Friday, August 28, 2015

Aug 28 - Really Cool Email

One of the things I've learned while writing my blog is that if you read a blog or a book and write to the author, they respond. I was so moved by the audiobook I completed today that I wrote to the author. The book is "The Great War of Our Time" by Michael Morell. Realizing you can't believe everything you read, I put my faith in God when I read this book. He is going to lead me to where I need to be. I believe Michael Morell is a good, honest man and that he told truths while he was serving his country. Someday, I will shake his hand and give him a Minnesota hug - this will probably happen when we meet in heaven. Even though the book was not pleasant to read and I surely wanted to keep my rose-colored glasses on, I read the book and many of the chapters were repeated. Mr. Morell responded to my email and I'm glad that he was able to keep a sense of humor and not darkened by the knowledge he had had. Again Mr. Morell, thank you for the work you did.

Ironically, the person who I did trust was Michele Bachman but after reading Morell's book and her jumping on the bandwagon without truly listening to him, my opinion of her has changed. It appears that she, along with others, had already formed their opinions about Mr. Morell and it probably wouldn't have mattered what he said. United States was very fortunate to have Mr. Morell serve in the different capacities that he di.

Now I'm reading on Mark Antony and another book on Cicero. However, I don't think either one of them would respond to me. It would be really neat if I could spend some time with Cleopatra though!

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