Wednesday, July 29, 2015

July 29 - Grilled Cheese

Today at work we talked about the grilled cheese sandwich that is wrapped in bacon. That sounds so good but I don't have any bacon on hand. But I do have blue cheese (delicious looking chunk of it!), cream cheese and bread. Might have to buy an artisan bread because not only do they look good, but they taste good. Found a blog  with a blue cheese/cream cheese grilled cheese recipe

It calls for another cheese but maybe I'll substitute one of the other cheeses that have been waiting for something other than slices.

Anxiously awaiting for heirloom tomatoes to be in our local coop. Even though the price is high for them, I can get three tomato steak sandwiches out of them so the cost is lowered because of that. The heirloom tomatoes are so large that a good slice of it is the same size as a beef steak. MMMMMM Then after I've had the tomato sandwiches for a couple of days, I'll add bacon to the last sandwich.

All of this will be coming to an end in October but I can enjoy some bacon once in a while up until then.

Today's earrings are another pair made with fabric beads. Tonight I ordered some double sided fusion sheets so I can make some more fabric beads. It's frustrating to use the little half sheet sheets because they're so expensive. Found a site on Amazon that sold 8 sheets of 8 1/1" x 11" for the same price as 5 sheets of the half-size - plus it was free shipping. Lot better than buying the half sheets at a craft store even.

Kind of a funny story. Had to go to the bank for work today. As I was sitting there waiting for my deposit slip, I noticed something in the middle of the street blowing around. Looked again and realized that it was someone's bra. First time I've seen something like that blowing in the wind.

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