Wednesday, July 29, 2015

July 29 - Grilled Cheese

Today at work we talked about the grilled cheese sandwich that is wrapped in bacon. That sounds so good but I don't have any bacon on hand. But I do have blue cheese (delicious looking chunk of it!), cream cheese and bread. Might have to buy an artisan bread because not only do they look good, but they taste good. Found a blog  with a blue cheese/cream cheese grilled cheese recipe

It calls for another cheese but maybe I'll substitute one of the other cheeses that have been waiting for something other than slices.

Anxiously awaiting for heirloom tomatoes to be in our local coop. Even though the price is high for them, I can get three tomato steak sandwiches out of them so the cost is lowered because of that. The heirloom tomatoes are so large that a good slice of it is the same size as a beef steak. MMMMMM Then after I've had the tomato sandwiches for a couple of days, I'll add bacon to the last sandwich.

All of this will be coming to an end in October but I can enjoy some bacon once in a while up until then.

Today's earrings are another pair made with fabric beads. Tonight I ordered some double sided fusion sheets so I can make some more fabric beads. It's frustrating to use the little half sheet sheets because they're so expensive. Found a site on Amazon that sold 8 sheets of 8 1/1" x 11" for the same price as 5 sheets of the half-size - plus it was free shipping. Lot better than buying the half sheets at a craft store even.

Kind of a funny story. Had to go to the bank for work today. As I was sitting there waiting for my deposit slip, I noticed something in the middle of the street blowing around. Looked again and realized that it was someone's bra. First time I've seen something like that blowing in the wind.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

July 28 - Fabric Bead Earrings Black/White

Need to make more fabric bead earrings. I like how they look almost as much, if not more, than the fingernail-finished paper beads. Black and white fabric is easy to come by and the beads looks nice for any occasion.

Unhappy about this next topic. Another Minnesotan became famous, but not in a good way. A dentist from Minnesota went hunting, legally, and killed a lion. I can't imagine Africa being overrun with lions. Also wonder why didn't he just spend the money in the United States and hunt on one of those places that have wild animal hunts. Game farms are all around here but in this area the animals are birds and deer. There's probably more animals than that but those are the ones I know of and have seen the fenced in areas. Wonder how many patients this dentist is going to lose....yes, he was hunting legally but in this day and age, where's the common sense? Glad I'm not his patient otherwise I'd be hunting for a new dentist.

The next website may leave a bad taste in your mouth because it's about game farms in the United States. Even though I don't like it, I'd rather have someone hunt on a game farm than in the wild. The writers make it sound like the animals are really penned in and don't have a place to hide but that isn't true of all game farms. Actually, how far do animals really travel if they aren't facing drought or famine conditions? For the Midwest area, wild game animals don't have to travel far because food and water is readily available. Never hunted on a game farm but have hunted in the wild. Even fished in a controlled trout stream and I liked it.

Wonder when they're going to have human game farms. That might make the tables you think the dentist would volunteer to be on the opposite side of the gun?

Today's earrings made with fabric beads

July 27 - Earrings my sister-in-law made

These are the earrings my sister-in-law made and gave to me. Really like the dragonfly between the paper bead and the round bead at the bottom. Will use this idea in the future (and probably often!).

We've had some pretty big dragonflies around here this summer. Some are as big as small birds. You can find pretty dragonfly photos at

Around here at night we've had a lot of fireflies and now baby bats. Didn't know that the male fireflies fly around while looking for female fireflies who are on the ground. That was can always learn something from somewhere.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

July 26 - Brother and me

Spent most of my day with my youngest brother starting with breakfast. Came home and went through everything that I had taken out of my trunk yesterday (Had to make room for taking all of our food up to the picnic.). Because I hadn't gone through the stuff in my trunk when I bought the car last year, thought it would be a good time to toss what I didn't need. Last year when I got my car, it was windy and drizzling freezing rain. Oh it was so cold! This morning was a little humid but Bobbi sat with me on the porch while going through the "stuff". Threw three bags of things away that I didn't need and then got everything back into the trunk. Remember, I'm a very organized person so you can imagine what my trunk looks like. Yes, it is very compartmental and fully functional, besides handy to get at things.

Was going to make earrings this afternoon but chose to rearrange my craft area which is in my living room. I'm the only one to use this area so it's kept with my needs in mind. It may look cluttered but like my trunk, it's very functional and handy. If I had to put my beading stuff in a different location, it would be a short-lived hobby. This way, I can make beads or assemble earrings any time I please.

Got tickets for a play next Sunday. My brother and his wife are going with my sister and I to it. Should be fun - it's a musical!

Today's earrings

July 25 - Family Picnic

Late post - had a family picnic yesterday. It was with my siblings, spouses for those who had them, niece and nephews, along with their families. Like most family picnics, we had more than enough food and speaking for myself, I ate way too much. What was nice was being able to share food to take home so no one should have had to cook at least one meal today. The drive was beautiful. My brother and his wife, and my sister and I drove together. That was a first time the four of us had ever ridden anywhere together. Very nice and long conversations too.

Shared my earrings with everyone so that was kind of fun. Going to give them away anyway so it's nice to give them to someone I know. My sister-in-law, who we share many common interests, gave me a pair of her earrings she made. They are so cute and I'm doing to make some modeled after those. Have to buy more stuff to assemble earrings...maybe in the next week or so. Think I should use up more of the stuff I have before I buy more.

Here are today's earrings

Friday, July 24, 2015

July 24 - Bobbi and the Door Knob

Bobbi loves going out on the porch. It's too bad there's not a cat door on the door going to the porch. It would be convenient to her and to me too. Might buy a bell and hang it on the porch. Maybe she'll learn to ring it when she wants to come in. I know dogs do that so why can't she...after all, she thinks she's a dog. She's usually the first one at the door when someone comes home. The other night the sirens went off (fire trucks) and Bobbi was on alert. She realized that in order for her to go outside, the doorknob has to be used. Here's her in her glory waiting for the beloved doorknob to turn

She used to sit by the door but now waits in the chair for someone to open the door. Might have to put a muzzle on her because she meows until the door gets opened. Just joking...

Today's earrings

July 23 - Earrings only

My cell phone camera works pretty good but when you don't have lights on, the pictures turn out like this. These earrings were made from a hunting magazine. Think it was a photo of a turkey.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

July 22 - Hump Day - Yes, There is someone happier on Wednesday than a camel - me Great commercial and it's especially nice because it's about one of my favorite days of the week, Wednesday, or hump day.

Found another interesting website on Humpday pictures. Will have to check out it out another day because it's too late to go exploring on the site.

Today's earrings are another pair of paper beads. Used fingernail polish on them. Really like how the fingernail polish classes up the earrings. The photo doesn't do the earrings justice because the color is beautiful. The one earring looks pretty close like it looks whereas the other earring must have caught the flash. The earrings are a combination of blues and greens. The round bead is actually greens with purple.

Had an interesting experience

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

July 21 - Sister's New Earrings, Donald Trump and Governor Walker

This is really scary...Donald Trump is leading Governor Walker in the polls. It's pretty bad when someone like Donald Trump beats you in the polls. Hope people are paying attention. If you think Donald Trump is a loose cannon, he probably is. If you think that would be hard to beat, think again...Governor Walker says he's in support of one thing and then a year later, he supports something else. Oh, but then again if you read Trump's tweet, "all our soldiers are heroes" At least Donald Trump takes a stand, as dumb as it might be, but he takes a stand. Still like my Republican Marco Rubio and even more so today.

Worked on a pair of earrings for my sister last night. At first, she thought they were going to be too long but after they were done, they seemed a good length. Didn't want to wait  for an order of 3" gold head pins to be shipped to me so I went on YouTube and learned how to make my own head pins. Think I'll buy a little heavier gauge wire because the 24 gauge was a little too flexible. It was kind of fun to make the head pins because they have their own little spin. Like the spin of the bottom - check it out

The look pretty dark but the color of the paper bead is a mixture of pinks and peach colors.

Monday, July 20, 2015

July 20 - Unhealthy Salads and Bad Things in Coffee

Learned a little bit more about life today. A salad is not necessarily healthy. That I already knew but still like my Taco John's ground beef taco salad with dressing and two sour creams. Couldn't find the calories for this on Internet but it's probably on my phone app. Will have to check on it later. Another thing I looked up was how bad some things are that I put in my coffee. The only bad thing in it is the non dairy creamer, which I'm trying to cut back on. Another bad thing in my coffee world is Kwik Trip's salted caramel mocha. What helps me there is that one-half of it is hot water. Their 50cent special on coffee is done August 13 so that will be the end of my special drinks each morning. here's on the salads:
Here is on the coffee:

Pretty much everything I do now is an improvement over what I did a year ago. I'm no angel and there will always be bad things in my life like the foods mentioned above. Could be a lot worse because the bad food is not an every day occurrence.

Today's earrings look like they were made from my blouse's fabric but they weren't:

They almost look like chameleon earrings... Here they are without my blouse material in the background:

Sunday, July 19, 2015

July 19 - Great Day!

Started out the day with breakfast with my brother and my sister. A family friend who I've known all my life was there. He was my oldest brother's age and I think they graduated together. He was going golfing today with one of his friends. Found out his sister lives in the same town as my brother and sister-in-law. Going to have to check this out.

Grilled pork steak for lunch and then for supper, my sister made Mo's Mom's Enchiladas. They were so good. Don't think I'd ever get sick of having the enchiladas the way my sister makes them. The recipe originally came from Mo's mom who was from Oklahoma or that area. My nephew was in the service with Mo.

Made a bunch of fabric bead earrings today. Like the end result but I get bored cutting the material and rolling it. Got a deal on some beautiful fabric yesterday with metallic thread but it wasn't fun to work with. Ended up taking a match to the finished bead to burn off the fabric strings. Then had to put some deodorizer on them to get rid of the burn smell. Turned out to be pretty good beads but very labor intensive.

After supper came the task of figuring out what pieces to put together. Got about eight pair done before my thumb nail couldn't take any more. I use my thumb nail to wrap the headpin so it is sturdy when it's attached to the ear wire.

What I want to do this week is finish assembling the fabric bead earrings and start making some paper beads again. Really like the shimmer effect from the fingernail polish and will be doing quite a bit of those.  Also, there were some good videos on making your own head pins. Need some 3" gold head pins to make some earrings for my sister so I'm going to make my own instead of buying them. Worth trying out to see if I like them. If I had a torch and a couple of other tools, I might like it better but no sense spending more money on this hobby. If I decide to go to a craft show with my sister-in-law, then I might consider it as long as I sell enough. However, it needs to remain an enjoyable hobby and not work.

Today's earrings were made from buttons that typically are used for bridal things. Of course, these are black but I've seen brides in black before. These come six or eight to a pack so there won't be anything unique about them but they are pretty, especially when they're not distorted like it shows in the phot.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

July 18

Last night was spent making about 8 to 10 pairs of earrings. Didn't go to bed until quite late. Completely forgot about the blog and can't even tell you what earrings I wore yesterday!

Spent the day with my sister and did some shopping for stocking up my earring making supplies. Still need a few more beads to complete the earrings. Getting them little by little. It's great to be able to use coupons from Michaels and Hobby Lobby. Just too bad that gas keeps going up and neither of those are in the city where I live. Also got a great deal on some fabric that has metallic threads in it. Going to try to make fabric earrings with it. Think I dulled my cutters on the material. It's the first time that I've had a problem cutting anything with them. Might have to buy another pair.

Tonight was organization night and my beads/findings are in good order once again. Having OCD can be a blessing sometimes especially when organization is needed. Just ask my sister-in-law and she can tell you the same thing!

One of the things I did was create an earring of beads and findings that I need more of. When you get to a hobby store, it's hard to remember what you exactly have when there's so much too look at. Would prefer to grab a whole bunch of different beads at once but it's expense and many of them aren't needed. Here's the ring I made that will help me out the next time we shop for earring supplies.
They're hard to see but they're purple.

Made these earrings and gave them to my sister.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

July 16 - Saw the dawn of the day through the rain

Really a great day today. Felt like the sun was shining even though it was rainy all day. It's a good feeling when you accomplish something and you can move onto something else.

My favorite aunt is going to be 86 soon. She is an example for my sister and I. Our mom, their sister, and their mother all died at 66. Auntie M gave us hope that we too can make it past 66. She lived up to her word that she would do this for us. Bless her!!!

Today's earrings were made earlier this week; the pink beads are made from fabric. Have a home for these for a young woman at work. Tonight I was going to assemble some more earrings but only got as far as putting some pieces (findings) together to make them. Hopefully either Michael's or Hobby Lobby have a sale on findings pretty soon. It seems like I go through a lot since I've gone into the assembly mode. I'll have to start making the beads again too but would like to do that when I'm with my sister-in-law. It's such an enjoyable time when we're together and we can talk the whole time because it doesn't take too much concentration!

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

July 13 - 15 New Reader - Portugal and Sericaia Receipe with Sugar Plum Sauce

Been busy at work which causes me to be tired. How did I work full time, part time, and go to school full time? That was only five years ago. Age does make a difference! It is so much nicer though to work one full time job and have the rest of the time to do whatever I want. Kind of greedy with my time off work but that's okay, it's only me. The only bad thing about being busy is even though it may only be 8 hours of work a day, my brain works from 3 a.m. until midnight. Even though work is left at work, often I plan my day or even dream about what I need to get done the next day. It's kind of nice when I have a dream that helps me figure out what to do because then I have to spend less time planning the day.

First reader from Portugal. At first I thought about getting a recipe from Emeril but decided to do a little more searching. Found two great recipes. The first is an egg pudding called Sericaia recipe (Portuguese Egg Pudding). The recipe includes a plum sauce but I'd be tempted just to eat the pudding without the sauce. It's kind of like cheesecake - I'd rather eat it plain than with a topping.

The other recipe I would like to try is  Portuguese Style Baked Eggs. When you see the recipe at this site, you will know why I want to try it.

One other recipe I may check out is peas, a Portuguese sausage (some make it with bacon), smoked paprika, tomatoes, and of course, eggs. It looks good but I wonder about the combination.

Here are the earrings from the last three days - each are paper bead earrings that I made (oh such fun!). I'm going to be in trouble...think I might keep all three of these. Someday someone is going to go through my stuff and really question my sanity on the number of earrings I have. Pretty soon I'll have more than Donna!

Sunday, July 12, 2015

July 12 - All that's left in Wisconsin is Government and scarier is President Walker?

Touché Governor Walker you brought more history to your state of Wisconsin and it's not something to boost about but I bet you will. Pretty soon all that will be left is government. Better watch out Wisconsin could be next. Oh, that's right, you won't be next because you would be voting on your own pay cuts, benefits cuts, etc. The educated Scott Walker has brought Wisconsin to its all time low. Too bad there wasn't more investigation into the illegal activities that he definitely didn't know about or wasn't involved in. Trickle down always works best when there's someone below you. Someday the citizens of Wisconsin will stand back and say to themselves, "we voted for him again?" and realize that it wasn't something to be proud of. The topsy turvey presidential candidate will not have my vote. You never know what leg he'll be standing on because he keeps changing. This man does not have the everyday joe's welfare in his mind at all. He's out to show that he can do whatever he wants to and gets people to support him. This is a buyer beware election and the voter assumes all risks.

Slippery slope for United States if Walker is elected. There are enough good Republicans running that someone who changes his mind as often as Walker is not needed.

Today's earrings were made by me. Had so much fun putting them together. Tonight, about eight more pairs were assembled. What is nice is that every pair is unique.

These are kind of funky. The top and bottom beads are rocks with the center bead made from paper.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

July 11 - No sleep makes for either a short weekend or long weekend.

Didn't sleep last night and I didn't do anything productive. It was one of those nights no matter where I went, comfort wasn't found. Even tried my porch but it was so hot and humid that I only lasted a few minutes out there. The weather reminded me of Florida when it got hot and sticky.

Making lemonade out of the lemon, I took a three or four hour nap this afternoon. So last night became my Saturday and late afternoon/tonight became my second Saturday. Very enjoyable and worked on my earrings. It's becoming pretty fun to put them together. At first, I thought I would make beads and not make earrings. Didn't want the earrings to become too similar to each other. It helps the beads are all unique when you use magazines. Sometimes I can get up to three pairs out of a page but usually it's only one pair. Think my sister might try her hand at making some earrings tomorrow.

Put some "natural" flee and tick spray on my cat. She remembers that bad stuff that I almost killed her with a couple of months ago. It takes her a while to realize that she's not being poisoned again. She pulls at my heart strings when she puts up a fuss. Can't blame her though because that one time with that Hart's stuff was more than enough for her and me. Hopefully she will get used to the natural stuff. It smells of clove and it doesn't affect her from what I can see. In fact, within a minute she's fine. I think it takes that minute for her to realize she's okay.

Today's earrings were made tonight and only worn at home. It will be one of the pairs that are going to be donated to my parish.

Friday, July 10, 2015

July 10 - Omar Sharif, what a loss!

Growing up, I dreamt of being the love of Omar Sharif's life. Obviously that did not happen. It sadden both my sister and I that he passed today. Love his acting, his looks, his speech, and anything else about him. When I would think about Egypt, two people came to mind - Cleopatra and Omar Sharif. As compatible as Cleopatra was to Julius Caesar, I believe she probably would have been more compatible to Omar Sharif. Now I will take you backwards in my Internet searches.

It stated with Omar Sharif's death and reading about him and one of my favorite movies " Funny Girl." From there I went to the look up Alexandria Egypt, the birthplace of Omar. I was offended in the information at this site because they stated "Julius Cesar dallied with Cleopatra."  As it happens, I am listening to the audiobook "Cleopatra" by Stacy Shiff ( and have learned a lot about Cleopatra, more than enough to know that she wasn't just dilly dallying around with Cesar. She was way to smart and determined to let something insignificant happen through "dallying around." Other websites of interest or information about Cleopatra can be found at,, and William Shakespeare's "Antony and Cleopatra" at I enjoy audio books a lot because I can add this to my drive time.

From Cleopatra, I went to this site, a sad site that reminds me how much I need to value today: It also has reminded my how much I love my family and friends.

Today's earrings are another pair of beads made from paper. I liked the findings on these and may have to buy some more different pieces to put together with my paper beads.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

July 9 - And I thought it was the 10th

I may have thought it was the 10th but at least I didn't think it was Friday. Knew for sure it was Thursday. It has been a very long short week at work only working three days this week but it seems like six days already and there's one more to go. Wow, that was a long sentence and full of fragments. Too tired to fix it too.

Read an article on the hacking of US social security numbers. The number is up to 25 million records being hacked. Boy, I sure do not feel very secure with my security number. Of course, United States continues to point fingers at China. It could be any country or maybe it is just hackers. There's supposed to be good money to be made selling social security numbers. Wonder how much money our government is going to spend "protecting" the numbers that were hacked. Kind of reminds me of something Wisconsin did recently.

Wisconsin has changed a number of places where the speed limit was increased. Since they had to make new signs, it would have been the perfect opportunity to change it to metrics. Metrics is so much easier and it can be learned. Cars already have the speed in miles per hour and in metrics so that couldn't be the excuse. I used metrics back in the early 80s when I worked for a seed company. Changed everything from pounds to metrics because it is a universal language and easy to understand.

Anyway, this could be the perfect time for United States to get on the band wagon and change social security numbers to something that really is secure. My social security number is probably in thousands of different places. I've had it since I was 14 and it wasn't a big thing years ago to give out your social security number. I remember my dad telling me when I got my number that it was the one number that I always needed to remember. I even remember my ex's social security numbers and bet they're thrilled with that even though I would never use it.

Here's the article on the hacked records and here's another article a study of single identification numbers done in Europe

Computer is slow tonight so I'm running a scan on it. Downloaded "Opera," a web browser that some of the readers here use. So far, I'm not sure if I'm convinced it's better than IE and I don't like Mozilla either so I'm kind of stuck.

Today's earrings were made with a person in mind. She works at A&W and is one of the nicest people I know. She frequently wears a bluish ting of eye shadow that looks great on her. These earrings will match her eye shadow perfecting. In other words, she will be getting these earrings in the next few days. The main beads were made out of a woman's clothing catalog. Now when I look at those, I don't see women's clothing, I see future earrings.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

July 8 - From Subtle Satan to Jared and New Earring Mission

The "gray" area is back again with the approval of same sex marriages. Having mixed feelings is not a good feeling. I can't condemn people I know who are gay. This is all in God's hands. Pretty soon everything we believe in will become gray and there will no longer be a right and a wrong...just rights, even though they may be wrong. Good article at about "Satan is subtle" and he sure is.

Then you go to famous Jared and I hope that they are wrong about him and that he isn't into child pornography. Jared has been a guiding light for many people with weight loss. The Subway diet didn't work for me - too many carbs. All that bread makes me gain weight not lose weight. Some people can lose weight with a diet like that, just not me.

Over the weekend, my sister-in-law and I talked about making earrings and what to do with them. I'm going to wear as many pairs as I can. When I'm done with them, they will be donated to my parish fall bazaar. Bead making is very satisfying to me even though it is very mundane work, what you get in the end is a work of art. Last night I was up until midnight making earrings for myself to wear the rest of the week. Have to make one more pair in order to be covered.

Here are today's earrings

Pretty bad photo. Maybe tomorrow a new one will be posted. They're lovely earrings and the photo does not do any justice to them.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

July 7 Earrings and Funny Story

Thought I would be smart and take Donna's earrings out of the baggies (Note: They were all sorted by color, etc. and put in baggies when I got them and who else but my counterpart, my sister-in-law, would take the time to do something like that! OCD at its finest.) and into plastic containers, which I could arrange in my jewelry armoire just like they had been arranged in the baggies. Opened up my little plastic containers and started dumping the earrings package by package. On the fourth package, which were Diamonique earrings, just before I put the earrings into the container, something caught my eye.

You would think it was the earrings and their twinkling that caught my eye but it was the varnish in the container. Luckily the earrings kind of got stuck in the baggie before they fell into the varnish and got stuck in a different manner. Over the weekend, I put varnish into the container to make it easier when I put the varnish on the newly made bead earrings. I thought I put the "extra" container into the drawer with my Modge Podge but guess that didn't happen.

What a mess that could have been. On some of the other earrings, it wouldn't have mattered, but these were too nice of earrings to let that happen.

Did you read the article on the white humpback whale? I was glad they put the reason for the male humpback's name in it. They wrote a whole article on "Migaloo" and I thought it was a special species name or something but it was the whale's nickname. Beautiful whale.

Then there was a story about a climbing cat. Thought of my brother's cat right away. On Saturday around 3 a.m., their cat was crying its heart out. At first I couldn't find where she was. After turning the light on, I saw her on the shelf above the hanging clothes in the closet. There was a plastic shelving unit that she must have used to get up there but then couldn't get done. Her cries sounded so sad and I tried to get her down. Finally, I got her to jump down to the top shelf on the shelving unit and was able to get her down. I almost woke my brother up for him to help her. It is so sad to hear a cat crying. In the morning I told my cat story and everyone got a good laugh. She goes up there all of the time and jumps down on her own. She knows how to play my heartstrings. Here's the link about the climbing kitty who goes rock climbing with her owner

Today's earrings were from Donna and yes, they look familiar because they are a pair of Diamonique earrings. When I wear them, I feel classy.

Monday, July 6, 2015

July 6 - Back from Vacation

Never expected not to write my blog during my time with my brother and his wife; however, not only did I not write, I never wore a pair of earrings. My sister-in-law and I made paper bead, more paper beads, and then some more. We sure had a good time. There are so many videos on YouTube that offer different tutorials that tell you how to make paper beads. Have no problem making them but wasn't sure what to seal them with. After trial and error, varnish won out. The fingernail polish was nice to use but takes a while to use on each bead and the opening tends to clog up because you're in and out of the container so often with the brush and air exposure. Did like to use the special nail polish as accents - golds, silvers, metallic, etc. That was a lot of fun and really made the earrings into evening wear earrings.

Was watching a Korean drama and they used the phrase "every man jack", which I had never heard of before. Looking it up, it's an old fashion way of saying "every last one of us or them or whomever." Being up on many idioms, it was nice to learn a new one.

One of the things I did not miss while gone was the news. We were in our own little world. When we're in our own world, things go much better even though not every thing is good, most of it is. We were sheltered from the world. I think where my family lives, they are sheltered in the community even more. It's almost like a gated community but it's a city. It was wonderful. The air smelled good, the view was great, and the people were all friendly and got along with one another. There was no violence, no swearing, just goodness. I'm sure there is bad things there too but it was nice to experience all the good feelings.

The pontoon boat ride Saturday night to watch the fireworks in Stillwater was fantastic. I've always wanted to watch fireworks on a boat and thanks to my nephew, it was something I was able to experience. What a great experience too! The final firework was awesome. It was the largest firework I had ever seen in my life. We were engulfed in it. The embers fell above us about 20 to 30 feet. It felt like we were part of the firework. Glad they saved the best for last. Stillwater's mayor gave a heart-felt 4th of July speech, which were able to hear. The music they played made my heart soar when the fireworks were shooting overhead. Great time!!!

Didn't wear earrings today but here are a pair that I made today for my sister. Guess you aren't going to see them tonight. Picasso uploader is not worker. Will have to figure out what is going on. It seems like Internet is pretty slow tonight so that may be the problem. On a side note, I still don't understand why United States does not have the fastest Internet or at least be competitive with Asian countries in speed. Must have accidently deleted my network connection on cell - uploading photos now.

Liquid silver earring - love the look, wish it was mine.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

July 1 - Long Day Short Night Short Blog

My two-year old crown fell out today. Thought I could get by for a couple of weeks before I had to have something done. Since it fell out two days in a row, I was afraid that I might accidently swallow my $1200 crown. Don't think my renters insurance would cover it. Plus I was afraid that my sister's dog might get a hold of it. Many years ago, my dog got a hold of my mouth guard and made a tasty snack out of it. This crown was one of those that are made right in the dentist's office. The other crowns in my mouth were sent out to labs for them to make them and two of them have stayed in place for over 15 years. Think the lab produced ones are a better quality.

"When Jupiter aligns with Mars" - maybe it should have been "when Jupiter aligns with Venus". Well, it has been pretty cool watching Jupiter and Mars coming closer together.

You know, there is sure a lot of weird stuff on Internet. I was looking for some biblical prophesy information and was amazed at what I found. A person could easily be led astray if easily influenced by others.

Packed and ready to leave! First thing I did when I got home was to pack my beads and jewelry making stuff. My sister lent me her suitcase so I could conveniently haul everything. Thanks Sister!!!! Remember you can use my stuff when I come back to make your own jewelry. Can't wait until this weekend to spend time with my brother and his wife. She and I are going to be making beads and earrings and whatever else comes to mind. She also is making my favorite meal, sloppy joes. Love her joes and they always have great dill pickles to go with them. Yes, I am an addict when it comes to sloppy joes and dill pickles.

Today's earrings were shown before. These are made out of my quilting fabric.