Sunday, May 31, 2015

May 31 Earrings in progress

All week long I've been watching YouTube videos on how to make earrings. On one of those days, I discovered earring beads made from paper. Yesterday and today, the days were mostly spent on making beads. Enjoyed making the paper beads and thought I'd try making fabric beads. The fabric beads are now my favorite but my paper trimmer dulled very quickly. Double-sided adhesive is stuck to the fabric and then cut into strips; the paper beads were made from strips also but decoupage was used to keep it intact.  Funny thing though was I forgot how to make the strips for the paper beads after spending the day making fabric beads. Guess I got too tired so the work/fun stopped for the night. Can't wait to make earrings out of these beads now. The first photo is of paper beads. The second photo is fabric beads.

The beads kind of look the same but the paper beads are shiny. Need to put more Mod Podge on them to finish them. Going to see if I can get another product that I saw in a video called something like Petrified Wood, which is used for rotting wood. Guess it works really good on paper beads.

The final photo is the earrings I wore today. These were bought many years ago around mother's day and I've worn them every time I need my mom close to me.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

May 30 - First reader from South Africa and SA Curried Egg Recipe

Really cool to have someone from South Africa read my blog. Years ago, I met someone online from SA but then 9-11 happened and then things changed. However, the things that I learned such as the webcams at watering holes, the restaurants and their foods, etc. have been a part of my life since. Whenever there's a reader from a new country, I always look up an egg recipe. Think I'm going to try eating some eggs again and this sounds like the recipe that starts another new beginning. Funny thing was that earlier tonight I had my jar of curry in my hand and was thinking that curry sounded good. Thanks reader!!! Here's the site for the South African Curried Eggs which look easy to make and by the comments/ratings, well worth making

Working on jewelry last weekend with my sister-in-law got me thinking about my art and what my extra time should be spent on. Today, I started something new. Want to surprise my sister-in-law with it so I'm not sharing it with you yet (she reads my blog). Tonight my sister and I were talking about pinecone flowers. If you haven't seen them yet, it looks simple to do and fun with an ending that is enjoyable and beautiful. My sister will probably be making pinecone flowers soon.

Looking for videos on making pinecones led me from one site to another. Then I discovered this site Looks like I'll be buying some Borax. Usually I have it in the house but when I moved, it was thrown out. Never knew you could make your own geodes out of Borax. In high school chemistry, we made geodes but after all of these years, I'm clueless how we made them and think this is possibly how it was done. Besides making the geodes, there was a tutorial on making a cool pair of earrings that are very creative.

Going to spend some more time on my art project so this is it for tonight.

Today's earrings are my own again but not ones I made. These earrings are going to inspire some future earrings for me. I like the little seed beads in these along with the bigger bead which isn't very big. Nice aren't they!

Friday, May 29, 2015

May 29 - Cats in Bowls

A coworker showed me some photos of cats in bowls. The cats are so cute and I know if I were to put a bowl on the floor, Bobbi would be in it before too long. Bobbi loves those little spaces that she can crawl into and fill. Both my sister and I think Bobbi is gaining weight even though her food intake has been reduced. She's eating half of what she did before. Maybe we need to start taking her for walks.

Cats in bowls

Now check out this video. It's great.

Today's earrings are another pair that I made. They're very simple but look nice.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

May 28 - Funny Cat Video and then the Scapegoat

Little humor tonight. Think it's time to video Bobbi and Sparky together. Bobbi boxes Sparky all of the time and most of the time out of nowhere comes the paw. Sparky sits there and takes it while hanging his head. But as soon as Sparky hears a big dog, he's ready to take them on. Another thing about Bobbi is that like most cats she doesn't like a bath tub or running water. However, we have a ritual where she gets a bath by me wetting my hands and then rubbing it over her fur. Sometimes she gets soaking wet but don't get her near that water. The following video is a compilation of cat videos, most of which I haven't seen before.

Before "Tomorrowland" started, a commercial was played (remember going to the movie and there were no commercials?).  The commercial was pretty good even though both my sister and I forgot the next day what it was about. Tonight when I was looking at the cat videos, I remembered it was a Geico commercial. Very cute and you'll recognize the main character if you've seen other funny animal videos. Smart move Geico!

Today's earrings are another pair that I put together on Sunday. Think the weight of the bead was a little heavy for one of the threads because it kept moving to a lower length. Might have to rethink these and remake them. If that's the case, then two out of two earrings will be remade. Wonder how many more will have the same fate. Thank goodness it's easy to fix and I'll have new earrings again.

Pretty glass beads.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

May 27 - Views

The other day I was reading a blog and the writer said when she reached 2000 readers a day, she was going to give away something she made. You're not so lucky because I'm not doing that. What was funny was how excited I was the other day when I had 113 readers from United States. The most I've had before was like 13 or 16. Must have been because it was a long weekend in the States. Can't imagine having 2000 readers.

Keeping it simple tonight because even though it is a short work week, it's been jammed pack making up for the holiday.

Last night my sister and I went to see "Tomorrowland." Think there's a possibility someone lightly dozed a couple (or few) times and it wasn't my sister. It was a good movie and more like a movie that Walt Disney would have enjoyed...there was a moral/ethic value in it. What a surprise!!!! Think it turned out to be an environmental movie but it hit home. Now we want to get the pin that was in the movie. Will have to go to McDonalds because they usually promote those types of products in their "Happy Meal."

On a side note, did you ever eat at McDonalds? A few years ago, my boss did a test with a McDonald's cheeseburger and French fries. Left it out in the open for three years until someone thought it was trash and threw it away. Well, I guess when you think about it, it was trash. Their food is kind of like the Hostess Twinkie that can also stand the test of time. Our bodies probably would prefer something healthier, something that breaks down if it's left in the open.

Today's earrings are mine again. One of my nephews gave me these many years ago. Can't believe that there's still a pair.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

May 26 - More photos - special to me and one pair of earrings

Going to get the earring out of the way right away. This is one of the pairs I made the other day with my sister-in-law. Objects change color when you have different lighting and I learned that lesson again today. Thought the bead at the bottom of the earrings was silver but in natural lighting, it almost has a pinkish look to it. Will be making these over to correct them to silver. The "pink" doesn't go with the earring. The glass beads were kind of twisted. In this photo, the bottom bead looks silver but it's not.


I love trains and my nephew made my day during our boating trip on Saturday. A train was coming and he drove the boat so I could be underneath the railroad trestle as the train went over. My heart rushed as I saw the train coming, going over us, and finally leaving. It was a pretty noisy experience but one I'll never forget. The photos below show the stages of the train travel. Glad I was able to get some graffiti on some of the cars. Great experience!!! Now imagine the train blowing its horn and the chugging of the train. There were things falling from the train but I wasn't sure what it was. At first I thought pieces were falling on the roof of the pontoon but then realized that I wasn't under the roof. Little mind game with myself. Funny thing is as I write this, I can hear the train going through my town even though I'm about a half mile or so away. Choo choo choo,  choo choo choo, choo choo choo. I hear the whistling blowing and it's calling my name.

Besides the love for trains and water, I love geometric shapes/patterns and architecture. The train photos have it all. What a wonderful day!

Monday, May 25, 2015

May 25 - Photos from Saturday's boat trip

Got home a few hours ago. My time away really felt like a week-long vacation. Even though I'm tired, I feel well-rested. Thank you my family for everything; this time would not have been the way it was without you in my life.

Starting tomorrow, the earrings that were made on Sunday will be in my blog. Then we'll see what earrings are next.