Sunday, August 2, 2015

Aug 2 - Family Day

We were going to go to a play today but played instead. Went for a road trip. It was so hot out that the birds were pretty much in hiding. Did see a couple of sand cranes fly in but they disappeared between the bushes between the road and the pond. Saw a lot of monarch butterflies hanging out in the milkweed. Milkweed is making a nice comeback in the area. I can remember as a child, milkweed was everywhere. It was a cool plant because of the "milk" that came out of it when you broke a leaf off or broke them stem. Back then we didn't know monarchs needed milkweed.

The day was just great. Now next weekend my nephew (sister's son) comes home for a couple of weeks. Our family is going to meet at a place we all have to drive to but it's a central location. That way he gets to see everyone that is able to come. He hasn't been home for a couple of years so it will be good to get a hug from him.

Worked on some paper earrings made from scrapbook paper. After I spent time trying to roll the paper into beads, I realized magazine paper was much easier to roll plus the beads are prettier.

Today's paper bead start

The other thing that I like about the beads made out of magazines is that they aren't as stripped as the scrapbook paper. Compare the two and you'll be able to see the difference - the beads below have more of a geometric design to them and it would be difficult to make four identical beads.

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