Thursday, May 8, 2014

Earring 0070 - Puple

These little gems are purple. Was worried that my camera was going to make them appear a different color. When I first looked at these earrings, I thought they were black. Then I looked closer and they are a beautiful purple unless you turn them a certain way and then they are black.

Purple - Black - it made me think of words and how we use them. I love some shows on Wisconsin Public Radio and one of them is their show on language. Every once in a while I catch it even though I would like to be a regular listener to it. This past week, the hosts talked about how science uses words one way and every day conversation uses words another way. The show is called "A Way with Words."

Quantum leap - as a non, quantum leap means a sudden or significant change. In physics, it's about electrons in an atom (smallllllll!) that abruptly transition. So in every day conversation, we're talking about something huge and in science we are talking about a very small item.

One of the words they talked about was inertia. In every day language, it means "things tend to remain at rest" but in science, it means "things tend to remain at rest or in motion"

Theory is another word. In our everyday language theory means "a guess or unsubstantiated idea of how something works." In the scientific world, it means  " well established that no new evidence is likely to alter them."

My aunt is a word nut. She loves to keep on top of life through her words. She's in her 80s and her memory for words is really good. Practice makes perfect and I think that's how she kept at it too.

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