this train several times and each time, a calmness comes over me. Mmmmm give me a train anytime. Think I'll have to research train trips on YouTube more.

Today's earrings

Monday, January 5, 2015

Jan 5 - LookSee

Here is something that I really want and hope it will be affordable enough when they start manufacturing it: I love gadgets! Anytime there's new electronics or kitchen gadgets, my radar goes right to it. Think I paid over $1500 for my first microwave. The first time I used a "computer" was with my TRS-80 and I ended up learning basic at the technical college so I could do something more with it. My first computer cost the company I worked for $25,000 and it was limited to almost nothing. I missed out on the beta player and went right for the VHS machine which cost over $1200. My first printer at home was almost $1000. Now I have a little more patience (and less money) and wait for the product to go down some.

My Shine didn't work quite the way I wanted. The app for it isn't fully functional for an Android phone. Took it back and got a MisFit Flash and it's great. Technology is scary though. My "gadgets" probably know more about me than I do.

Sparky, my sister's dog, got a new do and he looks sparky now.

Today's earrings

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Jan 4 Family Gathering - Kind of

Today my three brothers, one sister-in-law, and I got together for lunch. The food was terrible. We ate at the Treasure Island Casino buffet. TI is close to Red Wing, MN. They serve a lot of people but it tasted like institutional food. Definitely something to be avoided next time. We did have a good time together. It's always nice and special when we are able to meet up with one another. Doesn't happen often enough.

Put a contact form on my blog tonight. Tried to test it but it doesn't seem to work.

Today's earrings

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Jan 3 Sorry - Holiday Fever Got Me!

Hope you had a great start to your new year! I sure have and am looking forward to bigger (or smaller) things to come. First off, I have no new earrings. Think I took a vacation. Every day at work I would think that I forgot something and I did. I didn't wear earrings. It's so uncharacteristic of me to do that. I did wear earrings today and they were new ones but they were the cubic zirconia that I have multiples of. Instead, I will show you a photo of our beautiful sunset.

This reminds me how wonderful life is and how much I appreciate what I have, especially my family and friends. God has blessed me.

Yesterday, I bought a Misfit Shine and today I walked 1/3 of a mile. It probably doesn't sound like much to you but it is to me. Actually I didn't walk if, I have a glider that I use. My goal is to use it 30 minutes a day. My doctor will be happy if I "workout" 5 minutes a day 6 times a day. Since I'm not climbing hills (stopped in July), anything is an improvement.

The year will be of great interest to me. By the way, I've been really good at using my MyFitnessPal which I have used faithfully for ten days now. The Misfit Shine syncs with MyFitnessPal. It would be so much easier if I would have done this years ago but now is better than never.