Tuesday, July 28, 2015

July 28 - Fabric Bead Earrings Black/White

Need to make more fabric bead earrings. I like how they look almost as much, if not more, than the fingernail-finished paper beads. Black and white fabric is easy to come by and the beads looks nice for any occasion.

Unhappy about this next topic. Another Minnesotan became famous, but not in a good way. A dentist from Minnesota went hunting, legally, and killed a lion. I can't imagine Africa being overrun with lions. Also wonder why didn't he just spend the money in the United States and hunt on one of those places that have wild animal hunts. Game farms are all around here but in this area the animals are birds and deer. There's probably more animals than that but those are the ones I know of and have seen the fenced in areas. Wonder how many patients this dentist is going to lose....yes, he was hunting legally but in this day and age, where's the common sense? Glad I'm not his patient otherwise I'd be hunting for a new dentist.

The next website may leave a bad taste in your mouth because it's about game farms in the United States. Even though I don't like it, I'd rather have someone hunt on a game farm than in the wild. The writers make it sound like the animals are really penned in and don't have a place to hide but that isn't true of all game farms. Actually, how far do animals really travel if they aren't facing drought or famine conditions? For the Midwest area, wild game animals don't have to travel far because food and water is readily available. Never hunted on a game farm but have hunted in the wild. Even fished in a controlled trout stream and I liked it.

Wonder when they're going to have human game farms. That might make the tables you think the dentist would volunteer to be on the opposite side of the gun?

Today's earrings made with fabric beads

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