Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Earring 0007 - Easy Got Easier

This morning these earrings almost came out of the drawer by themselves. The etchings on them look like drawings and I thought I saw a river and a path. After looking at it again, all I saw were etched lines. I have no clue why these look like they have purple and blue in them. They are silver earrings displayed on a black coaster. In a way, I wish they had purple in blue in them because it makes them even more distinct. Donna had a lot of earrings where the lobe would be covered. Funny thing is that my favorite earrings cover most of my earlobes. I'll have to ask my sister-in-law for a picture of Donna so I can see what earrings she is wearing in the picture, just out of curiosity.

My imagination has always been powerful. Didn't have any invisible friends when I was young so my imagination must have some limits. In fact, when this was discussed as teenagers, I was envious of kids who had invisible friends. Makes you wonder why some children have these and others don't. What's even funnier is that I've never asked anyone in my family if they had invisible playmates. It could have been because we did play together and there were always so many neighbor kids at our house.

There were a few reasons why kids always played at our house. The basement was the biggest reason and in a later post, I'll tell you about our fantastic but simple basement. Another reason was because of our big yard. Besides the yard being so big, our parents let us play in the yard. We had a swing set and two sand boxes. One of the yard's attractions were our rabbits. Every year the kindergarten class would visit our home to look at the rabbits. Just one of the things that happened but I don't ever remember going to anyone else's house to see pets. We also had a garage that we could explore. That's another story in itself.

The biggest attraction had to be how our mom treated the neighbor kids. She always made sure everyone had a treat. For years, she would set up tea parties for us girls. My dad would bring out my wood child's table and chairs and my sister Susie, my friend Ann, usually one other girl would be around, and I would sit at the table. Mom served the tea in tea cups and we had little deserts to go with the tea. Mom did a lot of catering for weddings. She made the best tasting wedding cakes around. Besides that, she made floral arrangements and often made the corsages for the wedding. Every once in a while there would be leftover flowers and she would make a flower arrangement for our tea party. I wish Ann was still alive to share this memory with her but she's probably having tea with my mom as I share this with you.

Tomorrow, I am going to pick out the earrings first and then choose my clothes to wear. Kind of excited thinking about it and it may mean that my alarm clock will have to be set a little earlier!

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