Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Earring 0087 - The Real Memorial Day

Just like Memorial Day, these earrings are simple but have a lot of meaning. Today, my sister and I attended the Mass at our cemetery. We only have some cousins that are buried in the cemetery but a lot of our parents' friends are there. It was a good sermon honoring our veterans who gave either parts of their life or their life for our freedom. Both my sister's son and my son served their country for many years. We're proud of what they have done and what they will do in the future. All of us in our family have really good kids so we've been really blessed. Now it goes to the next generation.

My sister and I took a road trip in the afternoon. Even though we had to work for a few hours, the road trip felt like a vacation. The day turned out beautiful. We went through some of the apple orchard areas and the tress were still blossoming. There's nothing like the view of many acres of blossoming apple trees. Now when they grow apple trees, they don't let them get tall so they plant more of them.

We saw a dead carp on the road about a mile from the river. Most of it had been eaten. Think that an eagle dropped it. It was funny to see the bones of a carp so far away from the river and in the middle of a gravel road. My sister saw a young deer pull down a branch of a tree so that it could eat the leaves. There was too much traffic for me to pay attention to the deer.

Got home early enough and enjoyed watching some of my Korean drama shows. Turned in early because the day was going to be busy at work on Tuesday.

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