Monday, August 31, 2015

Aug 31 - Pretty Little Flowers

It's not a new hobby, just kind of blends in with my earring making. Pretty little flowers caught my attention on YouTube and thought I needed to try it before I went to bed. Instant addiction! The first video I watched demonstrated using glue but my glue was thrown out a couple of weeks ago after it leaked all over the place. Then I found another video but it was in Spanish. Needless to say, language is not a barrier in love nor in arts. Here are my new flowers made solely of wire and fingernail polish:

Actually, the leaves on the one flower were made with clear fingernail polish because I didn't have any green fingernail polish. Dollar Tree isn't open at almost midnight so I used permanent marker. It worked. the flowers are pretty rough looking but can you imagine what they will look like after I make a hundred of them. There are some pretty beautiful necklaces, earrings, and displays made with these delicate flowers. Here's the site I learned how to make them:
Now I am going to bed. Tomorrow night the centers will be glued on using the beads I have on hand. Wow, what fun!!!

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