Saturday, February 28, 2015

Feb 28 - Forgot to hit post yesterday

Thought I posted yesterday's blog until I looked at it tonight. Oops. Guess I forgot to hit publish and must have hit save instead.

Today was a busy day getting ready for my new bed. Rearranged my bedroom three times before I was satisfied with what it will be like with the bed in there. Good think a queen size bed was ordered or there would have been any room in there for some of Bobbi's things.

My nephew and great niece came over today for a visit. Mustn't have the grandma look anymore and caused my great niece to cry. Not how I wanted to start the day with her. They were here for awhile. She loved Sparky but you can tell she is a fan of cats. Bobbi wouldn't come out but came within her reach. The light switch in my bedroom is on a pull and she loved to pull the light turning it on and off many times, saying "whee" most of the time. Then I held her so she could go on my glider. She loves to swing and this the next best thing. By the time they left, both my sister and I got hugs and wave to. How special is that

Only saw one eagle today in my travels. The river isn't open yet but once it opens, there will be a lot here.

Today's earrings

Feb 27 Flying, flying time, flying squirrels.

On my 40th birthday and again on my 50th birthday, I had the opportunity to fly a puddle jumper (with an instructor). It was great. Those two times were the first times I had been on an airplane. That is, other than our local park which had an airplane in it that we used to climb on all of the time when our parents weren't around. As much as I enjoy train rides, I love flying and especially the takeoff. Such a mass of weight lifting off the ground like that makes my imagination run at what else is out there that we are going to learn to do.

Flying time is this past year. A year ago Feb 19 is when I started the blog in memory of Donna. Even though it looked like there were a 1,000 pair of earrings, there weren't that many (kind of like the fish that got away). Sill I have quite a few to wear and a number of pins add to the blog. After that, I'm going to continue the blog with my own earrings. Lately, I've been looking at earrings and slapping my fingers so that I don't buy them. Side note: when I was really young and touched something I wasn't supposed to touch (highly breakable items), my mom would slap my hand. She said that I would touch the item again and then slap my own hand. Then I didn't touch it again. Think my hands should have been slapped more.

Probably have told you before about the flying squirrels on my cousin's farm. It was so cool to see them fly, even though they really didn't fly. It's been years since I've seen a flying squirrel, probably over 50 years ago. Wonder if they still exist in Minnesota. One of the things I did see a lot of as a kid was pileated woodpeckers. Every once in a while, you can see one in my hometown but it's a very rare occasion.

This brings me to today's earrings, angels. Well, they fly too.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Feb 26 - Ice Fishing Shanties

After going into detail yesterday about the art shanties, it was easy to make the choice to show you photos of ice shanties. When you see some of them, you may be amazed. They're beautiful and now I want to go ice fishing but in one of the really nice ones. Ice fished in the past on Georgetown near Anaconda Montana. Not only was it breathtaking sights, with great fishing, and topping it off the taste of the fried fish was out of this world. Can't beat the taste of fish out of very cold water.

Ice fishing house images

Ice fishing in Montana

From here, my sister and I started watching fishing videos on YouTube showing people fishing for very large fish. I got tired from just watching them and can only imagine how tired they were reeling in the fish.

Somehow we got to this site Best site of the night. It's about funny videos. Think we agree that the funniest two videos are of a very young boy on a path in the dinosaur park. He turns around and says "run". You have to watch it. The next one was about 30 minutes into the video. It was a model on very high heels. She started wobbling and couldn't quit wobbling. Great videos and we ended up watching the video in its entirety. My sister said that this video had belly laughing in it and if you watch you will be doing the same thing.

All of this started with a video from the Hubble and got sidetracked to other websites.

Today's earrings - so simple and as soon as I took the photo, one of them broke.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Feb 25 - Minnesota and Art Shanties

Always looking for something new, tonight I discovered art shanties. One of my pastimes is going for rides during winter looking for bald eagles. Because most of the eagles are located near the water at this time of the year, I've seen a lot of ice shanties. In case you don't know, an ice shanty is a structure that you put on the ice so the fisherman is sheltered from the weather. Since I was a child, I've seen a lot of different kinds of ice shanties. I've seen 35' campers and even motor homes out on the ice. Personally, I have never been on the ice in a shanty; however, one year I was on a bus (yes, the big yellow kind) and we were out on the ice. Typically, you wait for the ice to be thick enough to put a shanty out. Sometimes fisherman don't wait long enough and sometimes they wait too long to take them off the ice. One year, I planned a vacation for my husband (now ex) and I to spend four days on the ice in a luxurious cabin on the ice - it didn't happen but almost. Shanties can be decked out. Some of them have windows, some have heat in them, some have bathrooms, and the list goes on. Maybe someday I'll rent a nice ice shanty.

This brings me back to the topic of art shanties. In the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, a group of artists have gotten together and created their own form of shanties. These are creative spaces that they use however they want to. Think it was to create a space to do art in in a public area. Google image has some great photos of art shanties. Some of these are from Minnesota - didn't check them all out.

Am very curious about something. There were 24 Canadian viewers in the last 24 hours. Must have been because of the Russian bobtail cat title in the blog. My sister has renamed Bobbie "Boxie" because she boxes Sparky and her when they walk by Bobbi. My sister does not agree that Bobbi is very friendly but if you ask my brother and his wife, they would tell you differently (along with many other people who have visited). Oh well, Bobbie or Boxie, Bobbi still answers when I call her.

Today's earrings look similar to a pair I wore when I first started the blog. Those earrings kind of looked like a parrot. Even though these earrings are similar to those, these do not look like a parrot.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Feb 24 - Bobbi, the Kurilian Bobtail Cat

Looked on Internet for information my cat. I was told when I got Bobbi that she was a Russian bobtail cat. Tonight was the night to find some info on her. She looks identical to the cat on the lower photo even though her fur looks like the cat in the upper photo. For the most part, I would say the description fits her. Now if you ask my sister, she will disagree. Ever since my sister met Bobbi, she has been Bobbi's "toy" and maybe Bobbi might even think of her as another cat. She tolerates Sparky to the extent of she doesn't chase him. However, when Sparky walks past Bobbi, Bobbi bats him. The other night I guess Bobbi kept batting Sparky and wouldn't quit. The bad thing is that Sparky doesn't walk away from Bobbi. Maybe Sparky thinks that Bobbi will quit someday but I don't think so. What is funny is that every time you turn around, Sparky is in my bedroom with Bobbi. Back to the info at the website. Bobbi is extremely strong, definitely stocky, loves to jump on high places. She is very smart and usually when she is corrected the behavior doesn't repeat. The exception is that she jumped on the counter a few times in the last couple of weeks. Not sure what is making her do this; it could be the butter that sets on the counter to soften. We're using a different butter than we did and that's the only change we've made. We're trying to put that in the microwave to see if that makes a difference. Well, she knows that she's done something wrong when I catch her because she slinks away like a guilty dog.

Today's earrings were worn for Bobbi

Monday, February 23, 2015

Feb 23 - It's velour again

Because it was so cold out, I decided to fool my ears and wear earrings made with velour. They were pretty and possibly warm. Definitely looked classy. Donna would have looked spectacular wearing these along with her wonderful wardrobe. Besides being an earaholic she was a clothesaholic. Alright, those aren't words but you know what I mean.

Here are the earrings

Don't they look warm?

Speaking about warm, the bald eagles are starting to migrate through. There's been a mix of young eagles and immature eagles. Over the weekend, I saw a large female adult with a young immature male trying to do the talon lock. It's a beautiful sight when one bird flies upside down and talons lock.

Had kind of a funny incident today. Got a call on my cell phone from someone who said they were from the US government and working a fraud case. Technically, I would have been a "victim" if I fallen for the scam. Thinking that this person might have been working with the company I received an automated call last week. One of my friends says "you can't trust anyone anymore" and sometimes that is the case. Well, I contacted the US Consumer Services a place a "fraud" complaint. It would be funny if the person who called today really was a government employee but I don't think so.

Phone solicitations are becoming a thing of the past soon. People aren't falling for the scams like they used to years ago. Now they're scamming through texts via cell phone. Hopefully people are getting smarter.

Long day today because I volunteered for three hours after work. Now it's time to watch some drama.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Feb 22 - Another bitterly cold day

Went outside for only a short while today because the wind is making it bitterly cold. However, the sun felt good! Made a big dinner for us tonight. We'll be eating leftovers.

Yesterday my brother and I went for a ride since it was nice out. Usually we spend some time together on Sundays but it was nice to have the time on Saturday, freeing up my Sunday.

Getting ready for my new bed. Can't do much until I am told the delivery day. Put up some different curtains in my bedroom. Over my bookcases, I put Thomas Kincaid scenery curtains. So relaxing and beautiful. Finally got the curtains changed on the French doors. Thought the landlord washed them before we moved in but after seeing the dust, I realized I should have checked them a long time ago. Oh well, they've been replaced now. The curtains that were on the doors were ones I bought when I first lived in this house over ten years ago. Going to wash them and give them to the landlord so we don't have to store them.

Spring is around the corner. We're getting more sneak previews of it this week. The temp is supposed to climb to the upper 30s. That sounds so warm!

Today's earrings - guess it would have helped if I took a photo of them and uploaded it. Even though these were kind of big, thought they looked nice on and felt comfortable to wear them. So far these are my favorite silver hoops from Donna.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Feb 20 - Brazilian Deviled Eggs - Gratineed Deviled Eggs (Ovos Recheados Gratinados)

Never knew that so many countries made deviled eggs. They all are a different combination of ingredients. In honor of today's new reader from Brazil, I looked up this recipe. MMMMMM ham with the chopped yolk makes the filling. Doesn't that sound delicious. To top it off (no pun intended) you sprinkle the eggs with parmesan cheese and broil it. Camilla from uses finely shredded cheddar cheese. Think that better suits my taste than the parm. You can find the Brazilian recipe here:

Finished watching the movie "Apple in Your Eye." As it turns out it was not a Chinese movie but a Taiwanese movie. Truly enjoy watching movies and actors from Taiwan. This drama is probably the best-acting movie that I have seen in many years. The actors/actresses made you "feel" and become involved in their lives. I was able to watch it through It has laughter and tears. Reminded me of my second marriage in some ways. Maybe that's why the tears flowed a little heavier than usual. Good show and you can get a free pass for three days at the site if you are interested.

It's Friday and am I glad it is. Even though last week was all my computer problems, this week was very busy. Glad the week went fast but that probably means the weekend will go the

Today's earrings

The blouse I wore today had almost the same design only the designs in my blouse were light blue with a darker blue background. Looking at this photo, it almost looks like the squiggly lines are a light blue. Could just be how the light is hitting them too.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Feb 19 - "te iubesc" Romanian sound wave earings (corrected date on 2/20)

These are so cool. Went from Romanian history to Romanian earrings and got to this site As much as I would like to say I know how these were made, I really don't have a clue how it's done. More for me to learn. From these I went to photos capturing "dancing" paint using a balloon, paint, a speaker, and of course sound. Just as the "te iubesc" earrings were made with sound, these photos also used sound. Pretty cool pictures and to see them, type in "splash photography" in Google and the beautiful stop action photos come alive (no they don't move but are frozen in time).

Back to the earrings, I would have liked to seen them strung on clear wire so you can see the image the sound made. I want a 3-D printer just to play around with. It will be affordable before you know it.

Today's earrings

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Feb 18 - How cold is it?

Always thought February was just a snowy month but even though I'm over 55, I keep on learning. We're going to have below zero temps until March. The groundhog was right again when it saw its shadow. Hopefully it will only be less than 4 weeks and spring starts marching in.

Oh how funny, I just heard my cat hiss at my sister's dog but instead she was spraying whip cream on her desert. It sounded pretty loud but sometimes Bobbi gets loud but maybe not quite as loud as whip cream coming out of a can.

Countdown to getting my new bed is ten days or less. Can't wait to sleep in it. When you have a twin bed and a cat, not a little cat either, sleeping sideways in bed, it gets a little crowded. Yes, I could put her outside of my bedroom but that seems too mean since we've only been in this house for a three months. She's still getting her bearings and where she can and can't go. When my sister and brother-in-law leave the house, Bobbi darts into their bedroom to check it out. She doesn't care too much if Sparky is there or not. However, as soon as my sister  comes back, she flies out of the room.

Keeping it short tonight...need to get under my blanket.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Feb 17 - Winter is on it's way...again

Going to be chilly outside. Thank goodness I don't have to be out in the wind and feeling those 30-40 degrees below zero temperatures (with wind chill). When we were kids sometimes the regular temperature was 30 below. We still waited for the school bus and had school. We were also healthier than a lot of kids now too. Could withstand illness and colds much better. Sometimes I wonder if all of those flu shots and immunizations are worth it. Schools would be missing half of the students but life went on. We got measles, chicken pox, etc. and made it through without any problems. What do you think?

Today's earrings came from a coworker. Don't know if you remember but on one of the blogs, I had shown a liquid silver necklace. My coworker inherited her mother's jewelry because her mother no longer wears jewelry. I was given liquid silver earrings. They are beautiful and ever so delicate. Felt great to wear them.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Feb 16 - "Life is full of traveling in the wrong direction"

That's quote from the Chinese drama "Apple In Your Eye." how true it is. Hopefully tomorrow I will start the next year out traveling in the right direction. So often I have found myself going in the wrong direction. This coming year is the start of a new year for me and a different life. It's the year that I find myself again. Really looking forward to it. Not everyone gets as many chances as I have had to do this. Someone might look at my chances as bad luck but not me. Life does get better and this year will be a shining year for me. According to the Chinese Zodiac, this should be a good year for me (and will be just because of my attitude); I was born under the Horse sign and during the month of the Tiger. With this being the year of the Ram (Sheep), I am ready for my changes both physically, mentally, and spiritually. As a woman, it's going to be a great year too.

Today was a great day with no computer problems. Before I knew it, it was time to go home. Got a lot of work done. Love it when it all comes together. Start the day out with a smile and end it with a smile.

By the way, in the drama above, there are so many wonderful things I could quote out of it. Lot of thought-provoking statements. May have to watch it again just to write them down for future personal use.

Earrings for the day

Still trying to figure out where this is in Korea. Got any ideas?

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Feb 15 - Basic Black

Today's earrings are pretty basic and all black. Big black velutinous earrings. And you say what? velutinous means covered with a fine and dense pubescence. I know I'm stretching with the word pubescence since the earrings are not a plant or insect but they are very comparable to fine short hairs you would find on a plant or insect. I could have use the word velvety but they weren't quit velvet and more like fine short hairs. Pretty sure if I put them on the lawn this summer, moss would find its way on them.

Ended up cleaning a lot today getting ready for my new bed. Moved a light-weight blanket onto one of my chairs and a short time later found my sister's dog, Sparky, all cuddled under the blanket.

He must have used some God-given talent to get under the blanket. Sparky was pretty bold doing this since he's pretty blind. I would l have liked to see him do this.

Last night Sparky was dreaming while he was sleeping. One of his legs was completely up in the air, not supported by anything, and it was just a moving. Must have been chasing the neighborhood big dogs. Considering he is a small dog, he always wants to go after big dogs when they are close by.

My brother-in-law pointed out a cool video after I had mentioned about cell phones have gel buttons come up as a keyboard so you can have the keyboard feel. Saw this in a Chinese movie today. Have never seen them in person but I would probably like a phone with that feature.

Here's the cool video about specialty glass from Corningware my brother-in-law was talking about. The video is now four years old and there are additional videos you can watch. This is going to sound greedy but it would be really cool to have a house and car with this setup. All of this was in sci fi books or movies at one time. I think my brother-in-law said even John referred to it in the Bible's "Book of Revelation."

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Feb 14 Energizer Bunny Recharging

Today was a day to sit back and watch the world go by...time for the energize bunny in me to recharge. Usually I can keep up a fast past for a few weeks and then need a day or two to vegetate. And yes, I did eat vegetables too.

Last night my sister and I were watching a show and in it the woman blew on the man's finger to make it feel better in the Korean drama. Both of us quickly said how much it reminded us of our parents reaction when we would get an owie (child's little hurt). On the net, they mentioned blowing a kiss to make the owie feel better. At this website, someone said that is is European to blow on the owie. Obviously, it is world-wide. Wonder where that started.

Thought this was a glass holder pin but it turned out to be just a glasses pin and a very small pin at that.
I enjoyed wearing all of these pins this week. A couple of my coworkers saw them and commented on them. Here is the grouping of pins. It kind of makes pretty art
If this was cropped, put on good paper, and framed, I could see it on an eye doctor's wall.
Since this is the laid back day, I'm done already. Have a good weekend.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Feb 13 New Bed on the Way!

Tonight I ordered my new bed. Can't wait until I get it. My cat will be really happy too because my current bed is a twin bed and the new one is a full-size. Wonder how my cat is going to like the massage part of the bed. Either she'll like it or I'll have more room. Get the bed in two weeks and hopefully it will change my sleeping time, which isn't very much. So excited. Thinking that the sleep that I have coming will be the best sleep I've had in a few years. Time's ticking but I'm not wishing away my minutes; I'll patiently wait.

So many life changes are facing me now and I look forward for the next year to see how I change. Already, my eating habits have changed drastically. Now I have to get brave enough and get on my glider. Still thinking about a recumbent exercise bike. Pretty soon my living room will be an exercise room instead of a living room. That's not too bad though. It means stuff has to go again.

Tomorrow I will be wearing the last of the glass holders. Today's was another cute "pair" but I didn't use them to hold my glasses. Was so busy taking care of my computer problems, which did get fixed. Today's pin

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Feb 12 Computer Problems

This past week has been testing my patience when it comes to computer problems. Got hit with several computer problems and it seems like I go from one problem to the next. Pretty frustrating because I have no control over the problems. At least I didn't eat my way through like I used to do. Eating always was what I did to make me feel better. After many years, I realize now that it doesn't work. The problems are still there and now have created more problems. Never too old to learn. At least I love my job so much that I can handle the stress of the computer problems. What a difference it makes in one's life when you have a job that you love and people you work with care about you. The night before I had to work late and someone swept off the snow from my vehicle. What a wonderful experience that was. My brother-in-law cleans off my car almost every morning now. I really appreciate that too. And in my old apartment, the guy who lived above me cleared the snow from my car too. Things like this make me feel good; it's such a treat.

Today's pin reminds me of the 50s

Watching a good Korean drama and want to get back to it so I'll keep this short. The drama is called "Birth of a Beauty" and you can find it at

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Feb 11 Glass Holder #2

Alright, as it turns out there are only four or five of these pretty little holders. The rest of the bag's contents are American flag pins and pins from eye clinics. Here is today's holder

My brother, sister, and I went for a ride on Sunday (old news) and went by a lot of cranberry bogs. My sister was pretty curious about the bogs. Then tonight when I opened up Yahoo Food, there was a video about cranberry bogs. It's different than the one I posted before; plus it's in New Jersey and not in Wisconsin. Wisconsin is still the number one state for growing cranberries. Cranberries are natural fruit to the United States and Native Americans used them for their healing properties. Here's the link for the video

Today, I learned more about Ukraine and the invasion of Russia. If Russia would have stopped at Crimea, it would have been more tolerable than to invade the predominantly Ukrainian Ukraine (Crimea is predominantly Russian). I would totally support giving financial aid to Ukraine to support their government to lesson any upheavals they are feeling in order for them to be a strong government. It's a little tougher for me to support United States giving them arms but we have to help the Ukrainians succeed. Stay strong!!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Feb 10 - Pin - Series on Holders for Glasses

Changing it up a little and going to be wearing pins for a while. Donna had a bunch of pins that held glasses of different styles and sizes. They all look like they glasses. Kind of fun to start this because there are probably about ten different ones. From this, I'll probably wear some more pins.

I thought there were about 1,000 pairs of earrings when I got them. After wearing them for a year, I realize that there aren't that many. After I'm done with Donna's earrings, I'll probably do my own. And since I like earrings so much, I'll probably have to buy more to keep the blog going. Will stop when I stop.

My sister shared her very large slice of coconut cheesecake with me. Her friend made it and gave her a piece to try. It's delicious! Think it's made with ricotta and not cream cheese. There's a world of difference between the cheesecake when it's made with ricotta and cream cheese. Hands down, I like ricotta cheesecake better. However, my mom's recipe for cream cheese cheesecake is next on the list.

One of Minnesota's border states is making headlines in the Supreme Court in the case "Frank v Walker", with Walker being Governor Walker, who wants to become our next president. Kind of scary because he does things his way and not the way of the people. For instance with their new voter law, one of the reasons it was created was because of voter fraud.. gives details including "after two years of investigations, Wisconsin “could not point to a single instance of known voter impersonation occurring in Wisconsin at any time in the recent past.” Think we need to be really careful of someone like this and then top if off with some legal problems with people who worked for him. Turning a blind eye is always a good excuse which I used when I was a child. Now I try hard not to turn a blind eye and be proactive instead of reactive.

Enough of politics. When I see things that don't seem right, I have a tendency to be vocal.

This pin is approximately two inches in length and one inch height. Hung my specs from them various times throughout the workday. Aren't they cute?

Monday, February 9, 2015

Feb 9 - First Indonesian Reader and Indonesian Egg Recipes

Have to admit that I probably am not going to make these eggs...well, maybe if I put the mixture on bread like I do my egg sandwiches. Chili sauce and eggs together seems like something I wouldn't eat but I would try it. My brother-in-law would eat all of it if I made it. Wonder if he's had this before.

Two recipes I found are:
Recipe - Sambal goreng telor - Eggs in red pepper sauce and  Telor balado - Eggs in spicy sauce. From what I can tell in Netland is Sambal goring telor is very popular. There are some beautiful pictures of the dish online.

Maybe the next time I go to Minneapolis, I'll have to find an Indonesian restaurant and sample some foods.

The site listed above is very interesting because it has a lot of information about Indonesia.

Today's earrings. These were pretty big hoops for me to be wearing but I wore them. They were comfortable. With Donna's long hair, she could easily wear larger earrings. My hair is in a bob and they stuck below my hair quite a ways.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Feb 7 Peace Talks and Russia

Take a little bit of Ukraine now, then in a couple months, start all over and take some more. Before you know it, Russia is knocking on Germany's door and then France. Hmmmm, that kind of sounds familiar. Have we forgotten what happened in the 30's? And then there's always ISIS around the corner

Big news, hahaha no pun intended. "Sports Illustrated" is going to have two plus-sized models for their swimsuit edition. Even though I am a plus sized woman, I have mixed feelings about it. In the past, I was the large woman on the block and now there are many women even bigger than me on the block. It's not healthy and yes, I know "Sports Illustrated" is not going to feature a large woman in a bikini in their swimsuit addition. Still....

Maybe a plus-sized model is a good thing. Think I need to not read the news for a week.

Today's earrings

Friday, February 6, 2015

Feb 6 - Dad' 108th birthday tomorrow ...if he was still alive

Yes, our dad would have been celebrated his 108 years birthday tomorrow. We celebrate for him since he can only celebrate it with us from above. Dad saw so many things in his lifetime from cars to astronauts on the moon. He was a good man, good to his family and his wife. He treated everyone with respect and dignity even if he didn't know them. It's something he and our mom taught us too.

Too bad others don't teach their children the same values. It's been a tough day because I was betrayed by someone I've been dating for four years. I must have that gullible look on my face. I keep getting warned not to trust people. However God has given me the strength to continue to trust people. Someday it will be shown that it was the right choice. Today, I'm not shown it was the right choice. Have to start paying attention to signs and act faster instead of believing things will change. The only thing that can change for sure is me and there's no more waiting around for change to happen. Getting too old for that. Want a life that involves someone who treats me special like I treat them. Can't be too difficult just have to find the right person. It's just a big disappointment after all I'm' too old for this. It's my responsibility to protect my heart and now I have to protect it better.

Need to listen to my family more.

Today's earrings

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Feb 5 - No Earrings Tonight

After I was done with work today, I discovered the earrings I was going to wear but in my pant pocket and not on my ears. This pair is one that I wanted to wear because I like the chain-look. So it will become tomorrow's earrings. When I got home from shopping I was too pooped to put on a pair of earrings even for a little while.

My sister and I went out of town on a little shopping trip. Both of us are turning into Aldi's nuts. We like the prices, the products, their quality, their variety, and their guarantee. On the way back we ended up taking a detour heading south of the town we live in. As we turned a corner, we saw the most beautiful full moon. It almost looked like it was a blood moon but the next one isn't supposed to happen until April and then again in September. Our last blood moon in October looked pretty darn close to the same color as tonight's full moon. It was right on the horizon and was so big.

My photos don't do any justice to the moon but thought I'd show them anyway. These were taken with my cell phone. Wish that I would have brought my camera with me but didn't want it sitting in very cold weather all day long.

The moon is just above the road. It looked a lot bigger than it does in this photo. Like I said, my cell phone doesn't do it any justice but you can get an idea of the color.

Here it looks a little larger. In this photo, it is partially hidden by a hill.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Feb 4 - Finnish Easter Egg Review 2013, Hevisaurus, Angry Birds and Munavoi = All Finnish

Today my first Finnish person visited my blog. So it's time for an egg recipe. Instead of doing a recipe, I typed in Finnish eggs and came up with which is a video of Easter eggs being reviewed in 2013. It's 41 minutes long and I watched the whole thing.

After watching it, I want a Kinder egg but since I live in the States, it sounded like I can't get it. I love the sheep gift/prize on the inside. It scored 9 out of 10 and thought it would be chocolate that I would eat. The smaller Kinder egg contained a "Sponge Bob" character. I even know who this is. The prize inside was a snail. Another egg was the Heavy Saurus which promotes a heavy rock band aimed at children. The band is called "Hevisaurus There were a couple of "Angry Bird" eggs too. I don't know anything about Angry Birds other than it is a huge success in the United States. "Angry Bird" was created in Finland. and The producer of the video made a disclaimer about not putting the gift/prize in you mouth. Each egg had a lengthy disclaimer in multiple languages.

Learned a lot about Finland just going from website to website. I had to look up a Finnish egg recipe and found one that fits my tastes. It's an egg butter called Munavoi, which you mix softened butter, hard boiled eggs, a little salt and then it's spread on bread or toast. I know I have to make this because it's a great combination but it will drive my sister crazy when I show it to her and she can't eat it. Poor sister.

The earrings today were really hard to take a picture of. They're so simple and I don't understand why I couldn't focus in on the earrings no matter how far away I was.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Feb 3 - On the bandwagon again - Sorry; Great article by Igor Volsky and Jack Jenkins

An article tonight explained a few things to me and gave me a better understanding of why Muslims do not believe ISIS is not Islamic. The article entitled "Why ISIS Is Not, In Fact, Islamic" was written by Igor Volsky and Jack Jenkins; the article was published on 9.11.2015. You can find the article at

In the article, they compared ISIS to the KKK. I am one among many that do not believe the KKK is Christian. After all, they do not follow Christian beliefs. The same goes of ISI; they do not follow Islamic beliefs. Both groups follow what they want to follow. If someone wants to change my mind, lighting fire to a caged person is not the way to do it. Mom always said "You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar."

ISIS is stepping on toes of so many countries. I wonder when the world will really crack down on them. I hope it is sooner than later and not too late.

Hope I didn't offend too many Russians with my support of Ukraine. The Ukrainians are in my prayers for their safety and for God's protection. Of course, the common people in Russia aren't probably too happy about their troops invading Ukraine either.

Off the bandwagon now. Found a macaroni and cheese dish that looks out of this world. It's a combination of mac and cheese and crab Rangoon. I'm going to cheat on it and instead of using lump crab, the dish will consist of mock crab. A lot of the Chinese restaurants use mock crab so it's worth the try. Simple recipe.

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Monday, February 2, 2015

Feb 2 - Groundhog Day

The groundhog saw it's shadow so we're supposed to have another 6 weeks of winter. I was planning on winter during the next six weeks so it's no surprise to me. Even though this has been a weird winter, the Farmer's Almanac predicted a drier winter (less snow) and colder than normal. Think this prediction is going to be spot on. Have you ever wondered about how much money weather forecasters make? I have and it amazes me. If I had been wrong even a few times at work, my job would be in question. However, weather forecasters can predict anything and if it doesn't happen, well, that's because of global warming.

Been watching Putin not staying put that last year. Can't figure out why Russia can't just stay in Russia and why they have to fight in Ukraine. It makes me sick - all of this fighting. Like I've said many times "can't we just get along." I'll stay out of your country if you stay out of mine. Gosh darn oil and greed are the problem children. We feel so safe and cozy in the United States. Granted there are places of violence but not like other countries. A few weeks ago, a Walmart in SE Minnesota had a cart run over a bullet that had fallen out of a box. A friend told me that she saw it on Facebook and that when it exploded everyone went for the floor. Wouldn't it be nice if we didn't have to feel that way. It's scary that we feel we are so safe but you never know. My heart goes out to the Ukrainians and you are in my prayers for the safety of your family, loved ones, and friends.

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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Feb 1 - Sci Fi Movies 2015

There sure a lot of new sci-fi movies this year and  my family (including me) love to watch sci-fi shows. Mom used to be a sci-fi buff and I remember many late nights being up with an earache and watching those movies with her. This year, I plan on seeing "Mad Max", "Jurrasic World", the "Terminator" movie, and the list goes on and on. Know that some were already missed during January but I'll be able to rent them. I'd love to see "Jurrasic World" while sitting in the fourth or fifth row back from the screen. There's something that makes the movie come more alive and you're right in it when you're that close. You can only see the movie and you can't see the theater around you.

You can tell by the Super Bowl commercials that sex sells a lot; just a note on the side. Didn't watch the bowl because neither the Vikings or Packers were in it so there wasn't a vested interest. Maybe next year...but I've been saying that quite a while when it comes to the Vikings.

Last night, my sister and I were watching a little bit of one of the Asian dramas that is currently playing. The actor was drumming his finger. We looked at each other and my sister said "I can understand Korean!" because the drumming finger meant he was thinking about something. Body language is pretty universal. Interesting site

Today's earrings - Donna must have liked these, she had two pairs of them.