Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Aug 11 - Celebration?

Today would have been my wedding anniversary of 42 years; instead it was my divorce anniversary of 14 years. Time flies. I would have never divorced my husband and would have remained by his side through whatever came our way. Instead, I asked for a divorce because of him fooling around once too often. Yet, if he would have said "let's try making it work one more time", I would have given him that time. It would have been part of my marriage vows to forgive, move on, and improve. Didn't work that way. Now the celebration of living life without the verbal abuse is in its 14th year. Finally feel like I did when I was younger, even thought physically my body feels much older. I can't wait to see what's around the corner in the next couple of years. Had I not gotten the divorce, I wouldn't be where I am now. Don't get me wrong, because of my beliefs in marriage, I would have preferred staying married if effort had been made to keep it a marriage. I miss my son, his wife, and my grandsons. That is the worst part of the divorce. Even though I wasn't the betraying my vows, my son leans towards his father. Guess that what mom meant when she said the sons leave the house and the daughters remain. In heaven, I will have my time with my son and his family.

Haven't been posting lately but have been working on creating paper beads and make the process better. When putting on the varnish, a sponge brush is used. It's so slick to roll the paper bead over it (while it's on the toothpick). About 15 minutes later, it is dry and has to be loosened from the toothpick. This is done at least a couple more times to get a nice solid bead. Tomorrow night the beads will get matched up and ready for earring making.

Going to be spending time with my brother and his wife again and guess what my sister-in-law and I are going to do...Yes, the obvious answer is make earrings and you are correct on that. Will enjoy my vacation time from work with the two of them. Good times coming!!!

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