Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Earring 0001 - Pearls

Pearls, a girl's best least that's what my mom taught me. My mom loved pearls, whether they were real or not. Mom had some really good pearl necklaces and then she had some that she let my sister and I play with when we were kids. Now I wonder, did she know we were playing with them? I remember the first time a pearl necklace broke. It happened in my mom and dad's bedroom and I broke it. I can still remember how bad I felt because mom was upset about it. Bet you any money, the pearls that laid all over the floor weren't costume jewelry because of how my mom acted.

Just before my mom died, I bought her a pearl necklace and it's now in my jewelry box. Maybe if one of my grandsons get married, it will be a gift for his wife.

Another memory of pearls is when we lived in Buffalo City, Wisconsin. My cousin taught us how to open clams and find pearls. The pearls weren't too pretty but they were beautiful in my eyes.

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