Tuesday, July 7, 2015

July 7 Earrings and Funny Story

Thought I would be smart and take Donna's earrings out of the baggies (Note: They were all sorted by color, etc. and put in baggies when I got them and who else but my counterpart, my sister-in-law, would take the time to do something like that! OCD at its finest.) and into plastic containers, which I could arrange in my jewelry armoire just like they had been arranged in the baggies. Opened up my little plastic containers and started dumping the earrings package by package. On the fourth package, which were Diamonique earrings, just before I put the earrings into the container, something caught my eye.

You would think it was the earrings and their twinkling that caught my eye but it was the varnish in the container. Luckily the earrings kind of got stuck in the baggie before they fell into the varnish and got stuck in a different manner. Over the weekend, I put varnish into the container to make it easier when I put the varnish on the newly made bead earrings. I thought I put the "extra" container into the drawer with my Modge Podge but guess that didn't happen.

What a mess that could have been. On some of the other earrings, it wouldn't have mattered, but these were too nice of earrings to let that happen.

Did you read the article on the white humpback whale? I was glad they put the reason for the male humpback's name in it. They wrote a whole article on "Migaloo" and I thought it was a special species name or something but it was the whale's nickname. Beautiful whale.

Then there was a story about a climbing cat. Thought of my brother's cat right away. On Saturday around 3 a.m., their cat was crying its heart out. At first I couldn't find where she was. After turning the light on, I saw her on the shelf above the hanging clothes in the closet. There was a plastic shelving unit that she must have used to get up there but then couldn't get done. Her cries sounded so sad and I tried to get her down. Finally, I got her to jump down to the top shelf on the shelving unit and was able to get her down. I almost woke my brother up for him to help her. It is so sad to hear a cat crying. In the morning I told my cat story and everyone got a good laugh. She goes up there all of the time and jumps down on her own. She knows how to play my heartstrings. Here's the link about the climbing kitty who goes rock climbing with her owner

Today's earrings were from Donna and yes, they look familiar because they are a pair of Diamonique earrings. When I wear them, I feel classy.

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