Saturday, July 11, 2015

July 11 - No sleep makes for either a short weekend or long weekend.

Didn't sleep last night and I didn't do anything productive. It was one of those nights no matter where I went, comfort wasn't found. Even tried my porch but it was so hot and humid that I only lasted a few minutes out there. The weather reminded me of Florida when it got hot and sticky.

Making lemonade out of the lemon, I took a three or four hour nap this afternoon. So last night became my Saturday and late afternoon/tonight became my second Saturday. Very enjoyable and worked on my earrings. It's becoming pretty fun to put them together. At first, I thought I would make beads and not make earrings. Didn't want the earrings to become too similar to each other. It helps the beads are all unique when you use magazines. Sometimes I can get up to three pairs out of a page but usually it's only one pair. Think my sister might try her hand at making some earrings tomorrow.

Put some "natural" flee and tick spray on my cat. She remembers that bad stuff that I almost killed her with a couple of months ago. It takes her a while to realize that she's not being poisoned again. She pulls at my heart strings when she puts up a fuss. Can't blame her though because that one time with that Hart's stuff was more than enough for her and me. Hopefully she will get used to the natural stuff. It smells of clove and it doesn't affect her from what I can see. In fact, within a minute she's fine. I think it takes that minute for her to realize she's okay.

Today's earrings were made tonight and only worn at home. It will be one of the pairs that are going to be donated to my parish.

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