Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Mar 31 - Baby Videos - Too Cute! North Korean Children Playing Instruments

Then some very talented North Korean children playing guitars. They are fantastic musicians. Think the person who posted this felt it was scary because of the children's identical movements.

The lead singer in this could be the next "Annie". More North Korean children (again, very young) who sing and play instruments. It's unbelievable:

Again the lead singer is the center of this video. Even though the video says she's a Japanese girl, she is North Korean.

And then to end it, a 3000 mile wide disc above earth

To top it off, here are my earrings for the day

Monday, March 30, 2015

Mar 30 - The Eagle Has Landed, well flew by

Sitting and watching the eagles fly by was great because I was sitting in my living room. One would fly by and then about five minutes later another one. Then the sky got cloudy but the sun was shining through. Here are four photos of tonight's breathtaking sky (I forgot to watch the eagles after the sky changed.)


God sure has blessed us with colors in nature. While oil painting, my ex would make fun of me saying those colors do not exist in the sky. These photos show how wrong he was and how right God is. All four of these photos were taken within seconds of each other and that's how fast things change. Back to change...

Today's earrings

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Mar 29 - Our journey in search of eagles (15 eagle photos)

Today, my sister and I took a road trip to go eagle watching. Got some really nice pictures of eagles. Plus my sister got to see a skunk running in the woods. We weren't fast enough to get that photo and even though we were far enough away from the critter, we didn't want to get out to take the picture.



Immature Eagle

Photo of ice the eagles were on - cool looking (no pun intended)

Eagle on left calling a warning to an incoming eagle

The ending of a great day!

Today's earrings

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Mar 28 - Change

Being a spontaneous person, usually change is not a problem for me. However, there are certain times, places, people, etc. that change and I have trouble with the change. One of those was my marriage. I realized I couldn't change myself anymore and that the "me" was getting lost by becoming someone else. Fifteen years later, I'm changing back into someone I knew in high school or maybe even grade school. It's a nice change especially with the weight loss. Even though I'm still tired, I feel better and my chin looks better too. Someday the rest of me will catch up to the old me and then I wonder what my next changes are. I do know for a fact that I'm not going to change my sex!

My friends have changed over the years. My family has changed too. My siblings and I are much closer again. You get so darn busy and that busyness can take over your life.

Google has great images and you can find quotes on these images. President Obama's quote on change was listed so I looked further on his quote. His was one of the quotes I liked the most and it went like "Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we've been waiting for. We are the change that we seek."

I'm grateful for the changes the airlines are making for our safety. And maybe we as individuals have to change and become more proactive instead of reactive. Maybe our world would get a little better.

No earrings today (actually I wore the same ones from yesterday because I liked them so well). So instead I wore a pin that I really liked because of its art deco style

Friday, March 27, 2015

Mar 27 - Catfish in France in River Tarn - Alibi Town and more videos

Needed a different topic and really found one and fast. This video is about catfish and their pigeons.

Baby eagle taking a bath

Cool video compilation of people in action

"The Most Amazing Pictures Taken at the Right Time"

and finally my favorite of the night, "Optical Illusions that Might Break Your Mind." A couple of the optical illusions were in a previous blog but 99% are one that I haven't seen before. Think my favorite was the couple with the shark or whale behind them.

Today's earrings

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Mar 26 - Continuing to trust people; Flamenco Egg Recipe

I want to believe and trust that something physically happened to the copilot of Flight 9525. My sister and I talked about this and wonder if the co-pilot hadn't said anything for 20 minutes and that the plane was on autopilot and something happened to the co-pilot like a brain or heart aneurism or some incapacitating health issue, could this have been a possibility. We want to believe that this is what happened and the co-pilot did not crash the plane intentionally. We're praying that this is discovered. Also, I appreciate the fast action of airlines to make sure there's always two crew people in the cockpit. That might not prevent something from happening but it might. Bless all of the families and friends that have suffered with this tragedy.

Have my first reader from Spain. I'm sure it's because of the plane crash that the person read my blog. Kind of like to think it was for other reasons. And like in the past, whenever I have a reader from a country that hasn't visited my blog before, I have to do my egg theme in their honor.

Spanish eggs - just the sound of it makes me think "yum"! Found the recipe for Flamenco eggs and the word yum doesn't even come close to describing it. You can find a simple recipe for it at Found another recipe that had lower calories but it doesn't compare to the recipe at the site above.

Today's earrings

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Mar 25 - Another Airline Tragedy

My heart breaks when I hear of major tragedies such as yesterday's crash of Germanwings Flight 9525. The number of rescue and security workers was unbelievable and I hope with this type of response, they are able to pinpoint the cause. There have been too many tragedies in the last few years. My condolences to the families and friends. You always wonder "why." Even though I didn't know any one on the Malaysian airline that went down nor the Korean ferry, I still feel sadness from the losses.

Have you ever had your life flash before your eyes? I have and it's not a good feeling. Luckily, I have made it through three or four of these times. I'm grateful to have those flashes because it gives me time to prayer. And later, it gives me time to reflect when I find myself still alive.

Today's earrings

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Mar 24 - More snow on the way

Tonight we're supposed to get another 3-4 inches of snow. It's melting snow fast already (accidently typed snow instead of "so" and thought it was cute so I kept it there). Brought my boots home from work, just in case. Maybe we'll have rain instead. I would like to hear a thunderstorm again.

Used my glider this morning so I forgot to put earrings in. What happens is that I don't allow extra time in the morning and things get past me. Rather spend the extra five minutes in my bed than remembering my earrings (plus I accidently put my phone under my pillow - thought I was going to have to buy a new phone but lucked out).

Yesterday, my blog had 23 Russian readers and 1 reader from Turkey and another from France. Interesting how this happens some times. We joked that maybe someone things there's a secret code in my blog but there isn't. However, I had to look up secret code. Because I'm not into deciphering, my search took a different turn. Found a site with paintings that had possible secret codes on the paintings themselves. Hmmm very interesting. Will have to get a biography on Michelangelo to see if there's something in that about hidden meanings within his paintings. Maybe there's even a book on this. Should be interesting to read about him and compare him with Leonardo da Vinci since I've already read his biography.

When you think about people, do you ever wonder if some day that intelligent or artistic person you know may have very deep meaning for people in the future. I've met a couple of artistic people and some extremely intelligent people but I don't think we'll be reading about them in the future. The closest person that I know of that made some kind of history is a turf breeder who I used to work for.

No earrings today but will try to wear a pair tomorrow if I have enough time since I will be doing both my glider and rebounder in the morning.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Mar 23 - 8 to 9 inches of snow!

Last Monday I took off and the weather was upper 60s with the possibility of rain. This morning when I went out to my car, there was eight to nine inches of snow covering everywhere you looked. The roads were covered even though last night everything melted as fast as it came down on both the roads and the sidewalks. It was beautiful out and the air was clean and crisp and even better was the sounds in the air. There's something about the buffering snow has on the noise. It's kind of like when you go under water and feel the calmness.

Minnesota has high school basketball this week and it's called March Madness. There's a saying about March Madness that there's always a snowstorm. Most of the time that is true and this year it's the truth again.

Keeping it simple because it's Monday. Used my rebounder for three minutes tonight. Doesn't sound like much but it is more exercise than I get from using the glider. Must be from different muscles being used. I like the soft feeling you get from bouncing. Brings back memories from the trampoline during high school.

Today's earrings are also simple.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Mar 22 The Chicken That Didn't Die

Bought an organically raised chicken and made a batch of soup. Tonight I was heating it up and both Sparky and I stopped to listen to the noise we heard. It was coming from the stove and I clearly heard clucking.  Of course, I realize that it was just the soup heating up but it was like a wow time.

This is the kind of snow I like. It snowed all day long and yet it looks like someone has plowed the streets and shoveled the sidewalks. Parked cars and trucks are covered in a blanket of snow. It's really pretty. This time of the year there's so much brown everywhere so the white is hiding it nicely. Right now the snow is coming down almost like raindrops.

Didn't wear earrings today but did wear three cat pins. These cat pins are so darn scary. Donna had quite a few of them so she must have liked them. I prefer to think she got a real good deal on them at some super sale. Wanted to get these out of the way so I wore all three of them.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Mar 20 - Authentic Self

Years ago, my sister-in-law gave me a book on simplicity and discovering one's authentic self. Ironically, a year later I was no longer married to the person I had been with for 30 years. All of this has to do with synchronicity This past December, I looked in the mirror and said "I want to get to know you, the real you." That day began my sincere journey to find the person who has been hidden for years. Sometimes I'm a Dr. Phil fan and other times, I'm not. Tonight I am a fan. I'm also a fan of synchronicity and coincidences not really being coincidences; however, everything is self-directed under God. In other words, my fate is determined by me and what I do and what I fail to do. I might miss an opportunity but fall right in the lap of another opportunity. Anyway, back to authentic self and sometime I'll write more on coincidence, fate, and opportunity.

One of the many advices Dr. Phil gives includes finding one authentic self. The real you, the person God meant you to discover at some point in your life. A lot of people know who they are and then there are those who die never discovering themselves. I think my brother and sister-in-law have found their authentic selves a couple of years ago through their church journey and learning about God. They always have been a great couple but I can see how much closer they have gotten. Dr. Phil's article on authenticity can be found at

Personally, I wasn't blessed with being my authentic self and it has taken me years to get here. Maybe by the time I'm 65 or 68, I'll know more but for now, I'm on a roll. Met with a friend today and she and I are finding our authentic selves only she is kind of lucky because it's only taken her seven years and it's taking me twice that time. That is because I had an opportunity that I took - I'm glad I took it because even though it was a heart-breaking experience, the memories that I have are something I will always cherish.

Years ago, I remember hearing the line "look deep, deep into my eyes and what do you see." Always liked that line. Too bad it took me so long to look deep into my own eyes. Mirrors are great when you want to look deep into your own eyes. This brings me to images of looking deep into the eyes. Since finding how cool Google images are, here's another one

Today's earrings (didn't notice it until just now but my earrings almost gave me away - had to look close to see what could be seen - at least you can't look deep into my eyes - looks like my head has been replaced with a cell phone.)

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Mar 19 Weird Photos - Mom?

Today had French reader again. FYI, France banned full face masks including veils: "The key argument supporting this proposal is that face-coverings prevent the clear identification of a person, which is both a security risk, and a social hindrance within a society which relies on facial recognition and expression in communication. " This sounds like a solid, legitimate explanation.

Before my mom died, I asked her to give me signs of afterlife. I believe in the afterlife and heaven and that God has a wonderful home for us to go to. One time, I prayed and asked for my mom's help and within minutes there was a double rainbow. It hadn't rained in our area but the rainbow seemed like it was right on top of the hill across from us. Today I was thinking a lot about mom because she liked her pearls so much. Thought it would be good to wear a pair of Donna's pearls. Now this gets kind of even more weirder (sp?). Took photos of the earrings but instead got photos of my hands - you'll be able to see what I mean.

Here's the more weird I was typing about the rainbow and wanting to wear a pair of Donna's earrings, my keyboard quit working. Okay, easily fixed by putting in new batteries. Bad news was I only had one new battery left. Figured the worst I could do is put one of the old batteries in and make the new battery work harder. (That's my theory and I don't know if it's true or not but the keyboard now works.). Went to put the cover back on the batteries and it's gone. I've looked everywhere, under my chair, moved my blanket, looked under the end table, and even went through the's just gone into thin air.

So here are the photos in the exact order they were taken.

No settings were changed either. Kind of different. Hey mom - you have my keyboard cover for the batteries?

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Mar 18 - Full Face Muslim Veils

Surprisingly a number of countries have banned full face Muslim veils in public areas. My concern is that there's going to be "them" and "those" societies in the United States if we keep going the way we are. No longer will I shop at Target because they are promoting this separatism and interferes with human rights. One of the articles I read stated a great way of supporting no veils in public places: "Those who want to integrate are welcome irrespective of their religion," Ghiringhelli stated on the Il Guastafeste website. "But those who rebuff our values and aim to build a parallel society based on religious laws, and want to place it over our society, are not welcome."  This makes so much sense and instead of become mush to everything and everyone, standards have been set. You can't please everyone all of the time.

See for France banning full faces being hidden. Their reasoning is facial recognition is important and I agree. It's already hard enough when we all look alike and have to identify someone.

Left the house so fast this morning, again I forgot to wear earring Will have to be more mindful of what I'm doing in the mornings.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Mar 17 - Happy St. Patrick's Day

Just about everyone at work wore green today. It was kind of fun. Learned today that celebrating St. Pat's Day in United States is different than in Ireland. Was told that the actual color associated with St. Patrick was blue. Also that dressing in green and all of our wonderful St. Patrick's Day dishes such as Irish stew and corned beef & cabbage aren't celebrated in Ireland. As a fan of Irish butter, which is shipped into some local stores, I found that that is an authentic Irish food Another site for reference.

St. Patrick's Day originally was brought into being by the Catholic Church and helped Irish immigrants in the US "as a way of affirming  their identity. The other day on while in Minneapolis, KFAI was playing on my radio talk with the honorary Irish person, Dai Thao, a member of St. Paul City Council . Dai Thao was going to be part of the Irish parade held in St. Paul every St. Patrick's Day. Interesting station focusing on "diverse racial, social and economic backgrounds.  Check out the radio program by going to

Today's earrings - nope, they are not green but my jacket was.

Mar 16 - Day of Family - Nice Surprise

Had a very nice surprise. Replaced a doctor-cancelled appointment with a vacation day. First off, this is the first time in my life that a doctor cancelled an appointment - I've done it but not visa versa.  Because it was a beautiful day, I wanted to make the most of it and my boss let me take a vacation day.

Saw about 100 bald eagles with most of them being on the ice. The ice is now what is called black ice and won't be around much longer because of our warm weather. Right now our temps are above normal. Think that is to make up for our below normal November temps. Most of the eagles were mature eagles (have white heads and tails). There were only a couple of immature eagles (black or black and white mottled). When they are mottled, their colors can really vary and it's hard to believe that they will become the colors they mature into.

Spent the rest of the day with my family in the Twin Cities area. We had a nice lunch, played bingo, and visited. Then it was time to go home. What a great day to spend with my two brothers and one sister-in-law. You can't beat time spent with family.

Would you believe I forgot to put earrings in! Wouldn't have been so bad but my sister-in-law is Donna's daughter. Don't think she saw I didn't have earrings in. I was in such a rush to go to the doctor appointment, I completely forgot about my earrings. Really glad the appointment got cancelled.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Mar 15 Two for the price of one - still it's free

Been a busy weekend with our church activity. It was successful and think everyone had a fun time. A good friend of mine helped me and we talked the whole while we worked. It was just the two of us in a little room. We have always worked well together and will continue to for many years to come. She was instrumental into bringing me back to my Catholic faith and I will forever be grateful for that.

Two for one is because posted tonight is the pair of earrings I wore on Friday and then today's earrings. Yesterday's earrings were a pair of my own because we were celebrating St. Patrick's Day early.

Even though it was a busy week and busy weekend, there was still time to rearrange my living room. It is now more of a gym than a living room. I have my Gazelle glider and my new Maximus Pro Rebounder all set up. Bobbi, for some odd reason, likes to go under the rebounder (you can see the rebounder in the top photo). She probably wouldn't like it if I was on the rebounder and she was under it. Thinking it will be a lesson learned someday by either her or the two of us.

All that's left to redo in the living room is changing bookshelves - both the big one and bringing in the smaller one. Think those two things will make my living room less cluttered. Still have lots to do on that end. With moving here, so much was just packed up (paper wise) and I still have a lot to go through. Thinking about downsizing my crafts/arts but that so hard to do because of the investment already made in them. The crafts/arts can't be seen so maybe it's not too bad to hang unto them until I start using them again. Once I get my living area situated, maybe then I can I'll be able to go down to the water and work on my projects there too and that's just around the corner before that will happen.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Mar 12 Fine line vs thin line - another idiom

My earrings brought my focus on fine line and thin line. The earrings have a thin line of silver around the edges or is it the earrings have a fine line of silver around the edges. Not that it really matters but love those idioms. Found a good explanation of the two at Think the best explanation is by b3hr057 when he/she describes fine line as "the gray area" and thin line is compared to "a misstep" (possibly like walking a tightrope. I like this person's explanation the best at the site. Makes sense to me.

My earrings with the thin or fine line around the edge (not as defined as above)

The blue behind my fingers seems to be pretty cool in my opinion. It's the blue from my television, or should I say very large monitor.

Glad tomorrow is Friday and even happier yet that I didn't have to wear a coat today.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Mar 11 - Funny Animal Pics and Sayings

Needed a good laugh tonight, which I got from looking at images on Google. There are some very creative people in this world with good imaginations. Think I saw Bobbi in a couple of these photos especially  the one where the cat is asking where its food was. That would be Bobbi!

Read an article on hair transplants and the place to go is Turkey. Looks like there's a lot of facial hair transplants going on. Like many women, that is  a transplant I wouldn't care for but now if it was for hair on the head, that's a different story. Like most of my family members, we were blessed with hair from mom...well, not really. Her family trait is thin hair and my brothers didn't take after our dad who had beautiful blonde hair until he was about 82. Lucky him!

Today's earrings - pretty pearls with the slightly green tint to them.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Mar 10 - Brien Foerster

Here are some sites my sister and I looked at tonight in regards to tours Brien Foerster is connected with:

We started with the last site which has Peruvian subterranean water channels of Nazca Peru. There are a few spiral staircases going down quite a ways until they reach water, possibly from the Andes. That lead to the next video on the Moon Stones of Peru (site listed at top). Finally, to Foerster's tour site which is also interesting. After we were done watching some of the interesting videos, I learned he was born in Rochester MN. At first, I thought he was from the UK because of information I had seen; however, he's one of Midwesterners with very open minds.

Today's earrings

Monday, March 9, 2015

Mar 9 - Lot going on

This is my busy week at work and home so I'll probably keep my posts short unless hidden time becomes available. There's a lot going on. For instance, the baby that was upside down in a car for 13 hours (mom died) in a car accident. A CA school tried to ban all flags - just a sign of the times to come - kind of reminds me of Germany and Hitler. Pretty soon we won't be able to say the Pledge of Allegiance out loud because it offends religions. We will be so controlled someday and will no longer be known the land of the free. Explorers excavated some items from a cave in Israel that had items 6000 yrs old. Amtrak had a derailment because of a semi stuck on the tracks. Luckily it was Amtrak and not an oil car. Still waiting for my stabilizer bar for my rebounder. Once I have that, I will focus on exercising nightly - really need the stabilizer bar because I'm notorious on a trampoline (even though this is not a trampoline).

Today's earrings

Liked these a lot but they hurt my ears. Must be what the earrings are made out of that caused me a problem. Probably should have taken them out of my ears hours ago.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Mar 8 Eagles are sitting in their nests

Went on a road trip today and saw quite a few eagles sitting on their nests. That's always a sign of spring. Another sign was our 50 degree weather. What a change from last week. Don't know what to wear at work. It will probably be at least 78 degrees in our building tomorrow. Good thing for fans and windows. ABC did a spot on a bald eagle with wings spread covering its eggs. By the time it got down snowing, all you could see is the part of the eagle's head. My mom would have done the same thing for me too. The eagles aren't migrating through yet. The eagles we have now are the ones that come back every year to nest here. Many stay here year-round because of the river and also the farms where sometimes the farmers throw their dead chickens on piles for the eagles to eat.

Today's earrings

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Mar 7 - No other countries but U.S. - What happened? (now have the date correct)

So strange...I've had readers from other countries for the last one+ year and this week not a single one. It's not that I write for any specific person other than Donna but it's odd this has happened. Maybe I need something controversial like "I wonder when we can't say the pledge of allegiance to the United States anymore because it's against someone's religion to make a pledge like that." I'm glad that I'm my age and not in my 20s anymore. I'd be a rebel again.

What changed?

Got my rebounder today and have already used it twice. It's a product out of UK. The order was placed on Friday morning and got the rebounder by Saturday afternoon. Haven't received the stabilizer bar yet and that order was place on Wednesday. Really need that because hanging onto something else isn't the best. In fact, it's kind of scary. Thinking that I'm hanging on to the side of a bookcase or door frame isn't my idea of safety. However, I've been on  it twice and now understand why it's said to give you so much energy. It does and I want to use it more but will only use it for a few minutes at a time until I get the stabilizer bar. Yes, I could it on it and bounce up and down like my sister wants to do but getting up from that position is still part of my fear factor. Someday, that fear will be gone...and not in the too far distance; probably by next year at this time, I'll weigh a lot less and will try it.

Today's earrings

Friday, March 6, 2015

Mar 6 - Ukrainian Pysanky Easter Eggs - Fabulous

Easter is coming and I was thinking about different things to do with eggs. Lorrie Popow has a YouTube video in which she teaches beginning Pysanky (waxing and dying Easter eggs). She sure makes it look easy and even looks fun. I have so many egg recipes to try that trying this is going to have to wait until later.

We had training at work today, which involved all of the employees. Very beneficial as I stated in a previous blog. Now I have to put to work what I've learned. Will probably give you info on this in the upcoming times as I work on it.

Yes, they are  black dots that are earrings. Little different than yesterday's because they are much smaller. What is interesting is that they weigh a lot more than the plastic earrings. Kind of thinking these are special earrings.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Mar 5 - Heat wave coming and what is going on with Eastern US?

Tomorrow we are supposed to start having good weather, at least until the weather forecasters tell us another fib. But what is going on with Eastern US? They have more snow than we do in Minnesota. Heard that parts of KY got 20 inches of snow. I like snow but I don't like ice and for the most part like winter except the cold dampness. Maybe this weekend I'll take a break and go eagle watching. When weather turns either good or bad, eagles migrate through here. If the weather is consistent, then they either go a different route or come later. One year I remember seeing a lot of eagles in Wisconsin in the fields. It's an interesting sight too see that because it's so unexpected.

My bed is great! Both Bobbi and I had enough room. I was slightly surprised that Bobbi liked it when I turned on the massage. In fact, she was closer to the head section and moseyed (took her time walking) on down to the feet section when I turned on the massage. Still have to check out what happens underneath the bed when I raise and lower the ends. Want to put some stuff down there for storage. FYI women like to use whatever they can as a storage space, especially if you're short on closet space. By the way, my bed is a King Koil latex bed. After last night, I highly recommend it. First time in a couple of years that I was able to lay in bed all night.

From mosey I went looking for mosey sites (reached Mosey purses which are really nice) then to a site called "Gizmodo" (looking for an app similar to Iphone's Mosey app) and landed at "Fantastic Redesigns of Women Characters by Women Science Fiction Artists Some of the redesigns were pretty good. Some of them were scary looking and both my sister and I liked the older versions better.

Today's earrings

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Mar 4 Yippee Skippy

Got my new bed. Going to keep this short tonight. Had to move stuff out of my bedroom before I went to work (including my old bed). The new bed arrived about 2 pm. Took two guys almost 1 1/2 hours to get it set up and working (massage/adjustable). Tonight my sister and I made the bed and moved it around to get it just right. May have to move it to the wall I had my old bed on. It's a bit larger than my old bed so time will tell its position. Bobbi has been jumping up on it already and purrs away. Wait until I turn the massage on. Wonder when she'll come back into the room. Looking forward to a good night's sleep. I do know that it takes about a month to get used to a bed but I'm hoping that it's a lot shorter time than that.

Pretty earrings today. Bet they looked stunning on Donna with her long dark hair.

Think these may be hand-painted.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Mar 3 - From Linear B to "Ever Cheat At Monopoly..."

First off, I lost an earring and will have to look for it at work tomorrow. The other one is in the car and I'm too cold to go get it to take a photo. Will try to post it tomorrow. Day later but here's the one earring - couldn't find the other but I forgot about it until I was almost home.
This is a silver earring even though it looks black in the photo. Just not a good photo.
Before arriving home after work tonight, I was listening to a story on National Public Radio on Alice Kober and her work on Linear B. She was instrumental in an Englishman (young and self-taught linguist) who deciphered Linear B. So what is Linear B. I knew that information on it was stored somewhere in my brain. Wikipedia described it as "syllabic script that was used for writing Mycenaean Greek, the earliest attested form of Greek " and as you can probably guess,
predates the Greek alphabet." The author of a book on Alice Kober was interviewed on NPR. One of the things I thought interesting was that Prof. Kober had made index cards out of recycled paper and stored her writings in cigarette boxes.

From there I went to another NPR story entitled " Ever Cheat at Monopoly? So Did Its Creator: He Stole the Idea From A Woman".  That sure got my attention as a Monopoly lover. Originally, the game was called "Landlord's Game, by Lizzie Magie, who was a game creator back when women couldn't even vote. There's more interesting facts at and at Gee, a female gamer before women were liberated!

I listen to Wisconsin Public Radio about 99% of the time when I listen to the radio. Really enjoy the different programs that are offered and I'm always learning something. It may be fun, it may be interesting, and it may be making me more intelligent. Love it.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Mar 2 - Tricky Animals

The animals ruled the roost tonight. Sparky was playing hard-to-get and running around the table. Even though he's 50% blind, he can sure run fast when he wants to make a get-a-way. Then there's Bobbi. I got home a little later than usual because of volunteering. Bobbi gave me that sad look (yes, cats can give a sad look) and meowed like she hadn't been fed. I knew she had fish for breakfast and there was a half of a can left in the fridge. Figured my sister didn't feed Bobbi even though that would be highly unlikely. Well, Bobbi played her cards right and got an extra serving tonight because my sister did feed her. For some reason, the cat food smelled like fish and not chicken. Think I smelled fish because that is what I was expecting to smell. Like I said, the animals ruled the roost tonight (and every night).

If you could time travel, what time would you go to? Would it be in the future or in the past? There's a couple of things I wish I could change but I'm happy with my life so I no longer wish to time travel. The exception would be if I could quickly change it back if I didn't like the outcome. Today, I was talking with a coworker about the time my ex took me out exploring. We mined for opals and gold. He also took me to a reservoir that garnets were scattered about. I wish I could revisit these with him and have that fun all over again. Next time I would go looking for sapphires and  crystals. Never had enough time to do it all. Guess I could go back by myself but it's nice when you have a companion to do that kind of stuff.

Today's earrings

Sunday, March 1, 2015

March 1 - In like a lamb, must be going out like a lion

Gorgeous day today full of sun and warmth. Think it got up to the 30s today or upper 20s. There's a saying about how March begins and how it ends. March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb; and visa versa. Well, this is supposed to be weather lore but I don't think so. But then again, the groundhog saw it's shadow so me should only have two more weeks of winter. Which one is lore to today. Found Wikipedia had the most interesting weather lore and probably so because they take the weather lore from around the world.

Watching a drama that has been kind of slow but good at building characters. I knew what was going to happen almost from the get go (from the beginning). Wonder where the idiom get go came from. Might have to send that into "World Wide Words" and let him investigate because I couldn't find anything. Back to the drama. It has an interesting animal in it that I've never seen before. It's called a sugar glider (hmmmm possibly related to a flying squirrel but know they are related to possums). Cute little animal and you can order them on the Internet so hopefully it's not a protected species somewhere. It looks as though they are breeding the sugar glider and then "adopting" them out. Wonder if Bobbi and Sparky would like a new pet. I know if anything were to happen to Bobbi, I would definitely consider a sugar glider. Wouldn't buy a $2500 sugar glider but a much more common one that cost about $200.

Tonight I also learned about cupping therapy. Considering I worked for a holistic chiropractor at one point in my life, I thought I knew most the therapies available. This therapy dates back to 1500BC. Think this is something that I would try and also think it is probably a lot more successful than what the web site says. It would be interesting to try it with migraines.

Today's earrings
Must be on a feather kick since I want to go eagle watching.