Thursday, April 30, 2015

Apr 30 - Cats, you have to love them

We're able to use our screened porch now the weather is nice. Bobbi needed a place to sit of her own and it wasn't going to be on the ledge so she could box her way out of the screen. She's a sneaky cat like my brother/sister-in-law's cat. If there's a way, they have the will. Got an inexpensive cat tree which I put together tonight. You probably guessed it already, she likes the box. She got as far as to put her front paws on the first landing. Guess that's a start. Thought I'd keep it in the house of a couple of days before I put it on the porch, just in case she won't use it. It's a little smaller than the one she is used to but it looks like it will be easier to jump on. In a way, I would rather keep the new one in my living room but I think the older one might be a little more comfortable for her. Now is this cat talk or is this human trying to think like a cat? Either way, she still rules the house. Just ask Sparky and he'll tell you.

Here's what I've been eating for lunch the last couple of weeks. The jars keep the salad fresh for a week and pop when you open them. At least it's colorful. I enjoyed making this salad the last time. That's scary.

The earrings I wore today are pretty special to me. In an almost 30-year marriage, it is the only jewelry my ex got me. Have had them for probably about 20 years and love the earrings. Maybe someday I'll have a great granddaughter who would like them. Then again, maybe my grandsons would like them.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Apr 29 - Mixture of Norway and North Korea - No, nothing in common

Figured I better put "nothing in common" when I put Norway and North Korea in the post title. Norway being so advanced in technology surprised me. They are eliminating FM by the year 2017. My little mind can't wrap around the car radios we have now and the fact they aren't digital. But then again, are they? Maybe I get all my technology love from my Norwegian inheritance. My dad loved technology and science fiction. Think as a child my favorite magazine wasn't a children's magazine but "Mechanix Illustrated." is where you can find copies of the magazine and it's free! Think in the future, I'll be accessing the site as blog food for thought.

The reason I found out about Norway's FM is of other stories I was reading on North Korea posted on the Hollywood Reporter. Looks like there's a big splash in North Korea right now, a splash of "The Interview" movie. In a way, I'm kind of glad the South Korean police are trying to stop the movie drops. I'd rather see better movies dropped that would encourage North Koreans to take action and I'm not talking about the supporters of the North Korean government but the people who are struggling. But then again, maybe the 15 top people recently executive should have seen some movies about their country made in other countries. Let's turn a blind eye and see what happens.

Once you're at the web site above, you'll be able to see other stories on North Korea.

My keyboard is dying so I had better hurry up and finish this

Earrings from Donna that perfectly match my blouse

The earrings are on the right side towards the top.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Apr 28 - Sri Lanka

First blog reader from Sri Lanka. What does that mean? Well, it puts a smile on my face and gets my sister and I all excited about the different countries that we've kind of been too. The reason I say that is because when you visit someone, you tell stories. I don't hear your story but you are hearing mine. Even if they've been boring for a while or I've become a little too aggressive against violence against one another. Isn't that an oxy moron? Haven't touched on oxy morons for quite a while.

Have to get this off my chest before I tell you about a Sri Lankan egg recipe I found. Baltimore....what the heck? All the rioting gone bad? One of the things I have never figured out is the looting of malls and liquor stores during riots. It doesn't accomplish anything but to make protestors look bad. With the police chief allowing the protestors to continue was an excellent choice on his part. I totally support him on that choice. That being said, did they wait to long to call in the National Guard. I'm thinking they did but if you were in the mayor's shoes, what would have been done differently? The 60s were so bad with riots and created fear amongst people. As a child, I thought that fear would never go away. In fact, I test that fear on an occasional basis by driving in places that some people would not go. Not challenging anyone except for me; I need those fears to rest. How do we work together to overcome all of this? What can I do in my little city to help?

Egg recipe from Sri Lanka. You know I like curry so when I saw this recipe, I knew it was for me. Some of the ingredients I don't have. In fact, I've never seen curry leaves (have to go to coop tomorrow to see if they have them). Never heard of pandanus leaf ( but will probably have to go to a larger city to find those leaves. Pretty sure our small local coop does not carry them. What intrigued me about these eggs is you peel them, then with the prongs of a fork, poke them and then deep fry them. Wow, I can see these at our State Fair right along with deep-fried pickles, etch. Mouth is watering. I don't deep fry so I might have to figure something else out. Check out the recipe.

The earrings below are my earrings. Have had them since I lived in Florida a few years back. Don't know if you know this but I have a flamingo collection. Think I started it to drive my ex crazy (while we were married). He hated pink flamingoes in people's yards. Here are my earrings

Tonight, I did not fall asleep writing the blog but I'm too tired to look at Sunday and Mondays blog. Maybe I'll have to leave them as reminders to myself that I'm not perfect. HAHAHAHA, like I need reminders....

Monday, April 27, 2015

Apr 27 - When Your House Is Burning Down

Apologies - I haven't looked at yesterday's blog to correct any grammatical or spelling errors. Tired again tonight so there may be interesting spelling and grammar. Will try tomorrow night. At least I'm not going to put you asleep with May Pole Dances.

"When Your House Is Burning Down" is a comic by "The Oatmeal" and can be found at I thought to myself, boy this person is weird but I kept on reading. Something made me read until the end. You'll be happy if you read to the end. I'm grateful for the little things in my life.

May Day is coming up and I wonder if my son will leave a May Day basket at my door. Really I don't wonder but I wish I had an opportunity to have him give me another chance at accepting a May Day basket. Once your kids grow up, the little things from the past mean a lot.

Speaking of May Day, my sister and I were talking about it last week during our road trip. She got to do a lot of fun things in school. Don't know why but my class always missed out on everything. For instance, we didn't have a senior trip because the class before us got in trouble during their senior trip. Guess the school realized that the other classes shouldn't be punished so the class who graduated after us got to go on a school trip. They probably don't even do senior trips anymore so I guess I helped prepare for future generations - lol. On May Day, my sister's class got to do the May Pole Dance. Orignially I was going to post some video on the dance but they were pretty boring and almost put me to sleep. Maybe if was a video of my sister or son doing the dance, it would be a different story.

Today's earrings are another pair of mine. Been wearing Donna's earrings so long I forgot about my own. Kind of cool because the sun's glow is shining between my fingers - they are not on fire.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Apr 26 - Alec Baldwin and More

Too tired to write much and may have to edit this tomorrow since I'm so tire tonight. Alec Baldwin  talked with Dan Tyan about hackers in  the article "Alex Baldwin: We Are All Hackers." It was pretty interesting because Baldwin said everyone carries around cell phones with cameras in them. Thus, they can "hack into someone's private life.

From here, I wanted to learn about RSA, which held a conference recently and had different subjects. The one I found interesting was "Into the Woods: Protecting Our Youth From the Wolves of Cyperspace." This is a video and is excellent to watch. RSA had a conference 8 years ago on the same topic add the solution was that the computer should be in a main room. I remember that! However, now so many children have cells phones or access to cell phones. Aren't smart phones great? The information provided by the panel is very informative and I learned a lot (even though I didn't want to learn some of it".

"RSA Conference is your best resource for exchanging ideas, learning the latest trends and finding the answers you are looking for." for internet security and "staying ahead of cyber threats." Worth checking out the other videos and probably keeping this in mind for next year to help keep you alert.

Update on cats falling. Well, my brothers cat fell out of a window and fell about one story or more. The cat is fine. Good thing I was more than nine feet so she could upright herself and land safely. This cat is definitely a house cat and luckily had a collar with identification. Now I have to get Bobbi some time of collar and ID. She probably won't like it because of the collar but like everything else new to her since we moved,, she's going to have to get used to it.

Today's earrings are my earrings. I wonder if I had passed how many earrings of mine Donna would have liked. I think she would have liked these.

Time for bed; I fell asleep at least four times while trying to write this.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Apr 25 - How cool is it to have readers from around the world

When I was young, I had pen pals in different countries. I collected stamps that were on the envelopes and cherished these. Now I cherish the hits on my blog just as much. It's so cool to see my grandmother and grandfather's country listed as many hits today; that country is Switzerland. Then other relatives came from another country that visited my site - France. I don't have any relatives in China but have dated a man whose father was from China. The world is made so much smaller through the Internet. I'm glad to be a part of it but only wish that I could hear from you.

There's something about stories that bring people together. We all share similar stories but have different characters in them. I'm happy that you have visited my site. Know anyone in other countries that you could encourage to visit my site? I'd love for you to refer them even if they only glance at it once. It would make me day, after all, I'm very easy to please.

Today's earrings are my own. Actually bought these from a shoe repair shop. They are so beautifu

If you look carefully, you may see the universe and the many stars in these earrings. Wonder which nebula these portray. Twinkle, twinkle little star. How I wonder what you are. Up above the world so high. Like a diamond in the sky. Twinkle, twinkle little star. This is one of the first poems I learned and was the first song I learned to play on my grandmother's piano. Interesting facts on the poem,_Twinkle,_Little_Star

Friday, April 24, 2015

Apr 24 - Mom's Cooking; Red, Red Robbin...; and Donna's Earrings

I'm watching a show and one of the main actresses says to another person (not word for word) the following: I remember my mom, her face and her smell and those memories are fading. What I really remember about her is her food and the taste of her food. That is so true and I'm pretty sure my sibling would agree on that one. Sometimes I can see mom's face, other times it's like she has past by and I can smell her scent, but always I can see, smell, and taste the food she made. Wonder if you were to get a memory disorder if you would remember the food somehow too.

This robin was sitting outside the living room window. She definitely looks like she's ready to lay an egg.

Tomorrow a road trip of some kind is going to happen. Charging the camera's extra battery just in case it's needed. Can't wait to see more waterfowl. I know my sister would like to take a picture of a skunk since she's missed the opportunity once already.

Today's earring is one of Donna's. Been waiting to wear this one and it looked great with my black/white geometric shirt.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Apr 23 - My own earrings

Donna had a lot of earrings that were the same or very similar. Because of this, I've decided to take a break and wear my own earrings. This is still a tribute to Donna because we both loved earrings and pins.

The events in the United States remind me of when I was young. In 1965, I can remember the riots in large cities. Being from a smaller town, I was never afraid of anything until then. Even now my concern is how can we get people to work together instead of fighting one another. Glad that Baltimore is taking a proactive stance and letting protestors protest. I pray the family gets their answers but I think their answers will cause them more pain. Hopefully Baltimore will take action if action is called for. Already there is one police officer who is not giving a statement. This is purely speculation but I wonder who he is afraid of.

There seems to be so much doom and gloom around but there still is so much more love and kindness but it just gets unnoticed. It's not newsworthy enough. The media want to keep feeding us hyped up news to stir us even though it may not be truthful. A friend of mine tells me that the only person I should trust is him. Well, there's several people I can trust and I'm not going to quit trusting. My faith will carry me on. Plus the weather is beautiful again. Pretty soon the spring flowers will be out. Can't wait to go pick Dutchman's Britches.

Today's earrings are a pair of handmade earrings. I would love to learn how the artist makes them. Each pair is unique and beautiful.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Apr 22 - Short post but very nice pin

Wonderful week at work so far and I'm looking for the next two days to be the same. It's a lot colder here. Yesterday we had snow, sleet, and then rain. Better than last year when we had a bunch of snow at this time. Of course, that could still happen but since the birds are back, weather doesn't bother me...the birds are still here.

Today's pin is very delicate looking. It's about 1 1/2" tall by 2 1/2" wide (give or take).

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Apr 21 - New blog reader - India and now for an egg recipe from India

Growing up, we were used to curry, turmeric, and a few other spices common in dishes from India. Think it was mentioned before that mom always put curry in our deviled eggs. This site has a delicious sounding receipt for Indian Scrambled Eggs

It calls for green bird's eye chili which you can find substitutes for in the following blog I like hot but only if it's not too hot which means that bird eye chilis are not for me but I would try them.

The recipe also has toasted mustard seeds which I want to do right now. Love mustard seeds in recipes. Of course, the recipe calls for ginger and turmeric. Probably would divide the eggs and make one with curry and one without since the recipe doesn't call for curry.

Today's earrings

Apr 20 - We sure say some dumb things sometimes - What was James Comey thinking

What was he thinking? I cannot believe an intelligent man like FBIs James Comey would let make these accusations "Comey said in the article: 'In their minds, the murderers and accomplices of Germany, and Poland, and Hungary, and so many, many other places didn’t do something evil. They convinced themselves it was the right thing to do, the thing they had to do.'"
 United States is no different than the rest of the world. We stand by and watch until too much has happened and continue to do it in the present. Just ask the kidnapped Nigerian girls. Countless people have stood and watched something bad happen to another person. It goes back even to the crucifixion of Jesus. We just need to be more aware of what is happening now and do what we can in our neighborhoods. Governments aren't always right, people aren't always right, and not everyone is guilty of the sin. Right now ISIS is terrorizing Libya Christians and people are fleeing. The tragedy with the boat sinking with almost 1000 people onboard has helped making people more alert but terrorism continues. I hope James Comey pays closer attention to ISIS than he has on past history.

What will you do when ISIS comes knocking at your neighborhood doors?

To Poland and Hungary, even though I don't know James Comey, please accept my apology. Also, if we don't stand up for ourselves, there might not be enough brave people to stand up on our behalf. Another genocide in the making against Christians. Cardinal Dolan has spoken on ISIS and the genocide against Christians.

Today's earrings

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Apr 19 - Smoked Eggs and Lot of Nature Photots

Picked up some good smoked eggs, which I've never had before; they sure are good. I didn't like the jalapeno ones because I couldn't tell they were hot at all. Have you ever walked into a meat market that smoked their own meats? The smell is indescribable. Always have looked for the smoked meat that would give the same taste as the smell but haven't found it yet. Now I have...the smoked egg tastes exactly like the smell of the meat market. Pretty amazed at the flavor of the egg. Almost didn't buy it but a guy I know from where I live and just happened to be at the same meat market that's in another state told me to try them. Glad he suggested it before I left. They said the eggs make great deviled eggs. Maybe I'll get my smoker going outside and try to make them. Probably have to make smoked chicken too since that's one of my favorites.

Here's today's pin followed by photos from last weekend I forgot to upload.

What United States will look like if Wisconsin's Governor Walker becomes President


Apr 18 - Pelicans, eagle nest, hawk, and more - Oops no earrings or pin today

Had to do a little traveling today and got some nice photos. We've been looking for the pelicans in water but haven't found any until today. Have seen many flocks of pelicans flying through the area for the last month. Pelicans are really cool because when feeding, they form a line and move in unison.

My brother and his wife spent the afternoon with me. Had a great time. Ate lunch, went down to the lake, visited a long time, and went to church together. Life doesn't get much better!