Sunday, July 26, 2015

July 26 - Brother and me

Spent most of my day with my youngest brother starting with breakfast. Came home and went through everything that I had taken out of my trunk yesterday (Had to make room for taking all of our food up to the picnic.). Because I hadn't gone through the stuff in my trunk when I bought the car last year, thought it would be a good time to toss what I didn't need. Last year when I got my car, it was windy and drizzling freezing rain. Oh it was so cold! This morning was a little humid but Bobbi sat with me on the porch while going through the "stuff". Threw three bags of things away that I didn't need and then got everything back into the trunk. Remember, I'm a very organized person so you can imagine what my trunk looks like. Yes, it is very compartmental and fully functional, besides handy to get at things.

Was going to make earrings this afternoon but chose to rearrange my craft area which is in my living room. I'm the only one to use this area so it's kept with my needs in mind. It may look cluttered but like my trunk, it's very functional and handy. If I had to put my beading stuff in a different location, it would be a short-lived hobby. This way, I can make beads or assemble earrings any time I please.

Got tickets for a play next Sunday. My brother and his wife are going with my sister and I to it. Should be fun - it's a musical!

Today's earrings

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