Sunday, November 30, 2014

Earring 0279 Snowflakes all the way to Bolshoi Theatre to St. Petersburg Russia

My earrings today were snowflakes so I looked up snowflakes on Internet and came up with these websites

Children singing "Snowflakes Snowflakes"

to the cats

and to animals making funny songs and then to

 a tutorial on making 3-D snowflakes, which seemed easy to make and then on to how snowflakes are formed

and ending with the beautiful piece at  Bolshoi Theatre and with the following listening until I'm asleep Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky and conducted by Valery Gergiev.
And with that, there's a goodnight and here are my earrings

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Earring 0278 Black Sea Devil

Pretty cool fish and it's only 3 1/2 inches long. I still wouldn't want to meet one of them in the deepest parts of the ocean or even in a shallow pool.

Getting closer to being settled into the house. Ten years ago, I would have had everything in place within two days of moving in. Figure at Christmas time I would finish unpacking by putting away my quilting material and my yarn. Tomorrow I have a small crochet project to make a Charlie Brown blanket for the Charlie Brown Christmas tree at work. Won't take long but I want it to look nice besides being a soft and cuddly blanket that I think it should be.

Had a two-hour break today and went for a road trip. My sister came along and was able to get a bunch of winter pictures taken. Haven't seen them yet but she usually emails me the good ones. There was a pair of eagles but we may have been too far from them. Didn't want to get our of the car because there were so many deer hunters in the area. Too easy to be mistaken for a deer even if you're on the road and wearing red.

Today's earrings

Earring 0277 - Russian Superstitions

My brother-in-law asked me where I came up with the sites that I've been finding. Told him that one site leads to another and to another until I find a site that is interesting. Tonight, even though it is now morning, I started reading about  Maria Rasputin and her life story (at one point she worked as a circus performer in the United States); I'm going to have to read more about her because she seems fascinating. I started reading about her because I heard a Korean phrase "a man should never leave home with empty pockets" ( "Modern Farmer") and I remember hearing that and wanting to know more about it. Well, it led to Maria. Reading about her lead me to read about her father,
Grigori Rasputin. From there it went to "Khlysts" and then on to "Spiritual Christianity." Used Wikipedia going from one article to another. In school, we were told not use Wikipedia as our sole source but there's always links to other sites to aid in research and I really like Wikipedia.

All of this brought me to There are a lot of similar superstitions between Russia and the US. For instance if your right hand itches, you are going to come into money; if your left hand itches, you are going to lose money. One difference is in Russia, if your nose itches, "you'll be drinking soon", whereas in the US, the saying is if your nose itches, someone is talking about you. Anyway, the superstitions are very interesting. - very interesting site with lots of links.

Here is a photo of our sky tonight. It almost looks like Northern Lights but it wasn't.

Today's earrings

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Earring 0266 - More on Creativity

Found another really cool site called Very simple, online art generator. I had a couple of problems with the site because I couldn't save the picture using their save button and I couldn't play the music. It might because of the sound setup I'm using.

Here's the picture I created:

This is just a "snapshot" and it looked much better online. Pretty fun and interesting. Very relaxing use of time.

Here's the turkey made this morning

Should have taken a photo before I removed the stuffing. It was delicious. Always use a cooking bag so the turkey stays moist; plus I put butter under the skin and also on the outside. We had enough food to feed a large family. At least some others will be able to have leftovers of it besides us.

Today's earrings look like carpet. They're kind of funky but fun to wear. They aren't keepers for me. You can see my sister's dog in the photo too. The dog's name is Sparky. He's such a good dog. It's funny to see my cat's reaction when Sparky comes into my bedroom. Bobbi was sitting on a rug and Sparky walked by. Bobbi knows Sparky can't see her so she kind of acts like she's queen.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Earring 0265 - Oops Forgot my phone at work

Yep, a day before the holiday and my phone is at work. Could get my camera out if I knew where I stored it during the move. I could run back to work and get my phone but once home, it's always like pulling teeth to get me to go back out. Even though tomorrow is Thanksgiving, I'll run into work to get the phone. It's not that I can't live without it but I prefer not to. Don't have a phone at home, nor do I have cable. The cell is something I would like to give up but I'm not ready for that. It's my connection to my family.

So the earrings were really pretty that I wore today. Kind of festive but not Christmassy. Donna loved decorating for the holidays; this was her time of the year. I still think she had more Halloween decorations than anyone I've ever known. Christmas probably came in second. Even though she had a lot of holiday decorations, her home was never was just right.

Tonight I spent some time downloading a free program called "XaoS", which is fractal art program and free at that. Played around with it and am just amazed at what was done. It felt like I was on a sci-fi trip or possibly what an acid trip would be like. You can zoom into the layers and discover new worlds. One piece had a slight dot on it and I zoomed in on it. It seemed like it went for light years. The sights were breathtaking. You can manipulate different things with this program. Eventually I would like to take a class on what it is that I can do with it in order to have a piece to call my own.

My keyboard fell tonight and my comma key came off. It's back on but the key doesn't seem to work to good and neither does my space bar. Looks like it's time to get a keyboard out of storage. When it comes to electronics, I pretty much always have spare parts.

Tomorrow night I will post today's earrings.

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Day to those not celebrating it.

The fractal art I was playing with looked like this:


Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Earring 0264 Sweden's Patricia Kay

Patricia Kay is a fantastic, creative artist from Sweden.. She has combined fractal art with her photos of flowers. Just stunning! I've been thinking about fractal art and stain glass. The two go hand in hand and somehow I'm going to have to learn how to do fractal art. Thinking about doing it for my French doors into my bedroom. After looking at Patricia Kay's flowers, I'm thinking about doing something creative with my peony flower photos that I took several years ago. Here is the link to Patricia Kay's flower wonderland and both my sister and I think we saw fairies there too.

A couple more books on stain glass are waiting at the library for me to pick up. Very excited. Wish that I would have taken art in high school. Who would have ever thought that I would love art in this way. Now I understand why it's important to have the creative classes alongside math, English, etc. Without having experiencing art, you may have passed up an opportunity.

Today's earrings

Here a couple of camera shots of a tree's fruit. Kind of pretty but hard to see. The fruit is dark red now.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Earring 0263- for the person who has everything

Well, maybe not. Maybe it's for the person who has too much money. Thought I might have written about this site before but the topic doesn't ring a bell to my sister. And trust me, it would, or at least I think it would. You (or someone) can buy a 365 package deal of underwear in either men's or women's. The cost is only $4,000. The photo on their website doesn't look to enticing. In fact, I don't think I'd wear the underwear. Looks like there's too many pairs of red underwear. Don't know many people who would wear read undies quite that often.

Explored the basement a little tonight. Pretty happy that even though it felt like a lot was put into the basement, there weren't that many totes. Will have to rearrange them for easy access. There's nothing worse than storing something and than not having access to it. Of course, that would be a convenient way to forget about it. HMMMMM.

Today's earrings are green but they don't look green. Part of the problem is that I have all of the lights off when I'm taking the photo.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Earring 0262 - Eggs Florentine

Moving is catching up to me and I got tired. Hopefully things will settle down now. Rearranged my bedroom one more time. Now Bobbi can look out the bedroom window. Not much to see but maybe a bird will fly by. She's still hissing at the dog and she still believes that we can't see her when she's hiding under the table. Funny cat.

My brother took my sister and I out for breakfast yesterday. Had Eggs Florentine. The hollandaise was missing a flavor. It could have been salt. Typically, I don't salt my eggs and in retrospect, maybe it would have helped this time. The hollandaise was bland but looked good. Next time we're going to have what my sister ordered, corned beef hash. It was homemade and the bite I had was delicious. Can't believe I didn't take photos of our breakfast! Next time!

Today's earrings
These earrings are really purple even though they look grey in this photo.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Earring 0261 - "We are all connected" - Amy Walker

While taking a break, I decided to research some more on Amy Walker. What a fantastic woman she is! The following link takes you to three short videos Amy did on Tedx Talk. The videos are on defining, expanding, and embodying your identity. I think each was about five minutes each. I learned not only about Amy but about myself too. She's a great role model for women of any age (men too).

Bobbi starts to roam the apartment as soon as I get home and until I leave again. She's a lot like fly paper again but that's okay because I know she's starting to settle in. Bobbi discovered that she feels "protected" when she lays under this little table of mine. It's like she thinks no one, especially the dog, can see her. Well, she's right on the dog theory because Sparky is blind. Here she is:

She's in the living room with nothing other than the bookshelf at her back and the table on the top. She's so confident and it makes me laugh.

Today's earrings

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Earring 0260 - Amy Walker, American Actress

Tonight, I discovered Amy Walker. Amy is an American actress and comedian. She's great. If you need a break, check her out on youtube: - 21 Accents - 31 Accents of Love - There's other links that you can check out here.

She's a joy to watch and listen to. Think she would be someone I would like to meet.

Today's earrings

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Earring 0259 No frills tonight

Going to keep is simple tonight. Was up to 1:30 a.m. putting things away in the kitchen, doing dishes, and rearranging the refrigerator contents. Disorganization is a problem with someone who has OCD tendencies. It is also a problem with a perfectionist. However, there comes a time when you just have to stop and smell the roses. Oh that's right, the roses are now frozen. Speaking of frozen, our local lake is frozen (or appears to be). I can't remember the last time that it was frozen already in November. I do remember that it wasn't long ago that it wasn't frozen in January so they had to cancel special winter activities that were held on the lake.

Today's earrings
When all of this unpacking, packing, repacking, and shuffling is done, it will be great. I can't wait until my bedroom is clear of stuff. Bobbi probably feels the same way too.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Earring 0258 - Is this Monday, again?

It sure felt like Monday and then later in the day, I thought it was Wednesday. The days are getting so mixed up now, which started about a couple of weeks ago. I think it's from the commotion of moving. Speaking of commotion of moving, the picture below is Bobbi trying to let me know that her "new" pet carrier wasn't going to work. It was meant for a 16 pound animal but I think the manufacturer accidently put a "1" in front of the "6" and it should have been "6" pound animal. Bobbi's not 16 pounds and there's no way that I would have attempted to get her into the carrier.
Bobbi and Sparky, my sister's dog, are getting along much better than I thought they would since it's only been a couple of days together. It may help Bobbi a little that Sparky is blind and can only see shadows at the sides of his eye. Of course, Sparky has been around a cat before and it's no big deal to him.

Thinking about starting a new project. There are French doors going into my bedroom and I'm thinking about taking down the curtains and doing stained glass painting on the panes. It would be the type of paint that can be removed at a later date because I don't own the home. Just something else to do in between making my egg recipes. Can't get into the kitchen yet because too much stuff still in it. At least I got most of my cookbooks put up. Every morning and night I do a little more.

Today's earrings:

Monday, November 17, 2014

Earring 0257 0 Turquoise

I love turquoise! These earrings were great with my sweater. Well, today I'm a late and a dollar short. Thought about my blog last night but fell fast asleep. Moving is hard to do. Wanted to keep uniformity with keeping up on the blog but couldn't do it. Was going to be able to take off work early today but my work didn't get done so I couldn't leave. Maybe later this week. There sure is lots of "stuff" to go through. Today, I threw away two big garbage bags of stuff that wasn't good enough to be recycled.
My brother came up with an idea with my extra bras. Might surprise the world by my next art project. I'll probably embarrass my family but it won't be the first time and I'm sure it won't be the last. This is what happens when you use creativity!

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Earring 0256 - Brrrr Baby Brrr

It was pretty cold moving this morning. Grateful the snow held off. Bobbi wasn't a happy kitty. After spending several hours in the bathroom, when I let her out she howled at the empty apartment. It was like she was saying "What happened when I was behind the closed doors?",  or "  Where did everything go?" or in reality, "Where are my toys?"

The car ride over to the new place was uneventful for her. After hiding for a couple of hours, she came out from under the bed. It didn't take her too long to find her cat tree and then she spent time sleeping. Kind of like me during emotional events, I like to sleep too. Now that she's had her cat nap, she is exploring the rooms. Hasn't touched her food yet so I know there's no Norwegian in her; we can pretty much always eat even if we're upset. Right sister?

Couldn't let the day go by without wearing earrings. Here they are (these will be painted at a later date):

Friday, November 14, 2014

Earring 0255 - Life is our canvas

For the last five years, I've contemplated moving. It didn't happen before because it wasn't meant to be. Tomorrow my furniture gets moved. Bobbi is going to be stuck in the bathroom for probably a couple of hours. Don't worry, she'll have her favorite things to lay on, food, water, and of course, her kitty box(which has always been in the bathroom). So funny because I'm worried how she is going to feel when she comes out of the bathroom and everything is gone except for her toys and the stuff from in the bathroom. Tonight, she has been following me from room to room and knows/sees something is up. When she gets to the new place, it won't be so bad because she'll be able to roam until my sister and her boyfriend move stuff in (along with Sparky, the dog).

So another stroke of paint is being put on my life canvas. I'm happy about it. Speaking of painting, check out this website's fantastic floral paintings:
Makes me want to paint. Next Saturday, my sister and I are going to paint but we'll be painting trees and birds. Should be fun and I'm looking forward to the break.

Today's earrings

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Earring 0254 - Street Art

Kind of a funny night. Started out taking a photo of my earrings and thought about looking up Australian golden pearls. They're beautiful! Hard to believe they are pearls. From there I got to street art. Always have been a fan of street art. Whenever I see walls, or train cars, or sidewalks, or bridges, I always look to see the art. It probably started when I was a child. It would have been a good way for my mom to get me occupied other than being in her way. She'd give me a set of chalks about once a year and did that for many years. Even when I doodle now, it brings back some of the things I did when I was younger. Maybe that's why I want to finish my "Grateful Dead" quilt - it's kind of like street art only on material.

Great site for street art:

Today's earrings are a shade of yellow and they are pearls.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Earring 0253 - Found a new favorite site -

There's a lot of advertisements on this site if you go clicking things. However, if you stick to the main contents, I found those very interesting. To start with are the "Ten Amazing Places You Won't Believe Aren't Artificial." Looks like Norway is naturally very creative. Do you think that we get that creativity from our Norwegian heritage? Remember, I'm only a second generation American so being Norwegian (an all my other spices of countries) mean a lot to me {50% Norwegian to boot!).

The reason I went to this website was to find the flowers that look like something else: Absolutely fantastic - I want some of those flowers. Maybe my sister can grow some of them this coming summer.

Today's earrings are simple but they're keepers because of that and I like the closure on them too.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Earring 0252 - Relaxing photos

Loving water as I do, I went through these 50 "most clearest", bluest water" not once, not twice, but three times.

Now the snow and 20 degree (-6.7 C) weather doesn't phase me. However, ask me again tomorrow when our high is 20 degrees. Gee, moving sounds fun now; and yes, I'm being sarcastic.

Found a Michigan park which is only about 5 hours away. It's called Porcupine Mountains. Looks beautiful. What led me to it was the fact that out of the 50 most clearest, bluest waters, only one was listed for the United States. It's Torch Lake in Michigan. That would be great to see too but I think I would like to see the Porcupine Mountains first. But before I do that, I have to make it to the Pipestone, MN park first. That is one thing on my list before my bucket list. Is it possible to have a pre-bucket list?

Today's earrings

Monday, November 10, 2014

Earring 0251 - Earrings and Eggs Both Start with "E" - Andrew Zimmern Taiwan Eggs

You have to check these eggs out. MMMM  "Taiwanese noodle wrapped eggs with pork and ginger"

I don't know about eggs and ginger but it might be worth trying it.

Today's blog is short. So much going on. Funny thing though is I got to work early and the morning went by quickly. Ate lunch and the next thing I know is that it's time to go home. The day flew by. Got some stuff moved after work and brought a couple of empty totes back to finish what's left. Don't think the moving guys will have much trouble with my stuff since the only heavy thing is a bookcase with glass doors. No appliances.

Have a very unhappy kitty tonight. I forgot to buy cat food over the weekend so I gave her a little bowl of her favorite cat treats. They probably won't be her favorite anymore. Guess it wasn't a good choice. Only hope the person who looked at my apartment today saw it before the mess was made. It wouldn't have made a good impression. The manager didn't call me on it so I've got my fingers crossed. Please pray for me that I'm able to rent my apartment. It would make life a lot easier.

Bought a cat carrier for a 16 pound cat. Bobbi is sitting by it right now. She has no clue that she's going in it tomorrow. I think it's made for a six pound dog. Bobbi weighs 12 pounds so I thought it would work. May end up using a flannel pillow case after all - learned that trick a long time ago. By the way, Bobbi goes to the vet tomorrow. I think the cat carrier is going to have to back tomorrow

Today's earrings

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Earring 0250 - Hollandaise Sauce

Today, instead of having Eggs Benedict, I had an omelet containing tomatoes and spinach, topped with Hollandaise sauce. It featured feta cheese but I think I ate too much feta years ago and now shy away from it. This was ordered at a restaurant and my friend ordered the same thing except she had feta and I did not. First off, they only smeared the sauce on the omelet; probably not enough to even taste it. They gave us more sauce. Had a few bites of mine and it didn't taste like it had earlier in the fall. Mine contained the feta and my friend's did not. When you eat feta, you get this distinct taste in your mouth. It's one I like when that's what I'm expecting. Next time I'll just order the Eggs Benedict. The restaurant made amends for it, which was appreciated.

Here's the omelet

The Hollandaise was more yellow than the photo shows. It didn't taste "homemade" either. Maybe I'll have to "break" down and make some myself.

Today's earrings

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Earring 0249 - Chained

First off, thank you France! I've had the most readers by one country in one day and it was France! Can you please nudge  people that you know in other countries to read my blog. One of the things I would like to do is make egg recipes from every country that someone has read my blog. Little behind on making my eggs because I've been so busy packing. When Thanksgiving comes around, time will be on my side again.

Today's earrings were worn deliberately. Here is a picture prior to friends moving my totes:

Now what you haven't seen other the other 30+ totes and ten garbage bags and multiple other containers. I felt "chained" to stuff. Of the totes, 13 contain books: six have cookbooks, six have old books, and one has newer books. Ten totes/boxes contain my art supplies. Five bags contain quilting material, yarn, and yarn projects. Also, I forgot the four large totes containing crochet books/patterns. Eight boxes were my kitchen necessities containing items like my VitaMix, Nordicware smoker, rice cooker, crock pot, rice cooker, and then the other cooking items. Can't forget the tote of kombucha items along with my sprout seeds. The minute I get rid of something from the items above, I'll have to go out and buy the item again. It's not worth it. Our kitchen is large with lots of cupboards so all my kitchen stuff will have a home. The standing cupboards I used before for my kitchen stuff will now be used for my crafts and clothes. So, am I "chained" to these material goods? No, because I could part with them (except for my crochet books/patterns and my old books and maybe my VitaMix and smoker).

Today's earrings

Earring 0248 - "Heavenly. It's like the French countryside exploded in my mouth with every bite."

Pretty sure this is a quote by Ina Garten ("Barefoot Contessa: French Made Easy") but the quote only shows up in the search and not on the website. The link is for herbed-baked eggs and contains garlic, thyme, rosemary, parsley, Parmesan, eggs, cream, butter. There's no photo. After I finish moving, this is definitely going to be baked in my new "home" and I will post a photo.

This week, there have been more viewers from France than any other country, which is another first for me. Thank you. Maybe having 8% heritage from France helps - lol. With moving, my posts may be a little late but I will try my best to wear new earrings every day.

Yesterday, we had a fantastic training session provided by my employer. Learned a lot about myself and my coworkers. During the dreaded breakout sessions, we had to come up with two lists: one about what is "music to our ears" and the other what is "like nails on a chalkboard." Two of us in our group added something at the last minute: "You're just a secretary." It's not a phrase heard with the current employer, but it is a phrase heard in the past. You can substitute any word for secretary. How often I've heard "you're just a woman." You'd think with all of the changes in the United States, that you wouldn't hear stuff like this anymore. Maybe sometime in the future, "you're just a ...." will be a phrase of the past. Coworkers were shocked to hear this phrase but I think they've been working in the same environment for so long, they can't believe that it is still being said in this day and age.

Can you tell I work for a good place with a healthy environment and a super boss? I do and am grateful that I can end my working years in this environment. Very blessed. Now I wonder if I can find a lasting romance. Everything else is coming together so well; maybe this is next.

Yesterday's earrings


Thursday, November 6, 2014

Earring 0247 - Jurustic Park

Jurustic Park is correct. Here's photos of what would be a fantastic trip to take sometime and it's a daytrip for me. The creators/owners have done something that I've always wanted to do, take my art to the next level. Hopefully I will still be able to see well enough when I retire so that I can do my needlepoint. Here's information about Jurustic Park. Will definitely have to take a trip there to buy some earrings. They're worth the trip itself and then you have everything else to top it off.

Today's earrings change in color. Sometimes you see more purple, other times it's more green, and then there's always pink too.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Earring 0246 Playing Cards

My sister-in-law got me started on playing cards on Internet on Originally, I was playing Whist but when I saw they had Euchre, I quickly changed to that. It reminds me a lot of playing 500, which is a game we grew up playing. My parents were involved in several card parties (anywhere from one couple to multiple couples) and played cards often each month. When my mom passed, I became my dad's card partner on many occasions. When he passed, card playing kind of fizzled out. It's a lot easier to play cards with others when there's more than one person instead of odd man out.

Thinking about the 500 card game reminded me of a funny word "inkle" so I looked it up. From what I gather at it seems like a form of the word may have been around for some time. Here's information about the card game itself I was surprised to see that people in Canada plays it a lot. Maybe it will be like other things in history and make a comeback in the United States. It sure helps people bond with one another.

Today's earrings

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Earring 0245 - My Mom's Egg Recipe - German/Swiss/French/Luxembourg Style

These are probably one of the lowest calorie intake egg recipes there are; actually, this is not low calorie because of the fat content. Easy to make: Cut bacon into pieces, fry in cast iron skillet until crispy, distribute bacon pieces evenly in pan, do not drain fat, add eggs that have been scrambled (no milk or water or seasoning) over the bacon pieces carefully to keep the bacon evenly distributed. After the eggs have set a bit, lift the edges of the eggs so the liquid egg can go under the set part of the egg. Continue to do this. Eventually the eggs will be set. The bacon fat will turn the eggs into a beautiful brownish color, then flip the egg. After this side is slightly browned, cut into pieces. MMMMM it is good but not if you cannot tolerate fat.

Another recipe that we grew up with will be shared after I make it next time so that I have photos showing the finished product. It too is higher fat recipe but will keep you warm when it's really cold outside.

Spent last night, this morning, and part of this afternoon and evening packing. Pretty close to being done with what I can pack. Only have one large tote left and that will be for my kombucha glass containers and bottles. Glad that someone will be moving my totes for me and then later, my furniture. It's pretty overwhelming to pack everything yourself. Even though it's just me, between all of my books, cookbooks, cooking supplies, and crafts, it sure adds up.

My brother and his wife came down and went out for lunch. My brother helped me with some things that I couldn't reach. Really didn't want to get on the step stool with no one around either. We had a nice time together. Right after they left, my apartment was shown to someone - hopefully it will be rented soon.

Today's earrings are beautiful but weighed a lot and I wasn't able to keep them in all day.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Earring 0244 - Hong Kong Eggs

Much more fun than finding the sniper was finding the hidden animal. Got most of them accept for a couple - Have a hand...

Can't wait to try Hong Kong Egg Sandwich. It's made with chicken stock powder. Looks really good and easy Another site used a little bit of fish sauce and sugar but I think I'd be more apt to try the first one listed. If you can't tell, this is the first time someone from Hong Kong has read my blog. How cool is that!!!

Today's earrings

First, a story. I can't count these earrings today. Can't believe I did this but I forgot to put earrings in this morning. It's the first time in 244 days! Well, one of my coworkers went home at noon and picked out one of her two favorite earrings and brought them back for me to wear. Thought that was pretty nice of her. She's helping me out in another way too. For the last 30 years, I've been hauling rocks around from house to apartment to house to apartment, with the hopes of one day having a rock garden. Decided that it's time for the rocks to find their own home and my coworker and her husband picked them up tonight. I forgot to tell her to wash the rocks because there's a hidden beauty to most of the them. She and her husband will be creating a rock garden next summer. I'll probably give her a few more that I have left in my apartment unless I use them in my new place.

Not Donna's Earrings:

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Earring 0243 - Kind of "off the wall"

Today my brother and I took a road trip with my "new" but old car. It was a good test run to see how it worked. Well, the first thing was that I couldn't remember how to set the trip meter after filling up the tank. Failed on the mpg test and will have to try it again. It sure has good pickup for a 4 cylinder. The ride is exceptional and probably because it's a German-made car. I had another car that the frame was made in Germany and it handled great just like this one. Have to get used to the quick steering and sure don't want to over steer because I want to stay on the road. Still have to connect to the phone via Bluetooth. Probably should have done it today but I guess packing takes precedence the next two weeks.

A few turkeys walked/ran/flew in front of us.. Sure don't want to hit a turkey. Watched the woods for deer and saw one. It didn't look too healthy, almost like it had mange. Looking for deer reminded me of the website I saw yesterday. There's about 20 photos with a sniper hiding. One of them is really easy to find because you can see his full face. Others were quite well-blended. Now I would like to see how they disguise the trained personnel in a city setting.

My brother said I should send in my photo of the hole in the cloud. We'll see.

Today's earrings

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Earring 0242 - Holes in the Sky

According to, these clouds are called hole-punched clouds and are supposed to be "rare cloud formations." The photos above show several different hole-punched clouds all taken within seconds of each other. The top two photos are the same cloud and clearly look like hole-punched clouds. The third photo from the top shows three hole-punched clouds. The bottom photo shows two hole-punched clouds; it's not as easy to see these but they were clearly hole-punched clouds. Every once in a while I've seen clouds where there is a space of blue but I've never seen these type of clouds until today and then to see so many of them. Pretty cool.
Today's earrings
These earrings are blue and white and kind of go with the holes in the sky theme.