Thursday, July 9, 2015

July 9 - And I thought it was the 10th

I may have thought it was the 10th but at least I didn't think it was Friday. Knew for sure it was Thursday. It has been a very long short week at work only working three days this week but it seems like six days already and there's one more to go. Wow, that was a long sentence and full of fragments. Too tired to fix it too.

Read an article on the hacking of US social security numbers. The number is up to 25 million records being hacked. Boy, I sure do not feel very secure with my security number. Of course, United States continues to point fingers at China. It could be any country or maybe it is just hackers. There's supposed to be good money to be made selling social security numbers. Wonder how much money our government is going to spend "protecting" the numbers that were hacked. Kind of reminds me of something Wisconsin did recently.

Wisconsin has changed a number of places where the speed limit was increased. Since they had to make new signs, it would have been the perfect opportunity to change it to metrics. Metrics is so much easier and it can be learned. Cars already have the speed in miles per hour and in metrics so that couldn't be the excuse. I used metrics back in the early 80s when I worked for a seed company. Changed everything from pounds to metrics because it is a universal language and easy to understand.

Anyway, this could be the perfect time for United States to get on the band wagon and change social security numbers to something that really is secure. My social security number is probably in thousands of different places. I've had it since I was 14 and it wasn't a big thing years ago to give out your social security number. I remember my dad telling me when I got my number that it was the one number that I always needed to remember. I even remember my ex's social security numbers and bet they're thrilled with that even though I would never use it.

Here's the article on the hacked records and here's another article a study of single identification numbers done in Europe

Computer is slow tonight so I'm running a scan on it. Downloaded "Opera," a web browser that some of the readers here use. So far, I'm not sure if I'm convinced it's better than IE and I don't like Mozilla either so I'm kind of stuck.

Today's earrings were made with a person in mind. She works at A&W and is one of the nicest people I know. She frequently wears a bluish ting of eye shadow that looks great on her. These earrings will match her eye shadow perfecting. In other words, she will be getting these earrings in the next few days. The main beads were made out of a woman's clothing catalog. Now when I look at those, I don't see women's clothing, I see future earrings.

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