Monday, May 12, 2014

Earring 0074 - Life

tonight I am with family. Ever so grateful to them. My sister is taking care of Bobbi or visa versa. My sister said my cat called her last night while I was sleeping and said that my sister needed to stop in every day I was gone. I would not put it past Bobbi especially since she will know that I am in another cats territory.

Talked very briefly with my sister-in-law about her dad who had already passed. For some reason I was flooded with memories of him tonight. This is Donna's husband.  He had a heart of hold. Probably the third most kindest man I have ever met. My dad was first and then someone special was next.  My sister in law and I would go to her dad's work sometimes. You could tell that she was his little girl no matter how old she was. There was always kindness, love, and respect between them. His best was made of gold in my opinion. I can still see his smile, hear his laughter, and see the resemblance of him in my sister in law and her son. The world is really blessed. Donna you were one lucky woman to have that hunk in your life.

Today's earrings sparkle full of life. One earring doesn't look like it but it does. Happy life!

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