Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Aug 4 - Mistake on Bead Making

Got bored tonight and wanted to speed up the varnishing of my paper beads. Learned the hard way that shortcuts are sometimes not the answer. So I dipped my beads into the varnish instead of brushing the varnish on the beads. Hey, it looked great especially after I wiped up the excess varnish with a brush. Only wanted them to dry a little while to make sure the beads would come off the toothpicks. Guess I waited too long. Lost about 1/3 of the beads because they came apart. Had to pull so hard and ripped them to pieces or they wouldn't come off at all. Wasn't worth the time and effort and I lost a lot of beads. Out of the whole group there may only be 10 to 12 pairs left. Bummer and lesson learned.

Now that I'm looking at the beads, I lost about 67% of them. Darn, some of the ones that got wrecked were the ones I really wanted.

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