Sunday, July 19, 2015

July 19 - Great Day!

Started out the day with breakfast with my brother and my sister. A family friend who I've known all my life was there. He was my oldest brother's age and I think they graduated together. He was going golfing today with one of his friends. Found out his sister lives in the same town as my brother and sister-in-law. Going to have to check this out.

Grilled pork steak for lunch and then for supper, my sister made Mo's Mom's Enchiladas. They were so good. Don't think I'd ever get sick of having the enchiladas the way my sister makes them. The recipe originally came from Mo's mom who was from Oklahoma or that area. My nephew was in the service with Mo.

Made a bunch of fabric bead earrings today. Like the end result but I get bored cutting the material and rolling it. Got a deal on some beautiful fabric yesterday with metallic thread but it wasn't fun to work with. Ended up taking a match to the finished bead to burn off the fabric strings. Then had to put some deodorizer on them to get rid of the burn smell. Turned out to be pretty good beads but very labor intensive.

After supper came the task of figuring out what pieces to put together. Got about eight pair done before my thumb nail couldn't take any more. I use my thumb nail to wrap the headpin so it is sturdy when it's attached to the ear wire.

What I want to do this week is finish assembling the fabric bead earrings and start making some paper beads again. Really like the shimmer effect from the fingernail polish and will be doing quite a bit of those.  Also, there were some good videos on making your own head pins. Need some 3" gold head pins to make some earrings for my sister so I'm going to make my own instead of buying them. Worth trying out to see if I like them. If I had a torch and a couple of other tools, I might like it better but no sense spending more money on this hobby. If I decide to go to a craft show with my sister-in-law, then I might consider it as long as I sell enough. However, it needs to remain an enjoyable hobby and not work.

Today's earrings were made from buttons that typically are used for bridal things. Of course, these are black but I've seen brides in black before. These come six or eight to a pack so there won't be anything unique about them but they are pretty, especially when they're not distorted like it shows in the phot.

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