Saturday, August 1, 2015

July 31 - Big Game Hunting - Bet you Palmer would like

Arnold Schartzenegger wants the killing of big cats stopped. Id' like to see married men keep their marriage vows. Arnold has a much better chance of his wish. I wish a "hero" like him wouldn't have cheated on his wife. This story about the poaching will die down quickly. There's so much poaching going on in the United States but very little is done. I'd like to see Betty White and Bob Barker stand up against poachers in the United States. On another thought swan killing is illegal in one state but legal in another. By the way, you can kill lions in Zimbabwe if you do it legally. If Palmer had killed the lion legally, you wouldn't have heard this story. Don't get me wrong, poaching is poaching and it should be illegal. Also, I don't approve of big game hunting. Most people would like to have a chance to live one day over to do it the right way. I wonder if Palmer would have not killed the lion or if he would have also killed an elephant on that day.

On a side note, I'd like to see Zimbabwe make female genital mutilation illegal.

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