Saturday, September 5, 2015

Sep 5 - Family Day and Wallpaper Samples

Had a nice lunch with my brother, his wife, their son and grandson. We have so much in common so the time flies when we are together. My sister-in-law made some beads out of wallpaper samples that she got. I had forgotten all about that because I've had my fingers in too many places while making my beads. however, after a quick phone call and a stop at a paint store, now I have a couple of books for me to use.

One of the books is all gold and silver wallpaper samples. The other has a lot of gold and silver too but with other colors added. Can't wait to try them out. Got these just in time too because this weekend I'll have to make more beads for future earrings.

Reorganized my living room again to have a craft corner. Looks a lot bigger and cleaner! Every time my cat goes out on the porch, something happens in the living room and she has to rediscover "her" living room when she comes back in. She's happily asleep on top of her six foot cat tree. When I'm working on my earrings, she'll be able to supervise me.

Also got a new tool today to make loops to hook the beads to the earring. Handy, dandy tool it is. Most of the reviews were good but the people who didn't like them had me kind of worried. They weren't able to make the loop and struggled so much; they said they went back to the manual way. My first loop was simple to do and my second loop was pretty close to being perfect. I'm sold! Can't wait to put some earrings together as the real test.

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