Monday, September 7, 2015

Sep 7 - Prayers Needed

I need your help. My bariatric surgery is 22 days away. In some stupid mentality that I've had in the last month, instead of keeping my weight off, I gained ten pounds. In order to have the surgery, I have to not have any weight gain. Thought I was doing pretty good but then something in my head triggered that I had to have foods that "I would never be able to eat again" and eat I did. So now I need to loose as much weight as I can in the next 8 days and the rest within the days after that.

As a strong believer in prayer, I know that God will send his angels to help me through this and that I will have the strength and willpower to lose this weight.

Excuses are excuses and I can't look back now; I have to look ahead. For the first time in my life, I had a dream of me not being fat. Yes, I am fat. Calling oneself overweight is not a truth. If you were to cut off my two rolls, it would not contain anything inside other than fat. It does not contain overweight.

When I was younger I had had a bicycle accident and had a concussion. After that, I started gaining weight. By the time I was 16, I wore a size 16. My the time I was 18, I wore a size 18. By the time I was 28, I wore a size 28. So you're wondering what size I am at 61? I was a 30-32 but have gotten it back down to a 28. It's not about sizes either. It's about health and my capacity to move.

I want my grandsons who haven't seen me in 8 years to see me happily instead of being embarrassed. I want to be looked at because I look good and not because of my weight. I want to walk a mile. I want to walk two miles. I want to run like the wind like my sister tells Sparky. Will never run like the wind but maybe a little ways would be nice.

My sister is going to help me a lot these next days through her support and prayers. I know my sister-in-law and brother will be doing the same for me even though I haven't said anything yet. Please help me through your prayers. And I thank you and I thank God. I am so grateful to be in His hands.

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