Saturday, May 24, 2014

Earring 0085 - R&R

These were perfect with my blouse, which had the same colors in it. The blouse also had purples in it too so it was a difficult choice but these won out. Looking at painting the remaining purple earrings and many of the black button earrings to add color to them. That will be a fun project to do after I have my spare room reorganized.

But before I paint earrings, making kombacha is the next thing I am going to do. Got a starter kit and will make the tea. Kombacha is a probiotic drink (healthy) that you make with tea, sugar, and some mother. Didn't know anyone locally who has the starter but was able to buy the kit. Besides making the kombacha, I've started sprouting.

A couple of weeks ago, I grew radish sprouts. Made way too many of them. They tasted really good but radish sprouts isn't something that I would just add a little lemon too and eat them. This batch is a small batch and will probably go on sandwiches. It will make a good replacement for onions that I love but like many people, they don't like me as well. Looking forward to receiving my sprouting kit that has ten different seeds in it along with a kit called "mothers sprouts", which is a combination of sprouts. Love sprouts and when I realized that I could juice with them too, they became an important food. Can't wait to see which sprouts work best in my juicer.

All that will be left for me to experiment with is kefir, which is another probiotic. Got a starter packet of that too. I like to add kefir when I juice. The one thing that I wanted to try is growing wheat grass but not sure if I want the mess with the soil. Time will tell. Maybe someday I will even grow my own herbs in my apt.

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