Sunday, May 4, 2014

Earring 0066 - Almost Lost

Almost lost one of these earrings today had it not been for my brother seeing it on the floor in the restaurant. Can't believe he actually saw it. One of the earrings fell off so I put them both into my pocket. Didn't see the one earing fly out of my pocket. It's a cute earring but they aren't going to make it into my favorites list.

Had a wonderful lunch with two brothers and one sister-in-law today. Ate at a restaurant along the Mississippi where you could see how high the water is getting. Hopefully we won't have rain for awhile so that the water goes down. Already our city has begun patrolling the dikes that protect our city, which hasn't flooded since 1965.

At lunch we talked about where our dad's grandmother was buried. Maybe because it is so close to Memorial Day that many families start thinking about their losses. I know I have to make a trip out to our parents grave to place a plant but it's still too cold to do that.

To end on a funny note....I have a five-foot cat tree. On the second floor from the bottom, there is a circular room. My cat has never used it in the five years that I have had the cat tree (and cat). Last night, I heard some noise and came out to find this:

 Her butt is sticking out of the one side (she's tailless so don't worry). I use this for my yarn, etc. but it looks like she is taking it over.

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