Sunday, July 12, 2015

July 12 - All that's left in Wisconsin is Government and scarier is President Walker?

Touché Governor Walker you brought more history to your state of Wisconsin and it's not something to boost about but I bet you will. Pretty soon all that will be left is government. Better watch out Wisconsin could be next. Oh, that's right, you won't be next because you would be voting on your own pay cuts, benefits cuts, etc. The educated Scott Walker has brought Wisconsin to its all time low. Too bad there wasn't more investigation into the illegal activities that he definitely didn't know about or wasn't involved in. Trickle down always works best when there's someone below you. Someday the citizens of Wisconsin will stand back and say to themselves, "we voted for him again?" and realize that it wasn't something to be proud of. The topsy turvey presidential candidate will not have my vote. You never know what leg he'll be standing on because he keeps changing. This man does not have the everyday joe's welfare in his mind at all. He's out to show that he can do whatever he wants to and gets people to support him. This is a buyer beware election and the voter assumes all risks.

Slippery slope for United States if Walker is elected. There are enough good Republicans running that someone who changes his mind as often as Walker is not needed.

Today's earrings were made by me. Had so much fun putting them together. Tonight, about eight more pairs were assembled. What is nice is that every pair is unique.

These are kind of funky. The top and bottom beads are rocks with the center bead made from paper.

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