Monday, July 20, 2015

July 20 - Unhealthy Salads and Bad Things in Coffee

Learned a little bit more about life today. A salad is not necessarily healthy. That I already knew but still like my Taco John's ground beef taco salad with dressing and two sour creams. Couldn't find the calories for this on Internet but it's probably on my phone app. Will have to check on it later. Another thing I looked up was how bad some things are that I put in my coffee. The only bad thing in it is the non dairy creamer, which I'm trying to cut back on. Another bad thing in my coffee world is Kwik Trip's salted caramel mocha. What helps me there is that one-half of it is hot water. Their 50cent special on coffee is done August 13 so that will be the end of my special drinks each morning. here's on the salads:
Here is on the coffee:

Pretty much everything I do now is an improvement over what I did a year ago. I'm no angel and there will always be bad things in my life like the foods mentioned above. Could be a lot worse because the bad food is not an every day occurrence.

Today's earrings look like they were made from my blouse's fabric but they weren't:

They almost look like chameleon earrings... Here they are without my blouse material in the background:

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