Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Earring 0088 - Terrific Tuesday

It was a terrific day today. At first, it went kind of slow but from 11 a.m. the day flew. My desk looked kind of messy because I was working on so many projects. You can tell people have started taking their summer vacations because we got a lot of requests to locate family members. If we're this busy the day after Memorial Day, I can only imagine how busy we will be in June!

These earrings match my day...terrific earrings. Elegant, intricate, and yet simple.
Get to add Ukraine, Kuwait, and Australia as countries where people are reading my posts. I'll never get to these places to meet the people but at least they get to meet me a little bit through my posts. Everyday I check stats to see who has viewed my posts and it is something enjoyable to see that it is read by others. Thank you.

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