Saturday, May 3, 2014

Earring 0065 - Another Geo Design

No, my hands are not blue; it's the way the camera adjusts the color. Plus it looks like I'm missing part of my index finger, which I'm not.

It was good to enjoy some of the spring weather driving through back roads with my brother. The streams and rivers are up and considered at flood stage. I think they're more worried about flash flooding on the area's streams than they are of the river getting too high. Feel sorry for the people who live down south because they have all this water coming their way.

Saw a couple of deer but thought we would see more. Saw quite a few eagles and hawks. This time we didn't see any turkeys.

There were  lot of people having rummage sales and a lot of people going to them. That was something I would do in the past (go to them) but I prefer auctions. I'm to the point where I really don't need anything else (except for a dresser). When I bring something into my home, then something has to be taken out (except for the earrings). Don't need more stuff, need less of it. My rocks are enough work when it takes a couple of hours to clean them so I don't need other things to take up that time.

Can't believe it but I'm tired and still have a two-page report to write for school. Good night!

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