Thursday, February 20, 2014

Earring 0002 - Swirls of Color

Did Donna have déjà vu when she was picking out her earrings? The background on these earrings is my shirt. I've looked for a pair of earrings to go with it and have struggled because I could never find the right one. It took me two seconds to find this in my treasure box. Amazing because the colors are perfect! Thanks Donna!

As a young child (below age 5), my closest friend was Ann H. Ann was a perfectionist. She was a year younger than me. Her family was very artistic and so was Ann. Ann had cool coloring books and it was one of the few things that we did at her house. Usually she would come over to my house because we had a playroom in the basement. But on rare occasions I was able to go to her house. We would sit at the dining room table and color. Because I didn't stay in the lines, Ann had color books just for me. She kept the good ones for herself but it was still fun to color with her. I couldn't sit still if my life depended on it and coloring was no different. So everything was done in a hurry even though I didn't have anything else to do. Mrs. H. would tell Ann to share her color books with me but it never happened.

Because of my coloring experience with Ann and later at school, I didn't think I was artistic. Now I wish that I would have taken all of those art classes in high school instead of taking all those business classes! Art classes never interested me until I was about 40 years old. Walking by a painting study, I saw a sign that said painting classes and a class schedule.

Don't know what I was thinking but the next thing I knew, I was inside the store and talking to the owner who has a painter and also the instructor. She told me that anyone could paint. I laughed at her and she said that she was serious about it and that I could paint. She supplied everything, all I had to do was pay for the class and show up. I talked my sister into doing it too. Susie was not artistic either. Barb Halvorson from Winona, MN was the instructor. In a classroom of about six of us, we all painted the same oil painting. The first one we did was using Bob Ross's style.

Who would have known that with this instructor, anyone could paint! I've been painting now for almost 20 years and love it. The instructor showed us step-by-step how to oil paint. This opened my eyes to a new world...I was an artist.

My first painting:

Only have had my new phone for a couple of weeks. Pretty soon I will know how to use it to take better pictures. But this was my first painting and probably my favorite.

Can't wait to pick out my earrings for tomorrow...

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