Thursday, September 17, 2015

Sept 17 - Thank you for the prayers!

Had my doctor appointment the other day and I didn't lose just the ten pounds, I lost 12 pounds. Pretty happy about that. Now on a special diet up until my surgery. Life will be different in two weeks!

Been making a lot of beads. Trying different products on the beads based on YouTube videos. One of the products recommended was called "Vibrance" but it's just like a watered-down water-based varnish. Plus you have to string the beads on fishing line, dip them into the solution five times, and hang them between drying. Personally, when I first started, I did it that way. Now that I have some experience under my belt, I prefer brushing them. It's quick and easy and no dripping and extra things for hanging beads are needed. Another product I tried was called "Triple Thick" because it had good reviews. However, you get somewhat of a pebbly surface. Hands down, the "Diamond Glaze" was the best. The drawback to it was is that it is $16 for 8 oz, whereas, "Triple Thick" is about $5.

The next time I make beads, I'm going to try putting the "Triple Thick" on first and finishing it with "Diamond Glaze" to see if the glaze can smooth out the imperfections created by TT.

Paper bead making has been quite the experience. Started working on them in May and it's already mid September. What I've learned is what "accessories" I need to accent my earrings with my paper beads. Another thing I learned is that I really like Amazon and I think Amazon probably likes me too. I still go to Michael's but the other hobby stores and slowly fading. There are things I can get at Michael's that Amazon has higher prices and/or a lessor quality.

Yesterday, we were all excited because I received a package from China. Just about everything comes from Asia when it comes to beads, other than my Czech glass. The package was the first time I've ever received anything directly from China. Wish it would have had stamps on the package and not computer-generated postage.

Will probably take some photos of my earrings this weekend and post them.

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