Wednesday, July 15, 2015

July 13 - 15 New Reader - Portugal and Sericaia Receipe with Sugar Plum Sauce

Been busy at work which causes me to be tired. How did I work full time, part time, and go to school full time? That was only five years ago. Age does make a difference! It is so much nicer though to work one full time job and have the rest of the time to do whatever I want. Kind of greedy with my time off work but that's okay, it's only me. The only bad thing about being busy is even though it may only be 8 hours of work a day, my brain works from 3 a.m. until midnight. Even though work is left at work, often I plan my day or even dream about what I need to get done the next day. It's kind of nice when I have a dream that helps me figure out what to do because then I have to spend less time planning the day.

First reader from Portugal. At first I thought about getting a recipe from Emeril but decided to do a little more searching. Found two great recipes. The first is an egg pudding called Sericaia recipe (Portuguese Egg Pudding). The recipe includes a plum sauce but I'd be tempted just to eat the pudding without the sauce. It's kind of like cheesecake - I'd rather eat it plain than with a topping.

The other recipe I would like to try is  Portuguese Style Baked Eggs. When you see the recipe at this site, you will know why I want to try it.

One other recipe I may check out is peas, a Portuguese sausage (some make it with bacon), smoked paprika, tomatoes, and of course, eggs. It looks good but I wonder about the combination.

Here are the earrings from the last three days - each are paper bead earrings that I made (oh such fun!). I'm going to be in trouble...think I might keep all three of these. Someday someone is going to go through my stuff and really question my sanity on the number of earrings I have. Pretty soon I'll have more than Donna!

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