Friday, September 18, 2015

Sep 18 - 7th Heaven Discovered

Last night, I was in 7th heaven. Found a new website, which led me to an inexpensive app that I love. Little background first. My sister and her partner were watching the sky the other night and saw something that was flashing a white light every 24 seconds. It was kind of circling half of our city. It wasn't a plane and it wasn't a lightening but, just a flashing light. My sister looked up satellites but couldn't find anything on one that would be flashing every 24 seconds. That got my interest up so exploring had to be done.

Found this website: in which you can watch a 3D visualization of ISS (International Space Station). It is so cool! They have other satellites listed too but ISS was pretty fun to watch.

They also have a free app you can download if you go to that site. Of course, it was on my phone in minutes. The app gives you real-time viewing of stars at your location. I've always wanted to learn astronomy but never have taken the time. Now I can open up the app and see what stars are overhead.

Then I discovered something even better..."Safari Satellite." Their website is Their app was inexpensive but once you start exploring it, it is worth a lot more money. It is a beautiful app! What I like best is you can select a satellite and look at earth from the satellite. You can look at the heavens too! While watching earth from the satellite, a calmness completely overtook me. The kind of calmness you can get when you lay in water and float. I guess you'd only get that kind of calmness if you know how to swim.

The only thing I wish the app had was a sleep timer function. I was so busy watching but then fell asleep!

Worked on my earrings some tonight. Took some into work and gave them to coworkers. I enjoy giving my earrings to people. One of my coworkers reminded me that I have a craft sale that I'm going to be selling my earrings and that I should be hanging onto my supply. That was a good reminder.

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