Friday, May 30, 2014

Earring 0091 - Long Week, Shortest Day

Ever have a work week that took forever until the weekend? On Monday, I thought it was Saturday. On Wednesday, I thought it was Thursday. Yet today flew by and I kept saying "good morning" until mid afternoon. Funny how time flies sometimes. Usually my work weeks are so quick and Friday comes so fast. This week was different probably because I have work left to do that was on hold when I had jury duty. Thought about even working a couple of extra hours today since I was so energized but glad that I left when I did. My organizational skills are really good and that helps out a lot. Sometimes I think that because of those skills is the reason my weeks fly by. It's a lot easier to work when you can get a good working system in place.

My sprouts that I started last night are already starting to sprout. The container must make a big difference. The seeds make a difference but I don't think the radish seeds are much different than the leafy salad seeds that I'm also sprouting. My kombacha has a layer of "mother" on the top. Pretty cool to see that develop.  It's still too soon to try it but maybe next weekend.

These earrings are a lovely shade of green. There is so much green outside now that I brought some inside with my earrings. My fingers are pretty distorted on this picture. Tried a different Android app to take the photo. Obviously it can get good earring colors but the area around leaves something else to be desired.

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