Saturday, May 31, 2014

Earring 0092 - Purple Power


Purple has always been one of my favorite colors. I was ecstatic in high school when our class colors were purple and pink. Besides purple, I like yellow, blue, green, red, .... Now when I'm asked what my favorite color is, I say "rainbow" because the day brings my favorite color out. Today the color was purple. Who knows what it will be tomorrow.

Donna had a lot of purple earrings so my choices have been easily made. We'll see what tomorrow is like, maybe I will start to paint the button earrings. Haven't decided on any designs yet but might explore Internet looking for nail designs. Nail designs are easy to paint and it will be much easier to paint something that isn't attached to my hands!!!

Guess this is all for tonight. Enjoy life. 

Friday, May 30, 2014

Earring 0091 - Long Week, Shortest Day

Ever have a work week that took forever until the weekend? On Monday, I thought it was Saturday. On Wednesday, I thought it was Thursday. Yet today flew by and I kept saying "good morning" until mid afternoon. Funny how time flies sometimes. Usually my work weeks are so quick and Friday comes so fast. This week was different probably because I have work left to do that was on hold when I had jury duty. Thought about even working a couple of extra hours today since I was so energized but glad that I left when I did. My organizational skills are really good and that helps out a lot. Sometimes I think that because of those skills is the reason my weeks fly by. It's a lot easier to work when you can get a good working system in place.

My sprouts that I started last night are already starting to sprout. The container must make a big difference. The seeds make a difference but I don't think the radish seeds are much different than the leafy salad seeds that I'm also sprouting. My kombacha has a layer of "mother" on the top. Pretty cool to see that develop.  It's still too soon to try it but maybe next weekend.

These earrings are a lovely shade of green. There is so much green outside now that I brought some inside with my earrings. My fingers are pretty distorted on this picture. Tried a different Android app to take the photo. Obviously it can get good earring colors but the area around leaves something else to be desired.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Earring 0090 - Spouting Sprouts

Today I get to spout about my sprouts. My package from Sproutpeople came today hopefully containing my sprout kits. Really excited to try sprouting different kinds of sprouts. Last night, I read about the couple who started Sproutpeople. Their origins aren't too far away from me. From Madison WI they started and now are in San Francisco CA. It was probably a good move for them because organics has only taken off locally in the last few years. Anyway, they sell a quality product at a good price. Their website is filled with getting started, how to's, merchandise needed for sprouting, seeds for sprouting, and recipes ( They have a fermented beverage that I'll have to make when I buy more containers for my kombucha. Obviously I will write how the different sprouts taste. I already know that my youngest brother and I like radish sprouts. Thought I would write this before exploring my package. It will be too difficult to come back to this later especially if I decide to start some more sprouts tonight.

One of the reasons that grabbed my attention on sprouting was it is something I can do in my apartment and it doesn't take up too much space (yet). In the past I've tried planting herbs with no success. One of my rooms is too hot and the other are too cold. Sprouts and fermenting seem to be something that can address my green thumb.

Here are the earrings for the day. Please continue to read below the earrings because I came back to write some more.

Couldn't help myself! Below is my assortment of seeds. Already got my first batch of from Mom's Sprouting Kit soaking. My intention is to have this batch of sprouts as a salad, delicious and very healthy! There's enough of these seeds to last me quite a while. Will have to get another Mason jar to start a batch of other sprouts. My sample kit came with ten varieties of sprouts. I put them all into a box and each time I'm ready to make a new batch, I'm going to blindly choose the seeds to be used. Have to have fun while I'm doing this!


Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Earring 0089 - Transmitting

By now you know that I like to watch Korean dramas. When I watch them, I always learn something like just now. Today I learned something that I realized that my mom did when she was cooking. She would transmit her joy and happiness into the food she created. Then, when the people ate her food, they were able to feel that joy and happiness. There aren't too many living people left who have tasted my mom's creations other than family members. For years and up to maybe five years ago, people would come up to me and comment about mom's talent for cooking. Personally, I've done a lot of gourmet cooking since the 1990s. It wasn't until a couple of years ago that I started cooking by throwing things together. That was a knack was mom's best gift. It was a gift that she gave away as often as she could. We lived a simple life and raised most of our vegetables ourselves. Milk was bought from a local farmer. We had enough relatives that mom and dad exchanged fish we caught for meat they raised. It also helped that we lived across the street from a chicken farmer, where we got our fresh eggs and our chickens. Mom would throw things together whenever we had company who just stopped in. Years ago, most company dropped in without calling or setting a date ahead of time. No one ever felt like there was any intrusion; after all, that's what family and friends are be there when they are needed.

If something turned out exceptionally well when mom concocted something, then she would write down the recipe. I have many notebooks of mom's recipes. Every once in a while mom would make something that we didn't like but it was very rare that that happened. When we didn't like something, she would get this look of devastation on her face. Even though we didn't like that look because we knew we hurt her feelings, it was better that she knew than for her to make us something in the future we didn't like. I remember one time in December 1968 we were at my brothers' apartment and mom made this delicious-looking supper. No one liked the main dish. She was so upset that she started crying. Everyone tried to make her feel better but it didn't help. It was something that she had to work through herself. Think we're all grateful in the end that we never had to eat that dish again. Mom is probably rolling over in the grave because I'm writing this story for the public to read. However, if there were only a few times that we didn't like something she made, I think that she should be proud of herself for a job well done. Plus she listened to what we had to say to heart. It wasn't her cooking we didn't like, it was the dish we didn't like.

One of the things that mom didn't make was lasagna. We had it in our school lunches. I lived in an Italian neighborhood for a few years. Two Italian grocers taught me how to make lasagna. Think even my ex husband would say that was the best dish I ever made. Haven't made it for a few years but still get requests to make it. Even mom liked my lasagna. Because the Italian guys showed me how to make it, it's a big batch that could feed about 30 people. Needless to say, at this point it's too expensive of a dish to bring to a party or family gathering. Tried reducing the quantity but it would still feed 15 peoples. Maybe someday we'll have a celebration that needs lasagna. You just never know what will happen in the future.

Donna and I make a good pair because neither of us get enough black and white earrings! Lithuania is newly added to the countries where the blog has been read.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Earring 0088 - Terrific Tuesday

It was a terrific day today. At first, it went kind of slow but from 11 a.m. the day flew. My desk looked kind of messy because I was working on so many projects. You can tell people have started taking their summer vacations because we got a lot of requests to locate family members. If we're this busy the day after Memorial Day, I can only imagine how busy we will be in June!

These earrings match my day...terrific earrings. Elegant, intricate, and yet simple.
Get to add Ukraine, Kuwait, and Australia as countries where people are reading my posts. I'll never get to these places to meet the people but at least they get to meet me a little bit through my posts. Everyday I check stats to see who has viewed my posts and it is something enjoyable to see that it is read by others. Thank you.

Earring 0087 - The Real Memorial Day

Just like Memorial Day, these earrings are simple but have a lot of meaning. Today, my sister and I attended the Mass at our cemetery. We only have some cousins that are buried in the cemetery but a lot of our parents' friends are there. It was a good sermon honoring our veterans who gave either parts of their life or their life for our freedom. Both my sister's son and my son served their country for many years. We're proud of what they have done and what they will do in the future. All of us in our family have really good kids so we've been really blessed. Now it goes to the next generation.

My sister and I took a road trip in the afternoon. Even though we had to work for a few hours, the road trip felt like a vacation. The day turned out beautiful. We went through some of the apple orchard areas and the tress were still blossoming. There's nothing like the view of many acres of blossoming apple trees. Now when they grow apple trees, they don't let them get tall so they plant more of them.

We saw a dead carp on the road about a mile from the river. Most of it had been eaten. Think that an eagle dropped it. It was funny to see the bones of a carp so far away from the river and in the middle of a gravel road. My sister saw a young deer pull down a branch of a tree so that it could eat the leaves. There was too much traffic for me to pay attention to the deer.

Got home early enough and enjoyed watching some of my Korean drama shows. Turned in early because the day was going to be busy at work on Tuesday.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Earring 0086 - Memorial Day

I know Memorial Day is tomorrow but knew that tomorrow is a big day for me (at least in the morning). Memorial Day has deep traditions in my family. We always went to my mom's hometown for the day. Preparations always started the day or two before because of the amount of cooking mom would do. You'd think that we were the only ones bringing anything to the family gathering. Everyone had their specialties. Mom's was usually her homemade potato salad, homemade buns (dinner rolls) and the many desserts she would make. She used to make a huge Tupperware container of potato salad. Usually there was no salad left over. Her buns were a hit too. It's been almost 30 years since we last tasted her delicious food. A few of us in our family have inherited her cooking talent. My youngest brother probably has the best knack for a little bit of this and a little bit of that and also for "doctoring" food to make it taste better. This past winter he suggested sage for my chicken soup and from now on, sage will be in my chicken soup. It made a wonderful difference.

Most of the time, we would go to church on Sunday mornings and head out to the hometown. It wasn't until the later years that we went to church on Saturdays. The drive was an hour long. Don't think we all ever went at the same time because my brothers were older than my sister and I. I think that my two oldest brothers didn't ride in the car with us because they were so much older (maybe except when I was a baby). My memory of it is my parents and sister in the front seat with my two brothers and me in the back. It was always a fight over who got the window. Often because I would get car sick, I was able to have the window.

We always got there early so mom could put out flowers on the graves and then go help set up food. The rest of my aunt and uncle's kids and grandkids would come. Just before the Memorial service at the cemetery, we would all walk over. All of us kids got along. My uncle lived on a dump, really, it was a dump. So there was always things to explore. They lived on a hillside. Down below, way down below, was a river. My sister and I weren't allowed to go to the river. Funny thing was that we never tried either. My brothers and male cousins would all go exploring down by the river. Somehow everyone always made it back in time to eat. And eat we did! My aunt made the best baked beans. She also made delicious "chicken" which usually would have been peasant or rabbit. We were always told that it was chicken.

I think there was some card playing among the adults. It was a long day and by evening, we would pack up and head for home. Sleeping in the back seat with the windows down is something I'll never forget. Loved it when dad drove and we could sleep. The best sleep there ever was was when dad drove during thunderstorms and rain showers. I still enjoy that sleep and am grateful that my brother drives so that I can take a nap during those times when we are out and about.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Earring 0085

I've never looked at how earrings were made and think that is something that I will have to do. These are so detailed and the cut out part is perfectly done.

Hard to believe that this is the 85th day of earrings. It seems like I just got them the earrings a couple of weeks ago. At the end of the day, I put the majority of earrings I wear into a basket. The earrings make a pretty picture in the bottom of the basket. I thought I should sort them and put them away but then I want to see the impact of them when you can look at all of them at one time. Every day, I create new memories with the earrings. Then you think that Donna did the same thing; however, Donna would have worn the earrings more than once. So can you imagine how many memories these earrings have attached to them including the day they were created, the day they appeared in a store, and another day when they were sold.

Earring 0085 - R&R

These were perfect with my blouse, which had the same colors in it. The blouse also had purples in it too so it was a difficult choice but these won out. Looking at painting the remaining purple earrings and many of the black button earrings to add color to them. That will be a fun project to do after I have my spare room reorganized.

But before I paint earrings, making kombacha is the next thing I am going to do. Got a starter kit and will make the tea. Kombacha is a probiotic drink (healthy) that you make with tea, sugar, and some mother. Didn't know anyone locally who has the starter but was able to buy the kit. Besides making the kombacha, I've started sprouting.

A couple of weeks ago, I grew radish sprouts. Made way too many of them. They tasted really good but radish sprouts isn't something that I would just add a little lemon too and eat them. This batch is a small batch and will probably go on sandwiches. It will make a good replacement for onions that I love but like many people, they don't like me as well. Looking forward to receiving my sprouting kit that has ten different seeds in it along with a kit called "mothers sprouts", which is a combination of sprouts. Love sprouts and when I realized that I could juice with them too, they became an important food. Can't wait to see which sprouts work best in my juicer.

All that will be left for me to experiment with is kefir, which is another probiotic. Got a starter packet of that too. I like to add kefir when I juice. The one thing that I wanted to try is growing wheat grass but not sure if I want the mess with the soil. Time will tell. Maybe someday I will even grow my own herbs in my apt.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Earring 0084 - Apologies

Haven't been writing too much. For over a week, I served on a jury and was out of town. Always wanted to do that before. Never thought that it would be on a trial that wasn't in my hometown but it was. It was a good experience but I am glad that it is over. Playing catch-up at work since this is our busiest time of the year. After a few days, I'll be back in the swing of things and the words will start flowing again.

These earrings took less than a minute for me to find them and decide they were the right ones to wear. Bobbi, my cat, didn't even get a chance to pick them out. FYI, my cat is glad that I am home too.

Earring 0083 - Add A Dash

My mom would add a dash to everything, that is everything she cooked. She was an excellent cook. Mom was always a step ahead of everyone when it came to cooking and entertaining. She was probably one of the first ones to try cream cheese. We were raised as Philadelphia Cream Cheese as a staple to our food. She would have had a lot of fun now with all of the gourmet foods that you can get locally now.

These earrings reminded me of a dash...a dash of this and a dash of that and voilĂ , you have a masterpiece you can share with others.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Earring 0082 - Grateful to be home

I'm home but unsure who is more grateful my cat, my sister, my boss, or me. It's probably a toss up between my cat and I. Glad that I'm not a judge and it's the last time that I judge someone. Just need to take care of my own fate and that of my cat. Pretty earrings helped me get through the day.

Monday, May 19, 2014

earring 0081

Wonder what universe is shown in these earrings. 

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Earring 0080 - Fun Earring Fun Blouse

Really like this blouse and am always able to wear interesting earrings with them.

Earring 0079 - Most Favorite Earring Yet

These are beautiful and were so easy to wear. Like earrings that accent the ear lobe, which these do.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Earring 0078 - Simple, Yet Eligant

Of course these earrings are black and silver. Know that it is hard to tell by the photo. Downloading an app or two that are supposed to help my camera distinguish colors better. Would have thought with the Kit Kat upgrade that my camera would have been better. At least the earrings aren't blurry anymore so that helps a little.

Happy Friday!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Earring 0077

Will have to post the chain link earring tomorrow. Can't get my earring uploaded.

My cat will be very happy to see me tomorrow. I know that both Bobbi and I appreciate my sister and her boyfriend for making sure Bobbi's tummy is full!

Earring 0076

Short, simple, sweet. My family is so good to me. Thank you.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

earring 0075

Will have short postings but will post earrings nightly. Unable to write until next week. Aren't these just lovely!

Monday, May 12, 2014

Earring 0074 - Life

tonight I am with family. Ever so grateful to them. My sister is taking care of Bobbi or visa versa. My sister said my cat called her last night while I was sleeping and said that my sister needed to stop in every day I was gone. I would not put it past Bobbi especially since she will know that I am in another cats territory.

Talked very briefly with my sister-in-law about her dad who had already passed. For some reason I was flooded with memories of him tonight. This is Donna's husband.  He had a heart of hold. Probably the third most kindest man I have ever met. My dad was first and then someone special was next.  My sister in law and I would go to her dad's work sometimes. You could tell that she was his little girl no matter how old she was. There was always kindness, love, and respect between them. His best was made of gold in my opinion. I can still see his smile, hear his laughter, and see the resemblance of him in my sister in law and her son. The world is really blessed. Donna you were one lucky woman to have that hunk in your life.

Today's earrings sparkle full of life. One earring doesn't look like it but it does. Happy life!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Earring 0073 - Laid Back Day

The earrings today made the only statement because the rest of my day was laid back. Glad to be done with school work and getting ready for my trip if it happens. When you look at the earrings you will know why I say they make a statement. Can't figure out what the symbol is but it is definitely a symbol. What do you think it is?

They could be a quote, a comma, part of a wide exclamation mark (if upside down). Of course, they could just be a geometric design.

Mother's Day is almost on the way out. My son and grandsons called and we talked a long time. My nephew called too. It was a pleasant afternoon. Every once in a while there would be a rain shower but didn't have to close the windows. I miss seeing and holding my son and grandsons. It's an emotional time when we are done talking. When my grandsons were younger, I had so much time with them up until they were 5 and 6. Now they're 15 and 16, going on 16 and 17. A lifetime of memories that I don't have with them in that ten year's time. My heart was always with them. My blood runs through their veins and that is something that won't change.

Happy Mother's Day!

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Earring 0072 - Celebration

These do not have green in them, it is actually blue and they are stars. Stars,moons, hearts, and all things that should be celebrated. The number 72 is a good number for me. It's when I graduated. It's also a good number because it's the number of earrings as of today, a day that I am celebrating. I have the summer off!!! Well, I still have to work but there isn't going to be any schoolwork. I feel like a teenager and am planning everything that I want to do this summer. Last summer just trickled by me but that is not going to happen this summer. I envision weekend afternoons sitting down at the lake or at the river's edge working on my quilt. That Grateful Dead quilt is singing my name and wants more action than I have given it in the last two years. Everything is ready for me to sew it and all it needs is time and thread. It will be so fun and I'm anxious to get started on it --- next weekend.

I may not be posting for a few days this next week. Will know for sure on Tuesday. A possible life opportunity has come up. Either it happens or it doesn't. Either way the weekend remains the same for me. In order to prepare for next week, the earrings have already been chosen so that is not going to be a problem. Access to a computer may be the problem...we'll see!

Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers and fathers who were mothers. I have a friend who played both parts to his children for some of his kids' lives. He did a good job. He'd probably get mad at me if I wished him Happy Mother's Day but he deserves it. I with the same on Father's Day to mothers who were also fathers. I know more of those than I know of fathers who played the mother's roles. Happy Mother's Day Auntie M. Happy Mother's Day Daughter-in-Law. Happy Mother's Day Susie. Happy Mother's Day Sandy. Happy Mother's Day Paula. Can't forget these Happy Mother's Day Mom and I miss you. Happy Mother's Day Donna and we miss you.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Earring 0071 - Silver or Gold?

Videos that I have enjoyed this week with Nick Pitera as my favorite. - love watching videos of cats and dogs together. - One Man Les Miserables Nick Pitera Medley   Nick is a one-man-show and is amazing! He sings different parts and you just have to watch/listen to believe how talented he is.

This one brings back memories of when my son was about this age. He tried the same thing as this tot.

The color of the earrings is really distorted. They are silver not gold. It just shows that not everything is as it seems - like the crying baby above or relationship cats and dogs have, and the voice of many is only one.

Have a great start to the weekend.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Earring 0070 - Puple

These little gems are purple. Was worried that my camera was going to make them appear a different color. When I first looked at these earrings, I thought they were black. Then I looked closer and they are a beautiful purple unless you turn them a certain way and then they are black.

Purple - Black - it made me think of words and how we use them. I love some shows on Wisconsin Public Radio and one of them is their show on language. Every once in a while I catch it even though I would like to be a regular listener to it. This past week, the hosts talked about how science uses words one way and every day conversation uses words another way. The show is called "A Way with Words."

Quantum leap - as a non, quantum leap means a sudden or significant change. In physics, it's about electrons in an atom (smallllllll!) that abruptly transition. So in every day conversation, we're talking about something huge and in science we are talking about a very small item.

One of the words they talked about was inertia. In every day language, it means "things tend to remain at rest" but in science, it means "things tend to remain at rest or in motion"

Theory is another word. In our everyday language theory means "a guess or unsubstantiated idea of how something works." In the scientific world, it means  " well established that no new evidence is likely to alter them."

My aunt is a word nut. She loves to keep on top of life through her words. She's in her 80s and her memory for words is really good. Practice makes perfect and I think that's how she kept at it too.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Earring 0069 - Earring Posted!

Left the earrings at work so I am going to right/write this post tomorrow. Okay, why did I put right/write? Because the post is not correct today so tomorrow I will right (correct) it. And tomorrow I will write the post because I'm not writing it today.

At first, I thought these earrings were a bronze. After I rubbed the genie lamp, I mean earrings, I realized that they were silver. Will have to ask my sister-in-law if she wants them back. They're nice earrings!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Earring 0068 - Rainbow

These are silver earrings but my camera and I struggled again today. They were perfect for the day, bright, glittery, and high peaks almost like a rainbow. That's the way my day was too. Busy but full. I really enjoy working and the work I do. Not everyone has that. Time to go take care of my radish sprouts - they started to sprout!!!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Earring 0067 - It's All in How You Look At It

You can turn these earrings one way and see only black. You can turn them another way and only see turquoise. Pink is another color but other colors also show up. Lot of Donna's earrings are like that. Kind of like life's all how you look at it. Personally, I like looking through my rose-colored glasses because I'm pretty optimistic. I would rather see the good in things than the bad. Think about the "Michele Obama" meals, which she has no control over, and maybe kids when they are older will see the benefits of not having junk at lunch. I've eaten enough "stuff" over the years to know what it does to a body. There was a time when there were only a few large people but now in the Midwest, I think more people are overweight than weigh normal. Kind of scary where it's going. However, maybe families will get out their juicers and also teach kids how to sprout.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Earring 0066 - Almost Lost

Almost lost one of these earrings today had it not been for my brother seeing it on the floor in the restaurant. Can't believe he actually saw it. One of the earrings fell off so I put them both into my pocket. Didn't see the one earing fly out of my pocket. It's a cute earring but they aren't going to make it into my favorites list.

Had a wonderful lunch with two brothers and one sister-in-law today. Ate at a restaurant along the Mississippi where you could see how high the water is getting. Hopefully we won't have rain for awhile so that the water goes down. Already our city has begun patrolling the dikes that protect our city, which hasn't flooded since 1965.

At lunch we talked about where our dad's grandmother was buried. Maybe because it is so close to Memorial Day that many families start thinking about their losses. I know I have to make a trip out to our parents grave to place a plant but it's still too cold to do that.

To end on a funny note....I have a five-foot cat tree. On the second floor from the bottom, there is a circular room. My cat has never used it in the five years that I have had the cat tree (and cat). Last night, I heard some noise and came out to find this:

 Her butt is sticking out of the one side (she's tailless so don't worry). I use this for my yarn, etc. but it looks like she is taking it over.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Earring 0065 - Another Geo Design

No, my hands are not blue; it's the way the camera adjusts the color. Plus it looks like I'm missing part of my index finger, which I'm not.

It was good to enjoy some of the spring weather driving through back roads with my brother. The streams and rivers are up and considered at flood stage. I think they're more worried about flash flooding on the area's streams than they are of the river getting too high. Feel sorry for the people who live down south because they have all this water coming their way.

Saw a couple of deer but thought we would see more. Saw quite a few eagles and hawks. This time we didn't see any turkeys.

There were  lot of people having rummage sales and a lot of people going to them. That was something I would do in the past (go to them) but I prefer auctions. I'm to the point where I really don't need anything else (except for a dresser). When I bring something into my home, then something has to be taken out (except for the earrings). Don't need more stuff, need less of it. My rocks are enough work when it takes a couple of hours to clean them so I don't need other things to take up that time.

Can't believe it but I'm tired and still have a two-page report to write for school. Good night!

Friday, May 2, 2014

Earring 0064 - Geo Design

My sister and I went cruising after work today looking at houses. Both of us would like a house. Under the circumstances, I'll probably always be living in an apartment because it's easy to take care of. Never have to worry about shoveling or mowing the lawn even though I like to do both. Well, I like to mow lawn using a riding lawn mower. There are a lot of cute, smaller houses for sale that are just right. Of course, there are some big houses that are just right too.

One of the houses that was for sale looked perfect and was in a perfect spot. Close to the library, grocery store, theater, etc. It had beautiful windows which made the house have the Prairie Home style of Frank Lloyd Wright. There are several homes in our area that are Frank Lloyd Wright homes but this is not one of them. It faces east instead of south and from what I can recall, most of his homes face south.

Back to the house, next to it sat a house that was designed by the same person. There were three distinct differences. The first was the color. I'm not one to like mustard color but the house we liked was mustard-colored. The other house was....well, I can't even remember but it was not attractive like the mustard color. That amazes because it would not be a color of choice. The other difference was the glass used in the windows. The windows had a different type of glass in them and really brought out how big the windows were. The other house had new windows but they didn't do anything for the house. Plus the windows on the entrance was ordinary. The third difference was the other house had a geometric design above the entrance. I'm all for geometric designs (you can tell by Donna and my earrings!). Instead of the geo design being art, it made the house look almost like a farmhouse. Don't think that was the intent but what a difference it made. Both homes looked like they spent about the same amount of money fixing them up but the mustard-colored house won hands down for both my sister and I.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Earring 0063 - Patterns

These earrings matched my blouse perfectly today. I couldn't believe that the pattern in my blouse was almost identical to the design of the earrings. How did Donna ever know that I would be wearing these earrings one day with that blouse?

Felt kind of silly tonight. I've been complaining about my camera and found a feature that I didn't know it had. Played around a little bit and then I realized that it changed because of the updating that was done of the phone's system. Can't wait until I take some outdoor photos to see how they turn out. Before I couldn't take an outdoor photo that you could tell what it was.

Yesterday on my way to work I saw interesting pattern. We have lots of puddles, big puddles at that. It was showering lightly but enough to see the raindrops bounce off the puddle. It was almost like watching a slow-motion movie. But what was really neat was that the rain went from the west side to the east side, almost like a musical instrument being played. Started on the left and ended on the right. Got pretty mesmerized by it and would have watched it longer except a vehicle pulled in behind me. Oh well. It's something I'll have to look for in the future.

I'm always looking for patterns to use in my quilts. Always searching for grass, leaves, water, birds, flowers, etc. Here is a photo I took a couple of years ago. Not sure if I'll make it into a quilt or not but you never know. Hope my eyesight lasts as long as my hopes.