Thursday, August 20, 2015

Aug 20 - Shout Out to North Korea - Kim Jong-un Fearful of Citizens Hearing the Truth?

Wow, North Korea taking action against South Korea for South Korea playing propaganda (which I believe is truth, not falsehoods). Kim Jon-un must be afraid of his people hearing the truth. That could be the only reason for the retaliation of the North against the South Korean broadcasts. He's definitely afraid of people believing that the South is correct; otherwise why bother. I thought he was going to be a good leader instead he is full of himself and not caring for his countrymen. Jong-un is going to go down in history but not in a good light. Someday North Koreans will know and understand that there is more to life than what they have. To live in terror is not something I want in my life. If I lived in some other country, I could be facing some other fate than my current outlook. Glad to be an American.

Speaking of being an American, I'm still reading (audiobook) on the CIA. I've decided that whoever is the next president needs to have experience in foreign matters. which excludes Scott Walker. In fact, I wonder if Scott Walker even understands United States and its different cultures and people. Sad to think about it but Hillary Clinton would be a much better choice. She's proactive when it comes to foreign matters and experienced!  A quote from the link "Walker's foreign policy miscues included a statement earlier this year that his fight against the unions in Wisconsin had girded him for the battle against Islamic State." How can anyone compare the unions to ISIS????

Will be working on my earrings later tonight. Might have a photo later. Made these earrings the other night and now they belong to my sister:

My sister and I both agree the bead reminds us of Russian stacking dolls, matryoshka dolls. Years, and I mean years ago, one of my bosses went to Russia and brought back me a set of dolls. I still have them and value them as much as I did back then.

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