Sunday, February 23, 2014

Earring 0005 - Silver

On weekends, my plan is to wear earrings that I don't usually wear. We can always use something new in our lives to keep us alert! Besides black, Donna love silver, which means her most favorite earrings would be black and silver. This afternoon, I spent time going through the earrings and putting them into plastic drawers. To keep things simple, I kept them in their bags which my sister-in-law so graciously put them when she was sorting them. One of the things I noticed was that every pair of earrings had a back on them. That is like almost impossible unless you're at a store buying earrings. My own drawers of earrings have lots of earrings missing backs on them. Don't know if Donna or my sister-in-law, Sandy, made sure the earrings all had backs, but thank you!!!

Putting these earrings away reminded me of one of my favorite times as a child. Remember now, I was extremely active+++ and anything my mom could do to keep me entertained for more than five minutes was an extraordinary accomplishment. On rainy days (friends always came to our house on these days too!), we used to play a game called button, button, who's got the button. Mom would bring out the button box and give us a couple of buttons to play with. After the friends all went home, mom found me playing with the buttons. She had the best button tin there ever was! It was loaded with all sorts of buttons. Mom realized that I was entertaining myself by playing with the buttons. When my sister was old enough, she played with them too.

These weren't just buttons in that button tin. The big, black, coat buttons were usually soldiers or guards. The buttons with pearls in the center were princess; the best and biggest of these was the queen. The king was a button that had a design in it. My buttons had sexes too. The pretty ones with girly colors were all girls; the darker ones were all boys. Other then the soldiers/guards, I didn't play with the big buttons. My favorite were the small, unique buttons - the one-of-a-kind.  I cannot tell you how long I would play with the buttons but it must have been about a half hour each time. Mom could tell when I was getting tired of playing buttons because they were ending up all over the TV room. She would quickly put an end to the button playing at that point and shush me down into the basement to play or outside if it quit raining.

When mom passed, I got her button tin. Not sure if any of my family realized it then, but I told my dad that I was taking it and nothing more was said. I had that tin for a long time but when I got my first divorce, my ex either threw it away or gave it to someone. It still saddens me that those buttons who all had their owns lives may be gone forever. However, on a good note, last year, my sister gave me a button tin!!! It's not as big as mom's but my sister spent some time finding buttons to put in the tin. I don't play with my buttons but I do like to take them out and look at my treasures and wonder if someone else had played with these buttons like I had done with mine. Here's a picture of my new button tin:

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