Thursday, May 29, 2014

Earring 0090 - Spouting Sprouts

Today I get to spout about my sprouts. My package from Sproutpeople came today hopefully containing my sprout kits. Really excited to try sprouting different kinds of sprouts. Last night, I read about the couple who started Sproutpeople. Their origins aren't too far away from me. From Madison WI they started and now are in San Francisco CA. It was probably a good move for them because organics has only taken off locally in the last few years. Anyway, they sell a quality product at a good price. Their website is filled with getting started, how to's, merchandise needed for sprouting, seeds for sprouting, and recipes ( They have a fermented beverage that I'll have to make when I buy more containers for my kombucha. Obviously I will write how the different sprouts taste. I already know that my youngest brother and I like radish sprouts. Thought I would write this before exploring my package. It will be too difficult to come back to this later especially if I decide to start some more sprouts tonight.

One of the reasons that grabbed my attention on sprouting was it is something I can do in my apartment and it doesn't take up too much space (yet). In the past I've tried planting herbs with no success. One of my rooms is too hot and the other are too cold. Sprouts and fermenting seem to be something that can address my green thumb.

Here are the earrings for the day. Please continue to read below the earrings because I came back to write some more.

Couldn't help myself! Below is my assortment of seeds. Already got my first batch of from Mom's Sprouting Kit soaking. My intention is to have this batch of sprouts as a salad, delicious and very healthy! There's enough of these seeds to last me quite a while. Will have to get another Mason jar to start a batch of other sprouts. My sample kit came with ten varieties of sprouts. I put them all into a box and each time I'm ready to make a new batch, I'm going to blindly choose the seeds to be used. Have to have fun while I'm doing this!


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