Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Aug 25 - Fall Weather and a New Pair of Earrings

We are having fall-like weather this week. The nights are cool and the days are warm. The trees should have beautiful color this year if this keeps up. Next week we're supposed to have temps in the 80s again but I would prefer today's weather. Kind of feels like we are in Colorado, not in Minnesota. Was surprised by the amount of birds flying south already - or they appear to be flying south. Besides geese and ducks, there have been a number of smaller birds flying in large, very large, flocks. Last night, there was a flock of birds in our little apple trees and on the lawn. It was kind of funny to watch them because they would fly in as a group, leave as a group, and then fly in again. They did this for a while. Must be a lot of insects in the grass. You can tell the peregrines aren't around!

Still listening to the audiobook on Al-Qaida. ISIS is a part of them but not because ISIS uses a lot of different tactics and does not have the intelligence of Al-Qaida. ISIS depends on rogue terrorism a great deal. I was learning about the one person in ISIS who has been training others in his field to make weapons that are basically invisible to dogs and security equipment. The terrorist on the French train was captured by some fast-acting people otherwise that scene could have been a lot different. From what I am learning, there will be a lot more people killed in numbers of 1 to 100 rather than large groups like 9-11. I'm probably getting some facts confused here but it doesn't make a difference which group it is, terrorism is just that, terrorism. Maybe we need to start watching YouTube videos on terrorism to know how terrorists are going to act. Mom always said know your enemy. She also said be friends with them too so that you are prepared but I know I don't want a terrorist as my friend.

When talking about watching the videos promoting terrorism sounds like a bad idea, I remember watching a video on adults committing sexual crimes against children. By watching the video, we learned signs to watch for to protect children. Think the same principal can be used. Being proactive instead of reactive has its benefits.

Last night about ten pairs of beads got matched with other components. Going to do the same thing tonight and then tomorrow night, I'll be able to assemble some earrings again. Have only about 40 pairs of earrings done and on hand because I've given so many away. November craft show isn't far away so the earrings aren't going to be given away any more for a while. Have my stock pile too to give to my parish jewelry sale coming up.

Have to admit I love the newest pair of earrings I made tonight. Couldn't wait to show them off...

Considering the main bead is made out of paper and not a composite, I think they're pretty neat!

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