Friday, May 2, 2014

Earring 0064 - Geo Design

My sister and I went cruising after work today looking at houses. Both of us would like a house. Under the circumstances, I'll probably always be living in an apartment because it's easy to take care of. Never have to worry about shoveling or mowing the lawn even though I like to do both. Well, I like to mow lawn using a riding lawn mower. There are a lot of cute, smaller houses for sale that are just right. Of course, there are some big houses that are just right too.

One of the houses that was for sale looked perfect and was in a perfect spot. Close to the library, grocery store, theater, etc. It had beautiful windows which made the house have the Prairie Home style of Frank Lloyd Wright. There are several homes in our area that are Frank Lloyd Wright homes but this is not one of them. It faces east instead of south and from what I can recall, most of his homes face south.

Back to the house, next to it sat a house that was designed by the same person. There were three distinct differences. The first was the color. I'm not one to like mustard color but the house we liked was mustard-colored. The other house was....well, I can't even remember but it was not attractive like the mustard color. That amazes because it would not be a color of choice. The other difference was the glass used in the windows. The windows had a different type of glass in them and really brought out how big the windows were. The other house had new windows but they didn't do anything for the house. Plus the windows on the entrance was ordinary. The third difference was the other house had a geometric design above the entrance. I'm all for geometric designs (you can tell by Donna and my earrings!). Instead of the geo design being art, it made the house look almost like a farmhouse. Don't think that was the intent but what a difference it made. Both homes looked like they spent about the same amount of money fixing them up but the mustard-colored house won hands down for both my sister and I.

Have a great weekend!

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