Sunday, May 11, 2014

Earring 0073 - Laid Back Day

The earrings today made the only statement because the rest of my day was laid back. Glad to be done with school work and getting ready for my trip if it happens. When you look at the earrings you will know why I say they make a statement. Can't figure out what the symbol is but it is definitely a symbol. What do you think it is?

They could be a quote, a comma, part of a wide exclamation mark (if upside down). Of course, they could just be a geometric design.

Mother's Day is almost on the way out. My son and grandsons called and we talked a long time. My nephew called too. It was a pleasant afternoon. Every once in a while there would be a rain shower but didn't have to close the windows. I miss seeing and holding my son and grandsons. It's an emotional time when we are done talking. When my grandsons were younger, I had so much time with them up until they were 5 and 6. Now they're 15 and 16, going on 16 and 17. A lifetime of memories that I don't have with them in that ten year's time. My heart was always with them. My blood runs through their veins and that is something that won't change.

Happy Mother's Day!

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