Sunday, July 26, 2015

July 25 - Family Picnic

Late post - had a family picnic yesterday. It was with my siblings, spouses for those who had them, niece and nephews, along with their families. Like most family picnics, we had more than enough food and speaking for myself, I ate way too much. What was nice was being able to share food to take home so no one should have had to cook at least one meal today. The drive was beautiful. My brother and his wife, and my sister and I drove together. That was a first time the four of us had ever ridden anywhere together. Very nice and long conversations too.

Shared my earrings with everyone so that was kind of fun. Going to give them away anyway so it's nice to give them to someone I know. My sister-in-law, who we share many common interests, gave me a pair of her earrings she made. They are so cute and I'm doing to make some modeled after those. Have to buy more stuff to assemble earrings...maybe in the next week or so. Think I should use up more of the stuff I have before I buy more.

Here are today's earrings

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