Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Aug 18 - New Readers: Moldova and Slovakia

Kind of scary when I knew where both of these countries were without looking them up. Knew it without the information I've learned on my blog. Must have been paying attention somewhere along the line. Typically, I would do an egg recipe from the countries, which I will try to do but it won't happen until this weekend. Lots going on in the next couple weeks with company coming and going back to work from my time off.

Did you see the aurora borealis that was taken from the space station? The article said it was a once in a lifetime event to see the aurora borealis but I've seen it often. More often as a kid than as an adult and less often over the last ten or so years. What I've seen isn't as pretty as the photos you can find online but still it's a spectacular sight.

Contemplating starting a business selling my earrings. Don't want to make it work so it is something that I will think about thoroughly. Love making the paper beads and putting them together to form earrings. Here are a couple that were finished within the last few minutes (tomorrow's outfit is the same colors so there may be another photo tomorrow.

The cell phone does not take good photos but you can kind of see the colors.

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