Friday, July 24, 2015

July 24 - Bobbi and the Door Knob

Bobbi loves going out on the porch. It's too bad there's not a cat door on the door going to the porch. It would be convenient to her and to me too. Might buy a bell and hang it on the porch. Maybe she'll learn to ring it when she wants to come in. I know dogs do that so why can't she...after all, she thinks she's a dog. She's usually the first one at the door when someone comes home. The other night the sirens went off (fire trucks) and Bobbi was on alert. She realized that in order for her to go outside, the doorknob has to be used. Here's her in her glory waiting for the beloved doorknob to turn

She used to sit by the door but now waits in the chair for someone to open the door. Might have to put a muzzle on her because she meows until the door gets opened. Just joking...

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